Dec 29, 2011

Two Worlds Apart

A wet cold monsoon,

I see snow one rainy day,

A dream in two worlds.

Thursday morning


Dec 28, 2011

A Beautiful Poem Brings Back Sweet Memories

It is typical of me reading again some of the texts and notes used during my tertiary education.  I was going through my usual routine of arranging my books, magazines and files when I came across this beautiful poem in one of my old files. That was when I was a student years back. I forgot where I got it but I did mention, "I don't write this poem and I don't know who did. But I like it, as it shows how I feel towards friends."

I am against plagiarism and I made it clear at the side bar by saying "Plagiarism Is Unethical." Whoever wrote this poem and if it happens you read this, please let me know so that I can acknowledge and credit it or if you wish it be removed, I will immediately do so.

This poem has been in my file for so many years and I like every line which is so meaningful. Today, I am sharing it with all of you with credit to the unknown author.

If I could catch a rainbow,
I would do it just for you,
And share with you its beauty,
On the days you are feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain,
You could call your very own,
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone.

If I could take your troubles,
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I am finding,
Are impossible for me.

I cannot find a mountain,
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me say what I know best,
A friend that's always there.

Isn't it beautiful? I really love this poem because it makes me feel friends are so close to my heart. Wherever you are my friends, I love you all for being my friends! *smile*

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Dec 24, 2011

Fibonacci - Dreams

seem  real
my  mind  sees
everything so vividly before me
as I touch each , embraced in its beauty
my heart flutters and sends a gush of  excitement to my whole being
a wish to stay in these dreams forever for they are mesmerising and fulfilling my soul with the beauty of paradise
but alas, some dreams  remain as dreams floating freely among dots of clouds 
without any special haven to land on to
and falling apart from reality
disperse very faintly
into nowhere

P.S. I just couldn't help attempting another Fibonacci because I'm now so deeply in love with it! There is no cure to this sickness. 
As  ~*Princesa Fiona*~  said we got The Fibonacci Fever!

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Dec 23, 2011

Beautiful Feeling

as the eyes open

sweet greetings from birds on trees

great day is a gift

Reasons for being thankful,
        Friday morning

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Dec 22, 2011

Oh! Why?

words, hard to come by

like a rose shunning to bloom

the desire cramped

Thursday Haiku,


Dec 18, 2011

Life Quote

Life is short, live it.
Love is rare, grab it.
Anger is bad, dump it.
Fear is awful, face it.
Memories are sweet, cherish them…

- Author Unknown

Dec 17, 2011

From The Eyes To The Heart

look into
yours and see
them glow warmly with love
the embers keep away the fear of freezing
 passionate love runs in every vein and flutters the heart restlessly every beat
when your lips can't whisper the sweetest word, from your eyes I get the sweet nothings
flowing gently to the door of my heart, I see your eyes sparkling with much affection
revealing the contentment of the heart for they are the mirrors of truths
it generates awesomeness of being bestowed real love
heavenly divine, pure and sweet
when eyes meet
two hearts

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Dec 14, 2011

Precious Pearls

The precious pearls of my eyes, too beautiful to let go.
But when my heart can't hold them anymore,
They fall like torrents of rain on a hot summer day!

Dec 12, 2011

A Stunning Beauty

cascading with life,
the graceful flow soothes the mind,
a stunning beauty.

Nature lover,
Monday morning

Dec 10, 2011

I Smile!

I like quotes which are very inspiring. It is not possible to follow all but reading them uplifts my spirit. Sometimes, I feel quotes are like catalysts that trigger my emotions towards a feel-good-feeling. I regard some quotes as a guide for me to walk on the right path in this journey of life and do what is good  for me and for others.

"Some joys are better expressed in silence as a smile holds more meaning than words. I was asked if I enjoy having you in my life.. I just smiled!"


Dec 9, 2011

What It Takes

defying constraints
will wait in the rain
till the rock melts

Friday morning


Dec 6, 2011

The Light of Hope

a pause to refresh,

leaving the trails of darkness,

a full moon rising.

keep believing,
tuesday night

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Dec 5, 2011

Come Up Roses

The sweetest smile today,
was the pain of yesterday,
The roses, coming up.

Never say never,
Mon., Dec 5th '11

Dec 3, 2011

My Fibonacci

so real
in the garden of stars
picking the brightest one among all the glitters
placing it tenderly in the basket of love, sprinkling it with the perfume of care
warding off even just a speck of dust, tending to it every minute of the day
guarding it well from the eyes of thieves
this star is my treasure
You are

* I'm inspired by Fiona's Fibonacci at  The Princess Passions .
She put up a challenge for everyone to join in the fun of writing Fibonacci Sonnet.  I like to venture and expand my knowledge in other components of Literature so, without further ado, I took up the challenge and created this very simple Fibonacci. This is my first try!
Thank you so much, ~*Princesa Fiona*~! We have just got acquainted but you already have a place in my heart. You are  my source of inspirations! *

Image credit : animated-desktop-wallpaper

Dec 2, 2011

A Reflection On My Blogging

It has been about two years I am on blogsphere.  In the beginning, I found it to be quite difficult to start a blog. It was not about the posts but more to the design. I made many mistakes which took so much of my time to put everything accordingly.  The templates have changed many times from a simple one to a more nicer type. I like to see changes from time to time.

So far I have written more than 300 posts but some are not published. It is so much fun blogging though I do face writers' block.  At the initial stage, I only wrote posts on what I went through and the events that took place. Lately, I seem to be attached to Haiku, short poems and short write-ups. I love writing Haiku but I am not qualified to be called a poet. Literature has been my interest since school days. What you can see here are posts consisting of poetry, short write-ups, quotes, music , etc. I do not create blogs for different categories.

Recalling on how it was in the first year of blogging, I am not ashamed to say that my blog was like a ghost town! When it reached one year old, I decided to look for sites where I could join bloggers from across the globe. I came across which I visited many times and decided to become a member. Glad that I did so because I benefit a lot when communicating with world's bloggers and reading their great posts.

The comments for my posts have been a source of inspiration for me to keep writing.  Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who had left nice comments. Apart from that some of my bloggers' friends gave very pleasant surprises when they awarded me with awesome blog's awards.  It is beyond my expectation. I appreciate so much the recognitions for my blog. My dear friends, you are the ones who see what I do not see at my humble blog. The awards are the driving force for me to reach a much better stage in blogging which I have yet to achieve. I still need to learn more and try to improve my writings.

I must not forget to mention a special thank to all visitors, readers and friends who have been very supportive. Without you guys, this blog would have been in a dormant state. Remember, once, this blog was a ghost town but the visits I get from everyone have transformed it tremendously.  Thank you so much!

In the vast blogsphere,
I find diamonds everywhere,
You are inside there.

Dec 1, 2011

Too Bad For Climbers!

It's a good sign for many people but too bad for some people.

Have a nice day!

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Nov 29, 2011

When Footsteps Stray

It saddens me to say,
when flowers turn grey,
and footsteps will stray,
in thousand miles away,
but I will always bear,
our friendship, a souvenir,
in my heart, your name stays.

Image : free images of  footsteps

Nov 28, 2011

When Beauty Fades

I wish the petals of this rose will always stay beautiful and remain in place in nature's amazing arrangements. But when the time comes, it can't hold itself anymore ; the petals will drop one by one leaving the stem which slowly turns brown but the thorns will still prick. Nevertheless,  its sweet scent lingers in the air.

Image : Rose Wallpapers

Nov 25, 2011


Let the rain hit the roof,
But where are the chirpy birds,
Unbalanced melody.

When nature sings,

Image :

Nov 24, 2011

Looking Beyond

In hazy distance,
Sudden images emerge,
The future's story.


*I don't know whether this makes sense or not but I feel like writing a Haiku today. I have been trying to write something better than this but my mind is quite blank!

Image :

Nov 22, 2011

The Glitters

Credit :

"No pressure, no diamonds." - Thomas Carlyle

I'm now attending a three-day seminar on sharing good practices in management. I'm not selling diamonds neither do I have any diamond even if  it's a woman's best friend!

Every time I have a quote as a post, I love reading all the comments from you guys. It becomes like a discussion for us. Now, I'll leave it to you on how you would like to interprete the above quote.

Nov 20, 2011


A heart so stone-cold,
Melts in the embers of love,
A new phase of life.

Sunday's beautiful thought,

Image :

Nov 19, 2011

The Rainbow

After the downpour,
I find solace above me,
A striking rainbow.

Thinking of life's gift,

Image :

Nov 18, 2011

Friendship Quotes

A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand .... and touches your heart.
                                                                              -  Author Unknown

A friend is someone who walks in when the whole world has walked out.
                                                                        -  Author Unknown

Side by side or miles apart, good friends are always close to the heart.
                                                                      - Author Unknown

Image :

Nov 16, 2011

Awards For Friends

It's time again for me to pass on some awards to friends whom I have known in blogsphere. Each of the following blogs has the uniqueness of posts and the blog itself. They are among blogs I visit frequently.

It's my pleasure to present the first award, Blog Star, to Odliam of US.

Feel free to visit  Tony's Blog
This blog has many interesting posts which are written excellently. As he says, " won't be disappointed."  His works covers a wide range of topics such as philosophy, short stories, minitales and nanotales.The uniqueness of this blog is every post is accompanied with fragments of good songs and music.

The second award, The Versatile Blogger, goes to Suresh Shresta of Nepal.

Suresh owns two blogs and one of it is Waving Feelings. He has the versatility of writing interestingly poems/haikus and many other posts. He deserves this award for his excellent works.

The third award, Sunshine Award, goes to Maria of UK.

Maria could write well on any topic. I like some of the recipes she has in her blog. Feel free to visit her at Inside Looking Out

The fourth award, Kreativ Blogger, goes to Rosalinda of the Philippines.

Rosalinda has three blogs. One of it is What Matters Most . It is a very interesting blog with posts about "real experiences in life, expressing deepest thanks, sharing practical way to save money, choosing cool gadgets."  I had also awarded Rosalinda with the Sunshine Award, Stylish Blogger Award, Mommy Blogger and The Reader Appreciation Award.

All the awards are given with sincerity. I am looking forward to reading more posts from each blog and I hope we will stay connected through blogging.

Nov 15, 2011


If Monday is colorful,
I'd dare to take out all the blues,
Let other colors brighten up the day!


*It's Tuesday! I wrote this when thinking of Monday's blues.

Image : Nature space wallpaper

Nov 13, 2011


The complete strangers,
The eyes meet, just a second,
Smiles break the silence.

Sunday haiku,

Image : Shy by ~byluluka on devantART

Nov 11, 2011

The Date - 11.11.11

It comes only once,
As one,one, one, one, one, one,
One and only one.


Nov 9, 2011

Quote : Youth

"Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.

Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20. Nobody grows old by the number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.

Years may wrinkle in the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust. Whether 60 or 16, there is in every human being's heart the lure of wonder, the unfailing childlike appetite of what's next and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station : so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and from the Infinite, so long are you young.

When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old, even at 20, but as long as your aerials are up, to catch the waves of optimism, there is hope you may die young at 80."

                                                                        - Samuel Ullman

Reading the above quote, do you feel inspired? I do! And this quote is what I have on my table at work. I don't have to elaborate further, everything is mentioned in it about what real youth is.

Nov 7, 2011

A Little But A Lot

A liitle thank you means a lot,
My hands are too small to hold it,
In the closet of my heart, I keep it.

A little time spent is quality time,
It means more than the entire time,
A minute's banter, a lasting impact.

A little thought is good thought,
Friendship blooms from little thought,
Its beauty is immeasurable.

With gratitude,

Image :

Nov 5, 2011

The Tale : Puteri Santubong

The tale of Princesses Santubong and Sejinjang,
Beautiful princesses in heaven, Kayangan Sakti,
Whose rare beauty was beyond compare,
But Santubong the prettiest of them two.

If love could bring happiness and joy,
So could it bring destruction and death,
The tale of siblings who became enemies,
Over a fight for a prince's heart.

In the kingdom of Kayangan Sakti,
The Dewa ordered Sejinjang to go to earth,
To a place called Land of the Hornbill,
Where there was trouble to no end.

Princess Sejinjang became the rightful ruler,
Her responsibility  to bring peace and order,
All her subjects pledged their loyalty,
So in peace they lived but awhile.

The princess loved pounding paddy everyday,
Engrossed in her passion, her duty neglected,
Once again, trouble occured, fighting was everywhere,
Dewa was astonished on seeing it happened.

Since on earth, not a news was  from Sejinjang,
The Dewa decided to send Princess Santubong,
To aid her sister to restore peace again,
Down to the magnificient land she went.

The siblings were glad to see each other,
Before long, trouble occured between them,
Both in love with  handsome Prince Murud,
So eager, neither  wanted to be defeated.

Now, the fight was between the princesses,
Jealousy and hatred seen on their faces,
Prince Murud chose pretty Princess Santubong,
Furious Sejinjang attacked her without mercy.

The Dewa witnessed the whole incident,
Furious, his orders were not carried out,
In anger, he pronounced a mighty curse,
In a flash of lightening, it all happened.

Princess Santubong turned into Gunung Santubong,
Princess Sejinjang turned into Pulau Kera,
Prince Murud turned into Gunung Murud,
A tragic end to a love triangle.

*Puteri Santubong is one of  Malaysian popular folktales.
I wasn't able to tell it in details. What I wrote are free verses.
The mountains and island exist in Sarawak.

Some translations :
Puteri = Princess
Dewa = God/Deity
Kayangan = Heaven
Gunung = Mountain
Pulau = Island
Kera = Monkey

Image at flickr photostream.  Credit to unsunghero.

Nov 2, 2011


As darkness blankets
the night, I fall into the
pit of scary dreams.


Image :

Nov 1, 2011

Silent Stories

Windows to the soul,
Unfolding silent stories,
Known by those who see.

Tuesday Haiku,

Credit :  beautiful eyes image by xXxDayDreamingxXx on Photobucket.

Oct 29, 2011

When Dawn Breaks

Misty morning dew,
Little cracklings of petals,
A new day begins.

When birds spread their wings,
Insects scurry to safety,
From the ground, worms peek.

The sun's veiled by clouds,
On earth's face, life is burst-ling,
Each, its own business.

Mesmerized by nature,
Sat, Oct 29'11

*Credit to the owner of the above image.

Oct 26, 2011


A Haiku in mind,
My thought dances on this page,
My love will not die.

Love Haiku,
Wee hours of Wednesday
Oct 26th '11

*I was really thinking of writing a Haiku and came up with this one which expresses my love for it. The above image reminds me of Haiku which I feel so close at heart. I will write as long as I could.

Image :  Japanese Kyoto beautiful scene

Oct 25, 2011

Wake-up Call

It isn't just one alarm clock with the time set to get up every morning but there are other natural alarms - the sounds of coodle-do, birds singing and now raindrops pattering on the roof that have all intermingled and wake me up for another day.

Good morning to everyone who are having the same time! Have a great day!

Oct 23, 2011

Two Different Worlds

As I look through this windows,
I hear the sweet song of birdies,
Just a stone's throw away, singing
in a language common to them,
The song I hear at this windows
is a song over a different waves,
Where singers aren't seen alive unlike
the birdies which are chirping
among flowers, leaves and trees and
sometimes, I can hear then quarrelling,
Though I might close my eyes,
I can feel their presence nearby,
Singing gaily at their own freedom
But at this windows, my hands
control everything.......

*Written at the time when birds just woke up and the sun slowly rising from its hiding place.
A very good start of another beautiful Sunday for me. The birds are still singing.
Wishing readers of this blog a fabulous Sunday!

Oct 23 '11

Image :

Oct 19, 2011

When The Heart Flies

cradle by the breeze,
the heart crosses seven seas,
its cupid waiting.

Oct 19th '11

Image :

Oct 18, 2011

How True Is It?

Yesterday, I attended a meeting with our head of department  and this was fed to our hearts. As usual,  motivation is given in every session to boost our commitments towards work. I feel freshened up with such motivation as sometimes the  mood at work might slowly goes "stale".

This isn't something new to some of you but anyway, it's alright to go through it again. It needs a little bit of mathematical calculation to see the results. Here it is :

A Small Truth To Make Life 100%

Quote :

What Equals 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been in situations where someone wants
you to give over 100%.

How about achieving 101%? What equals 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might
help you answer these questions:

If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Is represented as: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


H-A-R-D-W-O-R- K

8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%



11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%



1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

It is our attitude towards life and work that makes our lives 100%.
What do you think? You might have something to share with me. 

Oct 17, 2011

Monday Thought

"Don't brood over what others have done to you. Remember that people who hurt you so often do so out of their own problems, not out of their perception of you. If you deserved the injury done to you, learn from it. If you don't deserve it, forget it."

Saw the above quote written on an envelope in my handbag. I must have quoted it from somewhere but couldn't recall who the author is. It had been in my handbag for a few months! 

Reading it  again, it somehow uplifts my spirit. You may agree or disagree. Personally, I think there's some truths in it. I don't like to brood over whatever bad situations that come to my life. Of course, the feeling that had been hurt will take time to heal. But it will be healed in the process of forgetting it.  Whether there's something to be learned, it all depends on what situations we are in. But as stated in the quote, if you don't deserve it, forget it!

Oct 16, 2011

After A Hard Day's Work

My weekend had been very hectic. It had been another hard day's work and now it's time to get enough rest before tomorrow. There are many more big things to do in the coming week. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Sending you all, my love.

Image :

Oct 15, 2011

The Perfect Place

I'd love to be in a fairy tale,
where there's always a happy ending
and can live happily ever after!

Weekend fancy,
Oct 15th '11
Sunny Saturday

Image :

Oct 14, 2011

Is This Love?

The stars in your eyes,
Twinkle right into the heart,
Alight flame of love.

Oct 14th '11

Image :

Oct 13, 2011

Let's Ponder

When asked what he needed for his birthday, my six-year-old nephew said firmly, "I don't want to need. I want to want!"

While travelling through the Smoky Mountains, I stopped for gas in a village. An old-timer meandered over to fill up my tank. When I offered my credit card, he refused it, saying, "Sonny, it's cash only here. Credit's something you get for doing a good deed."

                                                                                                      -James McLaughlin

Oct 12, 2011

What Do You Think?


Image :

Oct 10, 2011

Where I'd Love To Be

The tranquility,
By the beach, watching the moon,
My heart is at peace.

Let me be alone,
The ripples, my night music,
The shore, my dance floor.

Yearning it to last,
Till the mountain disappears,
Till the night moonless.

A piece of mind,
Oct 10th '11

Image :

Oct 8, 2011

Omar Akram - Dancing With The Wind

Surfing for some beautiful music I came across this on youtube. The moment I listened to it, I fell in love with it! The music is so beautiful, so romantic.  I looked up for some information about him. He is a pianist and composer, location LA, USA (that's what I got from his facebook page) and this is what he said :

“In a world where communication and understanding between cultures is sometimes difficult, I hope my music can serve as a form of international language that crosses any cultural barriers".

Indeed, it is!

What I can say about his music is it's very beautiful and takes my breath away!
Take a listen! Listening is believing.

Omar Akram images (photo gallery) :