Aug 28, 2009

Cherished Moments...

Hafiz AF7

I didn't know what was I up to this year AF7's season. I was truly falling head over heels with the superb performance of this 19-year-old. The much awaited weekly concert ,which was broadcasted by a private tv station, was never missed since March till May. It was all for a watch him sing in that reality show and much to the satisfaction of viewers, he sang superbly most of the time.

A natural-born talent, I'd say. He had captured the hearts of audiences, young and old alike. As viewers were able to vote the contestants they favoured most by sending sms, I was among the thousands who didn't miss the chance to do so. It was quite an amount but worth spending when eventually he became the champion of AF7! That was one of the most cherished moments for those who have become fans of this aspiring star. It's about 3 months now after the glorious night of being chosen by Malaysians as the champ of AF7 and he's doing well, always on the go. He has to his credit the first album which was launched on 14 July this year. Congrats!

I got the chance to meet him in person during the Meet The Fans Session & High Tea at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, Miri on 8 August '09. If I didn't turn up it would be a regret of a life time! Fans, children and elders, turned up in large group and filled the ballroom. It was such a sweet moment for being able to watch his live performance and most importantly, able to talk to him even though for a short while. Flashes from cameras were everywhere and everyone was given equal share of having snapshots with him.

On a personal account, he looked so awesome that day! And of course, he is blessed with good looks and good talent. That's a good balance! It's not surprising that his good attitude have won the hearts of many people. He treated everyone equally well and so warmly. That's what most would expect from him and he had it.

As the popular saying goes, one for the album. Here I was with Hafiz's mom (on the left). She's really a very nice and friendly lady. Thank you ma'am for that little talk with you and thank you for being so warm towards all of us. Such a moment will always be cherished forever and to Hafiz, all the best to you superboy! May successes be with you always! And remember, you have strong fans out here!

Aug 25, 2009

Little Tiger In The Garden....

It jumps here and there. It even sprints for a bird at the backyard. Its golden fur can easily be recognised even if it's hiding among the bushes. Its playfulness always make up my day. A little bit 'fierce' cos doesn't seem to be very friendly when sometimes it snarls at me even during feeding time. It only wants to eat but doesn't want to be a friend, sometimes! The hang out place is behind my kitchen. That's where it can smell the food I cook! It will always stay there till I feed it.
This is one of my pets. How wonderful it is looking and admiring at this cute little cat. Looks like a shy little kid or 'malu-malu kucing' but it might be prudent not to scare it because its snarl is enough to make one jumps up! That's why it's called a Little Tiger.

Aug 23, 2009

Salam and Hi Everyone!

Actually, in the first place I didn't know what to write or talk about when blogging. I'm truly an amateur who just start to blog on Friday 21 August 2009. It all started after getting some sort of encouragement from a friend whom I met at Hafiz Af7' s blog who said that I should start a blog of my own. (Bravo, Hafiz's fans, we are united! ) Thank you, Abet. Here I am now slowly adapting myself to the blogging world. There are many things which I need to learn and right now, I feel as though I'm in the pre-school of blogging! :) As a beginner, how I create this blog is really very basic. Anyway, I need time and space to improve and work on it.

All this while, I'm an ardent reader of other blogs which I find interesting. There are times when I drop comments in the comment box especially when I find that the entry is intriguing or simply, as Malaysians say, 'menyibuk' giving some thoughts and positive comments about it.

I love reading and writing besides enjoying good music and entertainment like Akademi Fantasia and lots more. Regarding writing, all are kept to myself, I should say. There are times when I scribble here and there whatever comes to my mind but as I said, it's not shared with others. My writings are simple and easy to be understood just by anyone. I have this habit of jotting down whatever caught my mind wherever I'm, be it in the seminar or what's aired over tv and radio programmes and other medias.

A little note about myself. I am at the moment residing in Bintulu, once popularly known as 'Belacan town' for its high quality belacan (proud to say that! hehehe). Yes, that's true.....even those who come from Semenanjung and elsewhere acknowledge that. Mind you, the price is soaring high now. Well, a little bit going off-track there. Anyway, back to myself, I come from a mixed background both from my mom's and dad's sides. Local mixed only lah! I have a close knit family who are always by my side through thick and thin. That's what a family is for!

I studied up to a tertiary education and I have a good job now which I enjoy so much though there are times when I feel that it's really bugging me! Normal work life, right? I enjoy good friendship and it's unconditional. So, be my friends!

Aug 21, 2009

Long Lost Buddy

My buddy (in blazer) and I

What a great day! Reminiscing the good old days with a long lost friend whom I met again yesterday. So many things to talk about since the days we left college. Feel that it's a friendship to be treasured and never to be lost again cos it's so priceless. Thanks God, you've enable me to see one of the best people in the world.

It was a great surprise when I bumped into her yesterday when we attended a 2-day course organised by our HQ. At first sight, I could hardly recognise who she was cos I felt as if it had been ages since we last met. The last time, if I could recall, was a couple of years after our college days. Then, we went separate paths and lost contact. Only heard about her again from another friend. At that time, I was furthering my studies at the university and got to know that this friend of mine was furthering hers, too. It was fated that we were to meet again when out of the blue we bumped into each other again. We were so overwhelmed with happiness that made us speechless for awhile. It was a moment to be cherished forever.

Today, she left for another destination. A very emotional parting when she shed tears before heading off her journey. I wish we would be able to spend more time together but both of us have commitments, career wise. Nevertheless, I wish this sweet moment would come again and I wish many good things for her and for me.