Dec 22, 2015


Not a day is complete without a large amount of work, nevertheless at the end of the day I'm always happy and contented when each one is accomplished. Mission is always possible when there's a will that paves many ways. And life is more fulfilling.

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© 2015 Balqis

Nov 27, 2015

What Life Is

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Just couldn't resist
the aroma of  Arabica
tempting my nostril
take it or no?
never mind
will take the risk
of counting sheep
till dawn.....

© 2015 Balqis

*Yup, that's what I take, Super Coffee Essenso.

Nov 17, 2015

Haiku : Salt

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how saying lives on -
the elders have tasted salt
longer than we do

© 2015 Balqis

*This is the saying of my people which literally means elders have gone through so much of  life experiences, thus knowing more than the younger generation.

My participation at Haiku Horizons prompt "Salt". 

Nov 11, 2015

Diamond Rush

There were sounds of horses galloping and pulling the heavily laden carts. Voices could be heard everywhere and talking mostly of diamond strike. It was at Klipdrift. Diamond strike became the talk of the town.

I walked through the dusty road and passed by a few cafes where men sat around round tables; smoking, drinking, talking and mostly discussing where the new diamond fields could be found. The town was bustling with people from all over the world, each one looking for big fortunes at Klipdrift - diamonds that could turn a man rich overnight if luck was on his side.  Much prices had to be paid for it for it needed sacrifices of the souls or courage. Only the ones with brave hearts could overcome the challenges towards getting rich.

Jamie and Banda were on the beach picking up the biggest diamonds they could find and hastily put them inside a big bag. The footsteps of guards and dogs barking were in a distant. Then, there was a thick fog and everything was blanketed inside it. To walk through it was a struggle for not knowing where it led to; may be to one of the land mines.

I heard a growling sound right behind me and in an instant I felt something razor sharp cutting through my left leg. I shouted in pain and the only thing I heard before passing out was "Kruger-Brent."

Oh my God! Where am I now? Wasn't  a moment ago, I was picking mother diamond on the beach and having a stiff competition with Jamie and Banda?  While admiring it, like in a flash of lightning everything dimmed out.  

As if I had just got out safely from the fog, I looked around and right here on my right hand was "Sidney Sheldon's Master of The Game." This was the "diamond" I was holding on the last past hours. I was so engrossed reading this novel until I fell asleep and dreamed of the diamond rush at Klipdrift, South Africa way back in 1883.

Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors, thus purchasing his books is a-must for me.

Oct 14, 2015


a glowing morning
over the lushness, birds fly -
the painting, alive

© 2015 Balqis

My participation at Haiku Horizons prompt "over".

Oct 9, 2015


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again, the torrents
and flashes that split the sky -
I wait in silence

© 2015 Balqis

My participation at Haiku Horizons Prompt "Storm".

Oct 3, 2015

Precious Gift


between you and I
a solid bridge of friendship
my most precious gift

© 2015 Balqis

My participation at Haiku Horizons Prompt "between".

Oct 1, 2015


The answers I could not find
Not even in the wind that passes by
And the stream remains silent
I still have to wait and try
As my eyes scan the sky
Hoping to see a spot or two
To my dismay, it's nothing but the blue 
My heart suddenly goes dry
The answers I could not find
Not even in the wind that passes by
or have you gone with it or are you near-by?
Even like a speck of dust 
in the vastness of uncertainty
The answers I have yet to find

© 2015 Balqis

Sep 26, 2015

A Flash Of Winter

This isn't my own experience but my sister’s who lives in Manchester, England. Once, she flew back during winter. Stepping out of the plane her teeth clattered and worse, later her nose bled. Been in a tropical country, it was like stepping out of the oven right into the fridge!

© 2015 Balqis

This is my participation for Prompt 83 – A Flash of Winter hosted by Leo who formerly hosted Haiku Heights.

Thank you, Leo, for the invitation to participate in the weekly meme.

Sep 3, 2015


beautiful garden
a playground for you and me -
lives in memory

© 2015 Balqis

My participation at Haiku Horizons prompt "Past".

Aug 29, 2015

After a Hiatus

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And here I'm alone
between these four walls
recollecting lost ideas
sorting out jumbled words
for I have lost my composure
and my grasp on what letters could do

many times I feel
passion dwells in my heart
creativity lies in my mind
writing is in my dream
yet, when the dry wind blows
all gone, even the tiniest of ideas
leaving a dream remains a dream

And today, still feeling the emptiness
but trying to throw pebbles of thoughts
into the pond of creativity
no ripples.....
stagnant in the shallowness of ideas

© 2015 Balqis

May 4, 2015

May 2, 2015

Limerick : Gangnam Style

He felt like dancing gangnam style
But no, he looked so fragile
Threw back his younger days
Then, his hair were without greys
A reminiscence worth a smile.

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© 2015 Balqis

Apr 29, 2015


a story cut short
writer's block

© 2015 Balqis

Sharing my thoughts at Haiku Horizons prompt "Short".

Apr 19, 2015


memories engraved
in his heart and still so warm
a hero unsung
but in the song of the wind
there is a tune of his name

© 2015 Balqis

Feb 26, 2015

And They Spread Their Wings


In the crimson sky
I see a flock of white birds
Spreading their wings east
I am here, alone, wishing
They will sing for me again

© 2015 Balqis

** This is my first Tanka.

Feb 16, 2015



walking together
in the ebb of time, we pause
strengthening loose ends

© 2015 Balqis

My participation at Haiku Horizons prompt "Spark".

Jan 31, 2015



when leaves start to fall
and you hide among the wind
it isn't fair play

© 2015 Balqis

Sharing this Haiku at Haiku Horizons.

Jan 24, 2015

Another Rainy Day


Another rainy day
hot coffee on the tray
the aroma fills up the cold air
shooing away the grey

I smile just like on other days
reminiscing the sweet  memories
sharing coffee and butter cookies
as if there was no yesterday

Now, I sip slowly the coffee
and take a bite of the cookie
alone am I, or is it only me
No, I still have the coffee

And I start to sing softly...

"Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day.
Rain, rain, go away,
Let the sun reveals its rays."

© 2015 Balqis

Jan 20, 2015


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spectacular sight
big family gathering
fireflies on trees

© 2015 Balqis

Sharing this at Haiku Horizons prompt "Show".

Jan 17, 2015

Haiku : Try


mingling with colours
trying to catch the rainbow
it slips from my hand

© 2015 Balqis

Sharing this at Haiku Horizons prompt "try".

Jan 10, 2015

Life Is a Canvas


I paint my day
with vibrant colours
forgetting the grey
is all that matters

I paint my night
with stars and moonshine
keeping whole night bright
leaving gloominess behind

© 2015 Balqis

Jan 5, 2015



my wishes granted
when I see the moon and stars
dancing in my dream

© 2015 Balqis

Jan 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

I have bade goodbye to 2014. Now, I am in another brand new day. A cold morning welcomes me but in my heart it is warm with thankfulness; that I am able to step into 2015, able to face another year. This is just the beginning. What lies ahead need not be said.  All of us are planners of our own lives but the outcomes are yet to be seen. Whatever it is, let's look at the brighter side of it.

Waking up today, I am happy for all the kind thoughts I get from friends, here and virtually. Friends are like family to me, all have a special place in my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kindnesses. Let's wish 2015 be a prosperous year and fill with love and peace for all of us!

© 2015 Balqis