Nov 11, 2015

Diamond Rush

There were sounds of horses galloping and pulling the heavily laden carts. Voices could be heard everywhere and talking mostly of diamond strike. It was at Klipdrift. Diamond strike became the talk of the town.

I walked through the dusty road and passed by a few cafes where men sat around round tables; smoking, drinking, talking and mostly discussing where the new diamond fields could be found. The town was bustling with people from all over the world, each one looking for big fortunes at Klipdrift - diamonds that could turn a man rich overnight if luck was on his side.  Much prices had to be paid for it for it needed sacrifices of the souls or courage. Only the ones with brave hearts could overcome the challenges towards getting rich.

Jamie and Banda were on the beach picking up the biggest diamonds they could find and hastily put them inside a big bag. The footsteps of guards and dogs barking were in a distant. Then, there was a thick fog and everything was blanketed inside it. To walk through it was a struggle for not knowing where it led to; may be to one of the land mines.

I heard a growling sound right behind me and in an instant I felt something razor sharp cutting through my left leg. I shouted in pain and the only thing I heard before passing out was "Kruger-Brent."

Oh my God! Where am I now? Wasn't  a moment ago, I was picking mother diamond on the beach and having a stiff competition with Jamie and Banda?  While admiring it, like in a flash of lightning everything dimmed out.  

As if I had just got out safely from the fog, I looked around and right here on my right hand was "Sidney Sheldon's Master of The Game." This was the "diamond" I was holding on the last past hours. I was so engrossed reading this novel until I fell asleep and dreamed of the diamond rush at Klipdrift, South Africa way back in 1883.

Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors, thus purchasing his books is a-must for me.


  1. Wow- this is intense! Books can amuse the finest- with all the dramas we can't imagine otherwise- :)))

    1. Thank you, Omo!

      May be I'm a dreamer. :)

      You know, once I read a book about "Dracula" and felt his presence in the house! Scary indeed! I immediately stopped reading.

      I put my heart into whatever I read. One thing for sure, I can't read too many of sad novels. Reason - they'll really make me cry.

    2. Oh! I remember reading "Dracula" with candle light on in the evening/midnight- so I might get scared! Hahaha-

      My big brothers/sisters told me it's scary (we all were bookworm back then)- but may be it's my young blood, I was may be 14/15 yo, or, I was expecting much horror that I end up reading the whole book in one sitting without scared a bit! :)

      Gosh, those days I read like a lunatic- :))

      While you read, dreaming the characters/scene is the best part of it- keep it on!

    3. Yup, for sure, we'll have to keep on reading to keep the brain cells active. Did I hear that somewhere? :)

      Thank you again, Omo. :)