Jan 30, 2012

The Candle

Am I the candle
burning myself but I'm glad
there's light for others


*This is just an impromptu Haiku. As I logged in my blog, the sudden thought came to mind and I immediately penned it. *

Jan 29, 2012


Beautiful words,
Touch the wind chimes of my heart,
Music to my ears.


*This Haiku is a special dedication to friends and readers of this blog for your kindness in dropping by and  giving me presents of inspiring words  which keep this blog alive.*


Jan 27, 2012

Now And Then

It had been quite awhile I didn't go to the beach. As I'm now in a short break, this afternoon after lunch, I headed there and breathed the sea air once again. It's still monsoon season here when we get plenty of rain and windy weather so the sea is quite furious, rolling in waves. I enjoyed watching the waves coming and going, bringing along the sands and back again releasing them on the shore. The weather wasn't really fine; for awhile, it was drizzling. I wasn't worried about it as I was safe under the shed. It was really amazing being able to appreciate the breath-taking beauty and gazing far at the horizon which to me is mystifying knowing not what lies at the other side.  It's just my fantasy.

My mind flashed back to what I used to do when I was a little girl.  My late father was working at the water pump station quite near to this beach. But the station no longer exists as there is now a bigger and well-equipped station further from the old site. The place where it used to be has been made into a big golf course, acres of it.

My siblings and I used to play on the beach. Like any other kids, we had lots of fun and every day seemed a day filled with joy and freedom to soak up the sun or taking a dip in the sea. While our parents would be near by watching us. Sometimes, my father put out the fishing net and when pulling it in a couple of hours later, we could enjoy our meal of roasted fresh fish. Such was a great time, running around with no worries on mind. It was only during school holidays we could have all the fun. When school re-opened, we had to be back home in the village to be near to school.

Childhood memories, once in awhile they come back and thinking of them makes me smile.

 The three photos here were taken by me and they
appeared in my old posts. This one was taken in the evening.
This is part of the beach where there are rocks.
Sunset at Tanjong Batu Beach, Bintulu.
The LNG tanker at Tanjong Kidurong deep sea port.
Today, the sea isn't as calm as this.
Watching the ripples on the shore, I just couldn't help admiring its beauty. The sounds of the waves seemed to be the music in an orchestra complementing each other and forming such a beautiful sound, one of its kind. All around, casuarina trees were dancing with the breeze, gently swaying and producing another unique sound, as if the breeze was whispering romantic words among the little leaves.

My mind was flying far away, across that blue sea which later crossed over to oceans. I had a beautiful thought and I just wanted to be lost in it, longing it to last forever. It was just a beautiful thought of how great to be able to fly, spreading my wings and gliding over the surface of the sea and oceans leaving behind my worries, my pain, my disappointment ..... which I wished making no return.

I was brought back to reality by the sounds of flipping pages of the novel I brought along. Yes, apart from wanting to see the beach again, I had wanted to have a tranquil moment enjoying the novel I had just bought at the mall. This morning, I bought 4 more books for my collections.
 They are :
 1. the Japanese thriller phenomenon, The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino.
 2. Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie.
 3. The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel by Maureen Lindley.
 4. The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim.

I was reading the Japanese thriller up to the 40th page when two university students approached me for a short interview on what should be taken on forest conservation at the Similajau National Park here. No,  there wasn't any appointment whatsoever. The two of them were carrying out their research and just randomly interviewed anyone they met at the beach. As a nature lover, I was glad I played my part  by voicing out my opinions and suggestions on how best nature conservation could be carried out for the sake of future generations.

Back to books, I must say they are like the air that I breath; I need them everyday to keep me sane!  It might sound like an exaggeration if I say, I can't go through another day without books. And today, I bought 4 at once because I could buy at a discount price! Apart from that, I'm a member of the Popular book store and that gives me the advantage of buying books at 10% discount.The girl at the counter said it's the end-spring promotion. Well, may be that's the term used to clear the stock. I was thinking we don't have Spring but the usual tropical weather;  rain and shine through out the year though now in the monsoon, it rains almost everyday.

Today, I renewed my membership to enjoy another year of buying books at a discount rate.


**All images taken by yours truly. 

Jan 24, 2012


Bursting inside
Jolting from end to end
Strong like the North Wind blowing South
*A w e s o m e*
Like   butterflies   spreading  their  wings
Colourful of a kind
Grasp reality


** I'm inspired by Princesa Fiona's Butterfly Cinquain at 
Many thanks to Princesa Fiona for introducing other forms of poetry writing.
Her poems are really awesome!**

Jan 23, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Foggy evening sky
Crackers snap, families gather
Usher the dragon


*This Haiku was written on the eve of Chinese New Year. This year the Chinese are celebrating the Year of The Dragon (water dragon).  According to the Chinese, the  dragon is an auspicious creature and the year  of the dragon brings power, strength and good luck.

At the time this Haiku was written, I could hear the loud firecrackers in my neighbourhood. As I am living in a country of multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural; the sounds of firecrackers, drums’ beat, dragon dance, lion dance, red lanterns and oranges are very familiar to me. Apart from that, Malaysians are well -known for the unique culture such as having “open-house” for every celebration meaning to say Malaysians of other ethnics are warmly welcome to join in the joy of  other celebrations and this time we'll join our Chinese friends.

To those celebrating Chinese New Year, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous Year!*

Jan 22, 2012

I'll Be Back!

I can't think of what to write today. 
Let me take a long rest.
As Arnold said, " I'll be back! "


Jan 18, 2012


I miss you …
Like the butterfly misses the flower,
Like the flower misses the sun,
On a cold, dark night…


Jan 17, 2012



of a feeling

casts by shadows of fear

 awhile, light is the saviour

of hope...


**Inspired by ~*Princesa Fiona*~ at The Princess Passions.**

Jan 16, 2012


the love, the passion
shimmer under azure sky
thoughts link each other



*My dear readers, I love getting responses from you. You can interpret my Haiku in any way you like. Whatever I write does not necessarily reflect my state of emotion at any point of time.  My writings are in different moods which I regard as exploring into many facets of life.


Jan 15, 2012


There is one trait in likeable people : optimism.

An old saying, " The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

It's my Sunday thought. Have a great Sunday and a great week ahead!


Jan 12, 2012

The Rainbow

The rainbow at dusk,

A beauty before darkness,

The heart enlightened.


Jan 10, 2012

And Again ...

when birds are dreaming,
I am stuck inside four walls,
the fear - I see blanks.

within these white walls,
waiting for words to whisper,
then dance in my mind.



Jan 8, 2012

Too Expressive To Express

on the eighth day, the birds still sing at the break of dawn,

the mind flies across the highest mountains and deepest oceans,

in the heart,  little butterflies flutter till the next destination,

breathing sweetly the essence and vigour of life and destiny…



Jan 4, 2012

Cinquain ~ Feeling


Strong, beautiful, great

Mystifying, intriguing, lasting

Lifting me in the gentle breeze to cloud 9


*~*Princesa Fiona*~ of  The Princess Passion invited us for a Cinquain poetic challenge. I learn a lot from her. This is my first Cinquain.


Jan 1, 2012

The First Day

fireworks quietened

first day - twelve months had just left

a dozen waiting

First Haiku 2012,

*Wishing everyone Happy New Year!*

Image : Yahoo Image Search