Jul 29, 2011


Friends are sacred to me. I like having many friends and enjoy the good company. But having friends goes along with a price. The joy of having friends is indescribable but have to face a great pain when seeing them go. That's part of having friends; to meet and to depart. I always wish friends are for keeps though the reality is some friends come and go like passing clouds.

I miss some friends whom I crossed paths once and whom I don't see anymore. To all my dear friends, this is my hope for a true meaning of friendship.

If I'm the bread, my friend is the butter,
when spread on the bread, we can click together.

When I cry, my friend understands why,
She will be by my side to let it go by.

On every gloomy day, my friend is the sunshine,
That shoos the gloominess from this soul of mine.

Many a time , I stumble and fall,
But I'm glad, my friend gives a hand for me to hold.

The misfortunes of life tears the happiness from me,
My friend puts back the torn pieces like what it used to be.

Come what may; rain, shine or harsh weather,
My friend will always be there to give me shelter.

To my dear friends, wherever you are,
You all are my priceless jewel forever.

With a fond thought,
Friday wee hours

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Jul 28, 2011


There is beauty....
in every petal of the rose,
For its scent is aromatic,
Giving a sense of fulfillment,
Its freshness produces good energy,
Makes one's day more meaningful,
When bathed in the aroma of sweet rose.

In appreciation,
Thursday morning

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Jul 26, 2011

Learn To Love Life

"Love life. Be grateful for it always. And show your gratitude by not shying away from its challenges. Always try to live a little bit beyond your capacities - and you'll find your capacities are greater than you ever dreamed."
- Anonymous

I read this for self-motivation. Everyone of us, once in awhile, needs to motivate ourselves. Life nowadays is always full of challenges. Wherever we are, in big cities or small towns, we do feel the same rat race life that gives us so much stress. We have to be strong enough to cope with it or else it will destroy us.

Sometimes, I really feel down. But I stop for awhile and ask myself, "What's worth for me to dwell in this mood? Sooner or later it will kill me!" I don't want it to have a control over me because it can turn out disastrous. I have to get rid of it and get moving. And getting rid of such mood is finding solutions to overcome it before it gets worse.

I am feeling sad right now. Hence, come up with these little scribbles. I don't want sadness to rule me.  The above quote is kind of giving me hope and there are many things to discover. I have to help myself though it is hard to face the challenges. Challenges will remain if I don't take any action to solve them.

I regard this as one of life's challenges. Life is so unpredictable with its ups and downs. The ups can be soaring sky high and the downs, might be like falling into a deep pit enveloped in darkness and helpless to find the way out.

I believe self-determination is significant in overcoming whatever comes my way.

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Jul 25, 2011

Haiku - The Spell

The dry spell prolongs,
Hits my mind so intensely,
Dehydrates ideas.

A wish for downpour,
To fill up the streams of mind,
Stay from barrenness.

A little wish,
July 25th '11

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Jul 19, 2011

Haiku - The Price I Pay

A cup of coffee,
Makes me see stars through the roof,

Each passing moment,
Counting sheep over again,
They dance in my head.

From midnight to dawn,
Doo-dle-doo breaks the silence,
I'm still fresh as dew.


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Jul 17, 2011

After 6 Days

My mind is quite blank today. I would like to write something interesting  but it seems that ideas got stuck somewhere inside there! I am quite exhausted after slogging for 6 days! It should be 5 but yesterday we had a meeting which ended at 12.30 p.m.  I am glad that it was over. I felt so stressful before the meeting as I had lots to present and unfortunately,  I faced some technical problems  to present using power point. I felt I failed to carry out my duty well yesterday.

Being so exhausted, this is how I looked  like last night.

This afternoon I baked a cake which has a unique name, Kek Sarang Lebah, literally translated " A Beehive Cake"! Well,  Malaysians in this state are very creative in giving all sorts of unique names to cakes and biscuits. The reason is, nature is always close to our hearts. Regarding the cake, I had another failure. It didn't turn out to be like a beehive cake but instead it looked like a chocolate cake! But it tasted good! After all, not a complete failure. I should have added honey in it because it is a beehive cake!

 May be you want to know how the cake looks like. I don't have the picture but let me explain, there are holes inside it. When it is sliced, we will see the "cells" which look more or less like in a beehive. Don't be scared to try it because there are no bees!

Although I failed in two things mentioned above, it isn't the end to it. It's a lesson to be learnt in order to perform better next time. Well, folks, that's all for now. Have a great week ahead!

There is no failure except in no longer trying. ~ Elbert Hubbard

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Credit for second image :  graphicleftovers.com

Jul 13, 2011

So Inspiring!

Watching this video uplifts my spirit. I'm truly inspired by the beautiful words in the poem. Please, take a moment to watch. It might make a difference in your life.

Jul 12, 2011

Haiku - A Dream

These eyes so heavy,
Soon, into dreamland I fall,
Where I meet my love.

Life is a dream,
July 12th '11
Tuesday evening

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Jul 11, 2011

Haiku - Thinking

I've been thinking hard,
To extract the utmost best,
But access denied.

A Monday thought,
July 11th '11

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Jul 10, 2011

A Sunny Sunday

Catch me if you can! Now, who is going to be the victim? These two are enemies for a long time.  I am wondering whether they will ever be peace for both of them.
This is among some images I got when surfing on early Sunday morning. Today, I would like to have  another light and easy Sunday. This picture tickles me and I have a good laugh. Life's karma has made tables turned. If this really happens, there will never be peace. It is more apt to the saying "What goes around, comes around."
My Sunday morning has kicked off so well. Oh! That's what I mentioned in my comment for  a newly acquainted friend .The sun has just appeared and I like its soft warm glow. Whenever I see the golden rays, it gives me so much positive thoughts and the vibes make me so energetic to start off the day and face what may come. It's a great sunny Sunday morning here in Malaysia.
I haven't taken my breakfast yet. Well, I have the habit of logging in my blog and checking emails first thing in the morning. I have the same routine before going to sleep. My day will not be complete without doing so.
I am thinking of going to the bookstore later. I can spend hours in the bookstore choosing books of good-read. It is therapeutic for me and I am enjoying it! A very close friend had suggested I look for "Myth Of The Cave".  A good suggestion for a bookworm.
Ok, now it is time for my breakfast. To everyone across the globe, I am wishing you guys a great weekend! Keep smiling!

Image : Credit to the owner of the above image.

Jul 9, 2011

Haiku - The Gap

July's flowers bloom,
I am missing January,
When it all began.

missed the moment,
     July 9th '11
     A Saturday

Jul 7, 2011

The Intuition

You said you were

in disguise,

All my senses spring

to life,

Not in a frantic search

to see you,

But feeling and knowing

your presence.

What's important,

even if you're

in camouflage,

I can't deny the intuition

that you're somewhere

out there,

And you're watching

closely over me,

Warding off anything

that might harm me,

And giving me

a sense of well-being.

The intuition of,
   July 7th '11

Image, credits go to :  www.noupe.com


Jul 4, 2011

Haiku - A New Day

The sun just risen,
And let the rays kiss the room,
A promising day.

All the warmth it brings,
Illuminates in the heart,
Uplifts the spirit.

Cherished hopes, 
July 4th'1l
On a Monday

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