Jul 10, 2011

A Sunny Sunday

Catch me if you can! Now, who is going to be the victim? These two are enemies for a long time.  I am wondering whether they will ever be peace for both of them.
This is among some images I got when surfing on early Sunday morning. Today, I would like to have  another light and easy Sunday. This picture tickles me and I have a good laugh. Life's karma has made tables turned. If this really happens, there will never be peace. It is more apt to the saying "What goes around, comes around."
My Sunday morning has kicked off so well. Oh! That's what I mentioned in my comment for  a newly acquainted friend .The sun has just appeared and I like its soft warm glow. Whenever I see the golden rays, it gives me so much positive thoughts and the vibes make me so energetic to start off the day and face what may come. It's a great sunny Sunday morning here in Malaysia.
I haven't taken my breakfast yet. Well, I have the habit of logging in my blog and checking emails first thing in the morning. I have the same routine before going to sleep. My day will not be complete without doing so.
I am thinking of going to the bookstore later. I can spend hours in the bookstore choosing books of good-read. It is therapeutic for me and I am enjoying it! A very close friend had suggested I look for "Myth Of The Cave".  A good suggestion for a bookworm.
Ok, now it is time for my breakfast. To everyone across the globe, I am wishing you guys a great weekend! Keep smiling!

Image : Credit to the owner of the above image.


  1. Have a blissful sunny Sunday to you Balqis. Just hoping it won't get toooo hot in the afternoon though. Been suffering a light head ache this last few days from the scorching heat.

  2. I understand what it's like. We're in the same land! Extreme heat can easily make us sick.

    Thanks a lot, Christine.. :)

  3. hahaha..the mice was so big..but wahhhhh sis..I don't like to see that big mice inside my house..yucker it will be so hard to catrch hahaha..

    Have a blessed Sunday sis :)

    *hugs hugs*

  4. Hehehe...I'm freaking out seeing that gigantic mouse! Of course, no one wants it. We won't have cats anymore if there is such mouse!

    Wishing you a blessed Sunday, too! Thanks, sis. :)

  5. mouse? hahaha..I was looking at the pix again closely..sorry sis I thought the tail on that hole was a baby mouse..wahhhhh it was the same tail of that big mouse, I thought the big mouse was the Mom mouse..grrrrr..*shy* :(

    hehehe..got four eyed hahaha *blink*

  6. Hehehe...that's the tail of that big mouse! It lets it out through the hole to attract the cat to catch it. I think before the cat could do so, the mouse will jump on the cat!

    It's ok. Please, don't be shy.

  7. Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday! Just thought I'd drop by and read your sunny Sunday post. It certainly has been sunny here today.

    Have a great week my new friend!

  8. Thank you, Ritchie. Yes, it was a wonderful Sunday. Nice to know the sunny day there. :)

  9. To the best of my knowledge, neither of them is going to get victimized by the other.

    But, one thing is sure. You have been victimized by the voracity for reading and your knowledge will get astonishingly plump like that poor rat! It is terrible, I think!

  10. hi balqis, hope you had a great weekend.
    the mice has outgrown the cat in size so much..wonder what the cartoonist is trying to convey... what do you think.:)
    have a wonderful week

  11. lolzz :d great 1 dear...keep writing!!!

  12. @Suresh - Thank you, Suresh. Smart thought! :)

  13. @cv - Wan, I think we must never underestimate anything even if we feel that we have the extra edge. Thanks a lot. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful week, too!

  14. @Geeta - Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. :)