May 31, 2012

Lover' Cove Challenge #1

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My line :

Letting the darkness gone by in the light of love, breathing its sweet blue essence

(word count 15)

The above line is written in participation to Andy David's Lovers' Cove challenge #1.  I continue from the line written by the 13th person. Find out more of what is going on and do participate and join in the fun  here.

Andy's first line :  A sleeping flower is more beautiful than a heart without love.

Andy himself is a great poet and his poems are simply awesome!

To Andy, it is an honour indeed being invited by you. Thank you so much! )

May 29, 2012


One world but apart
Sweet, fond thoughts unite and stay
Across the wavelength


*I wrote this when thinking of friends and family who are far away


May 28, 2012

Flower Of May

The flower of May
Pure, modest, fragrant and sweet
A classic beauty


May 24, 2012

A Dream


Fact and fantasy
Too tiny to reach the stars
Life is but a dream


May 23, 2012


I don't know the reason why,
When I should smile yet I cry,
Give me explanations for the "why",
Let all doubts and worries go by.


May 13, 2012

For My Beloved Mom


Your love is as warm as the morning sun
Beautiful as the million stars in the sky
If there's precious diamond in the world
It can't beat the precious heart that you have
When everyone else turns away from me
You embrace me with words of encouragement
You are my shelter from harsh weathers
You are my umbrella on rainy days
You are my light at night for the right paths
You are the hand that guides me  through
thick and thin, from wrong to right
You are the beautiful woman,  my beautiful mother
Who will always remain beautiful to me for eternity
For every beautiful thing you do makes my life beautiful

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mom and to all moms of the world!

I love you, Mom!


May 11, 2012

The Power Of Words

The power of words,
That makes me laugh and smile,
Fulfilling my days.

The power of words,
That gives hope and promises,
Excitement growing.

The power of words,
That makes me sad and solemn,
Everything's so bleak.

The power of words,
That pierce through my heart sharply,
Pain to my whole being.

The power of words,
Mixed feelings and emotions,
Lesson to my life.


May 6, 2012

The Wish

If I were a bird
I'd spread my wings wide
To you, I'd fly high
Endeavour the big blue ocean
The burning heat of the day
The icy coldness of the night
The blizzard from nowhere
I'd fly without fright
With determined heart
Defying barriers, I'll keep flying
Towards you who is waiting