Mar 31, 2014



defying moment
of darkness to rays of hope
a sole trip for good

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt "Trip".

© 2014 Balqis

Mar 28, 2014

I Never Was Alone


For a moment, I thought I was alone.  That was the feeling I dreaded most when all of a sudden, I felt silence around me would close up on me soon and put me in total darkness. Everything seemed to be wrapped up in quietness and stillness. How wrong I was, letting my mind drifted into negative zone.

As I turned around, I heaved a sigh of relief.  Above me was a canopy of blue that could put anyone's heart at peace. Right there was a majestic staircase from heaven in its awesome design, so eye-catching.

I had hoped to take a glimpse of the supposed Prince walking down that  staircase  to meet his beautiful princess on earth . Perhaps he did,  at the other end of it. How sweet it was!

Soft breeze passed by and whispered sweet words among the lush of green. I was not alone after all. It was just that I did not realize how much nature could offer me its beauty and how it could make me feel   accompanied by it.  What added more beauty to it, was the breeze that whistled across the valley and gently touched everything in its path.

What an awe-inspiring beauty which made my day to discard the solitary feeling out of me. I would continue to admire the tranquillity till the staircase from heaven was replaced by glittering diamonds and smiling moon right above me and the canopy of blue changed into a backdrop of black. Endless beauty!

© 2014 Balqis

Mar 25, 2014



memories linger
this sandy beach held
our footsteps once

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt "sand".

© 2014 Balqis

Mar 21, 2014