Jul 16, 2020


I sit in silence
as memories rolling by
friends, unforgotten

Jun 9, 2020

After A Hiatus

Where shall I begin?

It had been a long time since the last update here. Time constraint had made me forget about blogging though deep in my heart I'd love to keep on writing.

Absence has really makes me rack for ideas again on what to write.  I was like disappearing from blogsphere for about 2 years! That was really a long time.

There are many things I had been missing;  bloggers friends, blogwalking,  blogging itself and many more. To all my bloggers friends, wherever you are, I'm looking forward to seeing you all again

Now, I'm trying to spend some times here.  I hope it will really work. :)

Jun 6, 2018


Image: Google
Blessed to hear the sweet melody of the birds
Crickets busying themselves
And flock of storks having morning meal
Among the blades of grass
that glitter with morning dew
Here I am, passing by them

My cheeks glowing radiantly
Being kissed by the sun which later
shuns itself and hides behind the cottony clouds
I am smiling and still blushing...
As I walk on this pavement with quicken paces,
in unison with a fast-beating heart
Towards self-victory
To materialize the dream
Into pure reality
For a better me, a healthier me

©2018 balqisDBJ

Mar 23, 2018

Against The Odds

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For a moment, I thought I would let all my tears flow
But life teaches me to survive the pain and make me strong
Like the tide, high and low, with all the trashes it brings along
I discard each and one, and let my cheeks again a-glow

©2018 balqisDBJ