Jun 6, 2018


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Blessed to hear the sweet melody of the birds
Crickets busying themselves
And flock of storks having morning meal
Among the blades of grass
that glitter with morning dew
Here I am, passing by them

My cheeks glowing radiantly
Being kissed by the sun which later
shuns itself and hides behind the cottony clouds
I am smiling and still blushing...
As I walk on this pavement with quicken paces,
in unison with a fast-beating heart
Towards self-victory
To materialize the dream
Into pure reality
For a better me, a healthier me

©2018 balqisDBJ

Mar 23, 2018

Against The Odds

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For a moment, I thought I would let all my tears flow
But life teaches me to survive the pain and make me strong
Like the tide, high and low, with all the trashes it brings along
I discard each and one, and let my cheeks again a-glow

©2018 balqisDBJ

Jan 13, 2018

Haiku - Untitled

darkness, then full moon
wolves a-howling on hilltop -
just a story plot


Jan 11, 2018

Happy To Be Here

I'm happy to be here again after what I considered as a hard "struggle" to get back to this beloved blog of mine. May be that's the price I have to pay for, being in hiatus, leaving this blog unattended!

I love writing, as always, it's just that sometimes ideas can't run swiftly like a river.  Nevertheless, I'm trying but not pushing myself too hard to pen some lines to keep this little space of mine going.

I hope it doesn't sound quite lame if I said that I have been very busy and that's the reason why I wasn't here. One thing which I would like to say, my heart is always here. The new year had just opened its door, so let's get the ball rolling!

Last but not least, special thanks to all visitors of this blog, wherever you are.