Oct 20, 2009

Right From My Heart......

I just can't help ......
feeling the darkness that befalls the night
I wish dearly there are twinkling stars above
that could be my guide in the paths ahead
Everything seems to be bleak
No matter how hard I try to think that it isn't

This is indeed a real challenge of life
For what I want it to be.....isn't as it is
Tears are pricking my eyelids
My heart fills with a burden .......
beyond description

My empathy.....right from my heart
For you, my beloved brother
I hide my sorrow....and replace it with
words of encouragement
for you to be strong enough to face
whatever comes your way

My prayers.....and everyone else's
in our big family
Are specially meant for you
We love you so dearly
that we feel every single fear,
every single anxiety....
and fear of the unknown
that you feel...

But, my dear brother
Never let your strength weakens
Don't ever let negative thoughts
be in control of you
Keep your spirit high
Let it soars as high as the sky

Think of the sun, the blue sky
Think of our family strong bond
Think of your beloved Akmal
And your 'queen' Ju
Think of the great time we share
Just think of everything nice

My dear brother,
You have a strong family support
Let us be together in tears and laughter
Lets just focus on
A recovery sooner or later
And lets not forget
It could be a trial of life
And keep on believing
that you'll be able to overcome
everything.....yes! everything

*Every single line I wrote above comes right from my heart for my dear brother who has been ill for almost a year.

Oct 3, 2009


Time flies! And I've not been here for quite awhile! It's not that I'm indulging in too much of rendang, curry, ketupat, lemang, kuah kacang and what's not......well, it's just like any other normal day when you've got too much to handle that you hardly know how time flies that super fast! You would only realise at the end of the day that you have been going through such a hard day's work when your body ache, your head getting heavy, you feel as though your eyes are squinting, you could hardly move your legs as though been walking for miles and miles.....that's part of it.

It's really a very hectic time for me.....oops! I'm not complaining. And believe me, I feel the guilt....really guilty for not been able to update this dear blog of mine. If only it could talk, I presume it would say that it's not been well taken care of! Anyway, glad that today I'm quite free and earlier, after visiting my friend's house (raya visit), I grab my laptop....and here I am now. Actually, lots to write about but let's keep it in stages lest I run out of ideas the next time I log on!

This month is a 'happening' month....personally, that's how I feel it. October.....yes, many great events take place...to name but a few , one is the birthday of my beloved family member falls in this month...in this month, too  I would attend a big event....which is very significant.....I mean, career-wise....for it determines my future.....yes! I'm praying for the best from it.....I believe my determination and commitments all this while will defy all barriers.....for I have set a goal for it.

My icon, Hafiz Af7's raya gathering will be held in this month, too....received sms from the organisers several times telling me about it but sad to say, I won't be able to make it. However, I'm looking forward for some other events with Hafiz's presence at some other times at some other place.....who knows, I might be able to make it. And to those of you who will be attending the event...enjoy yourself and make the best out of it. Make it a memorable one!

Well, what else needs to be said....tonight I'm going to continue visiting friends' houses. Almost everyday getting invitations....free 'makan' here and there.....if only this could go on and on....hehehe. On the other hand, have to watch the BMI and ensure the ideal weight....glad that it isn't a problem with me.

Dear all, I'm signing off. Happy weekend everyone!