Mar 31, 2011

Haiku - I Pause And Reflect

I pause and reflect,
In clarity of the mind,
What's worth and what's not.

My life, what's worthful,
My mind churning its essence,
For pure truth of truths.

Whole truth emerges,
Among pinnacles of facts,
Bittersweet chewed all.

Adrift far sometimes,
Lost in the vastness of space,
Seeking where I stand.

Self-reflection of,
Thursday morning,

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Mar 27, 2011

Time Flies

Months come and go,
Like tides high and low.
Life goes on and on,
Still holds much more,
Discoveries awaiting.

Seconds ticks to minutes,
Hours follow suit, 
Changing days to months,
Till a year is through,
Revolves the cycle is.

Keeping track of time,
March 27th 2011,

Mar 21, 2011

Beautiful Quotes And So Inspiring

It's one of the days again when I have the writer's block. I have been looking at this screen for quite some time yet nothing seems to flow easily from my mind. I guess everyone has such moment when nothing seems to work no matter how hard we try.  Haze must be accumulating on my mind, thus blocking ideas for any post to be posted here. Anyway, I'm not going to force my brain to work hard, so I surfed for some beautiful quotes which are at the same time, so inspiring. I have these few which I got from a few sources.

Please, take a moment to read the quotes and feel them in your hearts!

Mar 18, 2011

Haiku - Trust, A Virtue

Tied up, I am gagged,
Thousands stories sealed within,

A trust - so sacred,
Holds paragons of virtue,
Resting on safe ground.

Open thought of,
Friday 18th
March, 2011

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Mar 17, 2011

Down Memory Lane

Start the day by smiling (that's according to psychologist). That's what I found in my notes and it was written a few years back. I wrote that in one of the lectures I attended. Today, I feel I'm going down to memory lane when my eyes caught that familiar notebook. And the popular face of that funny lecturer flashes back to my mind. Well, sitting comfortably in the lecture hall, I tried to keep myself  less "visible"  because I didn't want to be questioned on any of the topics lectured! I know it doesn't sound good but sometimes I ran out of ideas to express well on certain issues and failed to give good responses. It would make me fumble and mumble and gosh! even if I'd be able to utter some responses, it wouldn't be that satisfactory. Glad that it only happened occasionally.

As I flipped through the notes, a few of what I wrote refresh my mind. Among those written are as follows :

1. How well do you bounce back from disappointment, failure or any form of setback in your life?
  • withdraw
  • blame others
  • develop a 'poor me' attitude
  • get quite depressed
  • cry and cry ......
  • eat too much or
  • give up
Or are you the type who certainly gets a little emotional and then .......
  • analyses what went wrong and tries to fix it
  • says "I'm okay! My action went wrong in the distance."
  • plans a step by step recovery

Which among the above points would you prefer?

2.  Self-esteem - Why is it important for us?
  • it is the foundation that we build the rest of us on
  • it is about liking ourselves, wants and all
  • you can learn to enhance your self-esteem
  • you can maintain high self-esteem for life
  • healthy level of self-esteem is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children or as a model for other people (e.g. expressing gratitude with sincerity)
What is self-esteem?
  • acceptance of ourselves, by ourselves, for who and what we are any time in our life
  • it is associated with the belief that we are worthwhile, capable and useful no matter what happened in our life, what is happening or what may happen
  • it is identified by the way we act and behave, by  attitudes and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the way we feel about ourselves and the emotions we express

Healthy and high self-esteem
  • we hold ourselves in high regard
  • we like and accept who we are
  • we forgive ourselves easily
  • we always focus on our strengths and we can effectively distinguish ourselves from our behaviour or what we do
  • if we make mistakes or mess something up, we still acknowledge that we are okay but we learn from experience

Self-esteem is also
  • the ability to look at what we can do and
  • what we have done
  • build on this during our lives rather than looking at what we haven't done and what we cannot do and filling ourselves up with blame and self-doubt

How do we boost up self-esteem?
  • Do some wonderful things

How do we know if we have it?
  • will talk and act in a confident manner
  • and certainly put our point of view forward if we feel it is required and necessary
  • can deal with failures and admit when they are wrong
  • can tell ourselves that we are hopeless and useless......

Well, that's a little bit of sharing on what I got during those days when my time was packed with books, lectures, assignments and examinations. No matter how hectic it was, today it brings back smile  for the memory is so sweet and I wish so much for such days again.

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Mar 15, 2011

A Dreamer

Haphazard Dreams....

I dream of swimming like a fish,
But I don't have fins to steer me through.

Twinkling are the stars above my head,
I need more fingers to count them all.

A beautiful flower I should be,
Full of fragrance, love by all.

......Alas! how little I am,
A dreamer of my dreams!

A dreamer by nature,
Tue 15.3.11

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Mar 12, 2011

Haiku - My Heart Speaks

The peace I look for,
Serenades me in calm flow,
Unperturbed journey.

Rustling among leaves,
Songs so heavenly laden,
Life for my dry soul.

Lullaby me so,
With tender sounds of beauty,
Mesmerise my dreams.

Gentle caresses,
Awakes the barren feeling,
A life is brought back.

Written with love,
Saturday evening

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Mar 11, 2011

In Dire Hope

It's hard to hold back for this isn't what we plan it to be. Yet another teardrop falls.  Who are we to fight back what's been destined for us? We're helpless souls  lost in the sea of sorrow. The high raging waves have hit us badly and everything is shattered in the wild vastness around us. It's hard to pick up the little pieces and let alone to glue it back for every single piece of the dreams has been destroyed completely.

The feeling is in a state of coma with a blur hope of restoring it to what it used to be. That light at the end of the tunnel is at a far reach. We won't be able to make it before it's completely gone and leave us in darkness again. It's so frightening and we succumb to our own fear.

A wish that it isn't too harsh for us. But every part of  this so called emotions have been battered and the casualties are high.

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Mar 7, 2011

It Rains In The Heart

Much as the heart dreaded it, the overcast successfully trespasses it, poking at every wall. The impact is so devastating, it overshadows the rays of hope. The persistent darkness envelops the fragile heart. Gripping it so hard, depriving the dear little heart of its regular fresh air supply and almost cutting it off.  Poor heart, it flutters and gasps hard for that little much needed air to keep going before the final fullstop.

"Arrrgghhhh!" cries the heart with all its might. "I'm not ready yet!" It tries to shake loose from the gripping overcast. The pain is so unbearable. It sears and tears like a charging bull, sparing not a single part of  the heart.

The little heart being inquisitive asks questions like flying bullets as to why it is deprived of its rights. The rhythmic lively beats have gone. In its place is a very weak throbs which seems to be on the verge of passing out.

The overcast couldn't hold it much longer. So out goes the gush of rain raging at every single cell of the heart. The unexpected rain  has no mercy as though avenge for unknown reasons. Despite the efforts of  freeing itself from the torment, the harder it tries, the heavier it rains, flooding the heart's floor and immersing it in complete coldness.

Icy coldness sends shivers right into the core of the heart and in a little while, it'll be drown in the torrents of rain. The heart isn't giving up too easily. It has won half of the battle . It lets out a shrieking cry, "No! I'm not going to give in. I'm not ready to go to the Land-Of-No-Return!" The cry has woken up all the pulses which start to work and pump a sudden flow of blood and fight back  the flood of rain.

And with one last tug, the heart cries again, " I'm not ready to go to the

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Mar 6, 2011

Haiku - Impurities, Hope and Uncertainty


Resistant to change,
Mind's clogged with impurities,
A brainwash needed.


A flutter of hope,
Falls on  floor of promises,
Heart blooms prettily.


Devilish whispers,
Mastermind all decisions,
Wrong turn is fatal.

In the mind of,
Sunday morning.

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Mar 5, 2011

What A Day!

I'm feeling so tired now that my head would land on the keyboard at any time! Glad that I can still stand on my feet despite going through such a hectic time today.  Commitments have to be fulfilled, no matter what, rain or shine.

It's weekend again and I'm hoping to let my hair down and paint the town red!

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Mar 3, 2011

A Sunshine For Me

I was thrilled to bits on receiving a sunshine award from Wan Maznah of cooking-varieties. My deepest thanks to her for passing on the award to me. Check out her blog at She has a wonderful foodie blog and there are many recipes which are worth trying.

This is a beautiful award and receiving it means I have to tell about myself! Let me tell briefly who I am though most of you have known a bit about me. I'm just an ordinary person who loves life. I'm also a nature lover and this award is so fitting because a striking daisy is pictured in a blue sky background. Daisies are among the beautiful flowers I love.

Those who visit my blog can see that my posts are a mixture of stories, poems, haiku and any other topics in general. I don't create blogs for different categories because I don't have time to manage them. So, everything is put in one single blog and visiting my blog means reaching a one-stop spot.
I would like to clarify here whatever poems/ haikus I wrote aren't necessarily related to my feelings/moods. Most are written based on what are seen  around me. I love to attempt different categories of poems/haikus that talk about happiness, sadness, or life as a whole.

It is my pleasure to pass on the award to  friends whom I have told personally.

This simple piece is specially dedicated to Wan Maznah.

The sunshine you pass to me,
Gives me the warmth I need,
It brightens up my days,
And shines through my blog.
Let's give others the sunshine,
Let this world be full of it,
A sunshine for you and one for me.

Wan Maznah also awarded me with 4 more awards: Blog Star Award, Kreativ Blogger, Best Blogger and Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award.

Thank you once again, Wan. Let's keep our blogging world going!

Mar 2, 2011

Whispers Of The Wind

Gentle whispers of the wind,
And soft touch of the breeze,
Caressing the cloudy mind,
Calming the soul at ease.

O ye wind, don't stop blowing,
A companion in quiet moment,
The chimes  joyously dancing,
Blow not, it would be a lament.

Your song rings through the leaves,
So cheerful a tune and so sweet,
How could I refuse such a relief,
The antidote that I so much need.

Just what I need,
2.3.2011, Wednesday
Gently, the wind blows.

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