Mar 2, 2011

Whispers Of The Wind

Gentle whispers of the wind,
And soft touch of the breeze,
Caressing the cloudy mind,
Calming the soul at ease.

O ye wind, don't stop blowing,
A companion in quiet moment,
The chimes  joyously dancing,
Blow not, it would be a lament.

Your song rings through the leaves,
So cheerful a tune and so sweet,
How could I refuse such a relief,
The antidote that I so much need.

Just what I need,
2.3.2011, Wednesday
Gently, the wind blows.

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  1. Nice imagery here....and you even managed to rhyme.... Awesome!

  2. Amazing ruba'i x 3
    Great stuff B :)

  3. Hey Sis, I am here... Thanks for the tweet.. Yeah, you know where to find me, dont you??? *wink*

    I was at Waterfront jus now when I received your tweet.. The breeze and the view of Malaysia jus remind me so much of you..

    I like what you wrote... 'don't stop blowing...' and 'the antidote that I need'... My dear, you speak what's in my heart...

    Here, I ask, the wind to bring my wishes for you and as the wind touch your cheek, it is my kiss to you; telling you I miss you... :)


  4. @Krislin - Thanks a lot. THe wind delivered your greetings. Could feel nice! :)

  5. Sweet and gentle rhyme that prove you are a wonderful poem writer, BB!

  6. Thanks so much, Od! Your kind words are so inspiring. :)

  7. Nice to know it did.. and hmm, if you dont mind, dear, you would probably want to throw your reply through my blog instead, that way, I wont have to click on your 'old' entires... :P :P but rather your new post.. Hehehhehe..

  8. My favourite lines were:
    "O ye wind, don't stop blowing,
    A companion in quiet moment,"
    It reminds me of when wind blows in your face and you take that deep breathe in and feel thankful for being alive :)

  9. Cozy Place For Rest In Piece >,<

  10. @Warning Tips - Yup, that's right! Thanks so much. :)

  11. Greetings Balqis,
    Ya always come up with amazing writings. This one here has completely mesmerized me. The way you have brought us close to the breeze gave me a soothing sensation and i was able to hop in one step close to way you define the moments.
    Really, really, really nice..

  12. Hi Dex! Thank you for all your kind words. Looking around me, I could see that there are so many things which can be the subject of what I want to write. It's my attempt putting words together which I hope make sense. :)

  13. nice poem my friend and just a relaxing sight after a tiring day thanks for your post mwahhh:)

  14. Hi Sie! Thanks for your compliments. Muaahhh :):)

  15. @Krislin - Surely, will do as you said. Thank you. :)