Apr 21, 2011

The Question

Beauty, much desired to ever last,
Like beauty and fragrances of Eden,
Endlessly odorous, feeding the eyes,
Soul contented, wholesome feeling arises,
Greatness defies barriers of seasonal changes.

The question of immortality,
If there is, one would never migrate,
From realities of life to spirituality,
Suppleness in command, gray shoved aside,
Is forever young a possibility?

Reminiscing the youth, there was once,
Strong desires to ward off seasoned looks,
Craziness to dance till the last song,
In every beat of the heart and in every vein,
With ease blood does flow, free from dirt of life.

Partially in dreamland,
April 21st 2011
Thursday evening

* This poem is written for fun. The inspiration came after reading Moonomo's post "Teenage Dream."
I was kidding and asking him whether there's a fountain of youth so that I could take a dip and stay young forever.
The reply was "No regrets, just love - we can dance till we die, will be young forever."

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  1. I'm so happy we are mortals! It would be a condemnation if immortality was our condition.
    Great poem.
    You're very gifted Balqis.

  2. Being mortal makes us see the life- Dying is the day worth living for! :)

    We'll be young- till we die- aren't we?

    Your question pondering visionary- thank you for this poem!

  3. a very nice piece once again. one thing that i'm happy about is that thanks god I'm mortal.

  4. @Ana - Thank you! We have to face reality that we are mortals. :)

  5. @Moon - Thanks so much! Good response. Of course, we'll be young till we die. What's important to be young at heart and let the days glide by. :)

  6. @Steph - Thanks, sis. I'm happy to know that. :)

  7. Lovely lovely... Yes, we will be young forever.. :) this is one interesting piece..

  8. Thank you, Krislin! Keep smiling - that's one of the secrets to stay young! :)

  9. Yeah, harish, let it be in mind and heart. :)

  10. I've always believed your only as old as you feel :D so in that sense staying young forever is possible.

    I love the footnotes you always add, its nice to know what your inspiration was or where you were trying to go with your poems.

  11. Forever young is definitely possible. One's age may escalate, but his/her heart will forever be young and happy. :) The older you get, the crazier you are! Be as crazy as you wish. You only live once! :D

    Kudos for another very well written poem! :)

  12. @frisso - Sometimes people say that age is just a number. So, let's just go ahead with life without thinking much of how many birthdays had been celebrated. :)

    Regarding what I wrote at footnotes, I'd like to tell you that there are times when I run out of ideas. Somehow, after reading posts at friends' blogs, a sudden rush of ideas come to mind! It's inspiring! :)

  13. @Liling - Thank you for giving the answer and your wise words. Everyone will grow old. So, at the moment, as we haven't reached that stage, let's live life to the fullest! :)

  14. Yeah!
    Ever-lasting is the beauty that beautiful hearts feel!
    Transitory is the beauty that our impatient eyes will!!
    A nice creation to realization. :)

  15. THanks a lot, Suresh. You always reply so nicely. What a gift! :)

  16. Hello Balqis

    I'm a new follower of this blog and like reading your poems.
    I write poetry too, but they are all unpublished because there isn't much of a copyright attached to what we post in our blogs.

  17. Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for following and commenting. I'd love to read your poems. Maybe you can get them copyrighted. :)