Oct 27, 2010

Into The Emptiness

Melancholy cry,
Breaks the stillness of the night,
Heart falling apart.

Cold night gripping tight,
the poor, depressed fragile soul,
Depriving warm love.

*A try on Haiku.

past midnight

Oct 20, 2010

Light Moment


                                                            Wake-up Call

    A couple, retired for many years, always set their clock-radio for 7 a.m., waking to the news. One morning, their favorite romantic music from the past started playing. The husband put his arms around his wife and whispered in her ear, "Darling, if I were 40 years younger, do you know what I'd do?"
    "Yes," she murmured, snuggling closer, "I know what you'd do."
    "Tell me, sweetheart, " he sighed. "What would I do."
    "If you were 40 years younger, " she whispered, "you'd get up and go to work!"
                                                                                                                             - Gene Comer

                                                         Surprise Packages

    When my husband asked me what I wanted for my 40th birthday, I told him, "Something that will make me look sexy and beautiful." Expecting a lingerie box containing black silk and lace, I was surprised when he dragged in a large, hefty package.
    My gift was an exercise bike.
                                                                                                                              - Maria Andes

                                                            Humble Pie

    A friend of mine, a successful young doctor, was showing off his shiny new Porsche to his grandmother. After taking her for a spin, he helped her climb out of the low-slung automobile.
    "How do you like it?" he asked, beaming.
    "It's fine, I guess," she replied. "But maybe when your practice improves, you can afford something automatic with four doors."
                                                                                                                            - Janice Mitchell

                                                        Animal Crackers

    Ever since my aunt was a child, she wanted to have a black cat named Midnight. When one of the cats on her farm had a litter, she got her wish, except that the kitten patch of white fur under the chin. She decided that Midnight was inappropriate because it wasn't totally black. Instead she decided to name it 11:45.
                                                                                                                  - Michelle R. Dlugosz

                                                         Deft Definitions

 FANATIC :  A person who's enthusiastic about something in which you have no interest.
                                                                                                               - Albert J. Nimeth

FLATTERY :  The art of telling a person exactly what he thinks of himself.
                                                                                           - Paul H. Gilbert

BORE :  A person whose life is an open book...that you don't want to read.
                                                                                              - Joey Adams

BIGAMY :  Only crime where two rites make a wrong.
                                                                   - Bob Hope

STATISTICS :  Numbers looking for an argument.
                                                   - Changing Times


*The jokes are my collection from the old Reader's Digest.


Oct 15, 2010

Meowing Up With Life

           Left for awhile, and LOOK! who raided my laptop?!?

                       I am really surprised that Eva is so interested in Moonomo's post
                                                "Do You Have A Complaint?"

                                                    Well, she is growing up!

Nemo :  Yes! This is it. My catch of the day!

Oct 12, 2010

Putting On My Thinking Cap

Life...could be so harsh when it is filled with so much injuries, leaving behind the deep wounds and ugly scars. The wounds which vary to a certain degree might be able to heal but the scars are a dreadful  sight, bringing back the pain and turmoil to the mind.

The common adage "Life has to go on" is somehow an aspiration to cling on and grasp the hope for a better tomorrow. By right, one cannot be deprived of one's right to enjoy the splendour of life but nothing is always smooth running. Ironically, while journeying through life, a tinge of the past is lurking somewhere rearing its ugly head waiting to pound off guard. Let's not be easily defeated by it. As much as we hate it, we still have to sail through the rough sea of life before landing in a promising destination of where everything is good.

Let off the steam, whatever that cannot be held on much longer; the agony, the sorrow, the fury... but let it be within bounds. The resentment should not build up like a dormant volcano, once erupted brings massive destruction beyond repair.

In every creation, there is the opposite. Adam was created for Eve, day is followed by night, where there is rain, there is shine....the bottom line is, with positive insight, the worse could become better.

A gentle reminder, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Go for it, sooner or later, you will reach it. It is only a matter of time.

PS What I wrote came to my mind for a friend, a sister, whose pain I empathize.

*Smiley is from stickergiant.com

Oct 10, 2010

A Light And Easy Sunday - Reminiscing

Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Day in day out,
Years come and go,
Aging to the rhythm of music,
Pacing to the tempo of time,
You proudly stand as,
The one and only International Belt.

The distinctive voices, soothing the airwaves,
Are your devoted cool presenters,
Melodious songs and precious thoughts to be shared,
Definitely the best antidote,
Enlightening the troubled souls,
Straightening the confused minds.

Your two golden numbers,
Blinking endlessly from twelve to three,
Monday to Sunday, without fail,
As energetic as can be.

Edwin, Zaki, Abang and Johnny,
Are the listeners genuine company,
Back up by a gorgeous lady,
Lin, the ever jovial, chirpy,
And amiable, what more could I say.

Young you may be,
A mere three-year-old,
Physically strong and
progressively matures,
As time passes by.

Oh my International Belt!
I'm here with all my love, my support,
Each day winning so many hearts,
You deserve love, attention and regards.

On this special day,
"A Happy Birthday" is not my only wish,
Abundance of wishes, blue skies, everything nice,
And successes be yours all along the way.

You're special in your own way,
So, in this year 1999 1st January,
I pray for your brighter days,
And unending many happy returns of the day.

Happy Birthday, International Belt!

Written with love by : Balqis

* You might wonder what is International Belt. It's a radio show of  the local Radio Television Malaysia Sarawak in which I participated actively in the talks and the like, besides songs request dedicated to friends and family. How did I participate? I was then the regular caller of the station. Back then, I used a pen name and if it ever happens any of the DJs reads this, you know that it was me! (I altered the pen name above and changed it to Balqis.)

The International Belt was wholly ran in English. On it's 3rd birthday, Edwin Lee, the presenter was expecting my call after receiving the poem (which was beautifully designed) which I posted over to the station. When finally I called up, he said "I'm going to put you on air." So, the two of us read the lines of the poem alternately and must I say now it brings back the memory of the good old days filled with so much fun. The show doesn't exist anymore but it remains close to my heart.

Oct 7, 2010

Simply Awesome

It's this time around when one can see the "flying" animals in the sky of Bintulu. They are so captivating and can make one's heart yearn for their presence. There are so many of them; big and small, in many shapes, sizes and colours and never fail to draw large crowds to admire them.  Who can resist capturing them in pics?

It's the Borneo International Kite Festival, a yearly event which took place at the Bintulu old airport site. This year's festival was held from 30th September until 3rd October. Participants, locally and from other countries were here to display their unique kites which came in many forms. The battle of the kites was on. A spectacular sight  admiring every kite flying high.

The festival had ended but the sweet memory lingers on.

The billboard that says it all.

The gloomy weather couldn't stop them from flying.

The flying fish.

The Batmen!

Spiky balls.

Standing tall.

Oh no! That couldn't be my Nemo (kitten). So gigantic!

A testament.

Oct 5, 2010

What Takes My Breath Away

The tender touch of the breeze,
Adrifts my mind yonder,
The graceful sway of the leaves,
Holds my breath afar.

Golden beams of light,
Amidst the green lush of trees,
Dazzling in little ways,
Shines up my path ahead.

Baby waves roll gently,
Along the beach so white,
Coming and going; inseparable,
For now and forever.


                                                            B @ l q i s

*All photos were taken at Tanjung Batu Beach Bintulu by your amateur photographer, Balqis. :)

Oct 4, 2010

For The Thoughtful

I'm not in any of the academy award, neither am I vying for anything of that sort in blogging. Have you ever feel blessed when out of the blue, someone somewhere acknowledges your work by appreciating it and above all awarding you, not in money form but just something nice like a blog award? Honestly, I am and really feel so overwhelmed when friends give surprises to me. My heartfelt gratitude to all those thoughtful bloggers' friends who include me in their circle and who recognise my humble effort in coming up with something in my blog.

Another award? Yes!....and it's "The Versatile blogger" award. Personally, if I were to rate myself, I am not versatile enough yet.  But then again, I really appreciate whatever is given to me because I believe the person who awarded it has reasons for doing so. Believe me, such recognition lights up my life. My blog is just a mixture of a few things based on personal experiences, a touch of poetry, nature, a little rambling, to name a few. I can sum it up as mainly on general matters.

So, here it is :

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Syracuse Pike who had chosen me for the award. She is such a nice lady whom I can count on. A multi-talented person with 6 blogs to manage. That's fantastic!
She visits my blog frequently and comments my posts. That's an inspiration to another blogger friend. You might like to visit her blogs and see for yourself the interesting stuffs she writes.
Here goes the list :  http://www.intinglligent.com/

As a recipient of the award, I'm obliged to share 7 random things about myself. :)

1. I love my family because they are always by my side through thick and thin. Above all, family first.

2. Two persons closest to my heart are my beloved mom and dad. My mom gives us everything ; love, attention, dedication, patience.....it's endless. So was my late dad; a very hardworking man who made ends meet in bringing up a big family. If he was still with us, he would have felt very proud of his children's achievements. To my dad, you weren't there on my graduation day at the university but I felt so much of your presence and I knew you were very happy as much as I was.

3. I enjoy blogging, my latest passion. I only blog during my free time because I have my own family to take care of  besides other commitments, career-wise. 

4. I'm Nissan crazy! Nissan cars are beautiful and noted for their durability and stability. So, in June this year, I bought a Nissan Navara (mother trucker). It's very suitable for off-road use. My family and I travel extensively throughout the state, so that's just good enough for us.

5. I appreciate good friendship and enjoy meeting new people everyday.

6. I am a nature lover. I see beauty in everything; the clouds, the sea, the trees and plants...anything about nature.

7. I enjoy reading poetry and put my heart into it.

So guys, that's about all. I wish to keep things to myself but it's ok sharing just a few here. That's one of the requirements I have to fulfill. :)