Oct 12, 2010

Putting On My Thinking Cap

Life...could be so harsh when it is filled with so much injuries, leaving behind the deep wounds and ugly scars. The wounds which vary to a certain degree might be able to heal but the scars are a dreadful  sight, bringing back the pain and turmoil to the mind.

The common adage "Life has to go on" is somehow an aspiration to cling on and grasp the hope for a better tomorrow. By right, one cannot be deprived of one's right to enjoy the splendour of life but nothing is always smooth running. Ironically, while journeying through life, a tinge of the past is lurking somewhere rearing its ugly head waiting to pound off guard. Let's not be easily defeated by it. As much as we hate it, we still have to sail through the rough sea of life before landing in a promising destination of where everything is good.

Let off the steam, whatever that cannot be held on much longer; the agony, the sorrow, the fury... but let it be within bounds. The resentment should not build up like a dormant volcano, once erupted brings massive destruction beyond repair.

In every creation, there is the opposite. Adam was created for Eve, day is followed by night, where there is rain, there is shine....the bottom line is, with positive insight, the worse could become better.

A gentle reminder, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Go for it, sooner or later, you will reach it. It is only a matter of time.

PS What I wrote came to my mind for a friend, a sister, whose pain I empathize.

*Smiley is from stickergiant.com


  1. You expressed the meaning and the inspiration behind my sharing - on a different route.. I am touched, moved and glad that somewhat my ugly and afflicted past did some good now that it is out in this cyber world...

    To tell you honestly, I dare not even read my post again. The affliction is just so intense and still raw, as though all just happened yesterday.. but yea, I am moving on and with a smile on my face.. but maybe not so bright and cheerful as the one in your post now.. :)

    Thanks for dedicating this post of yours to me.. *Hug* It really means much and not to mention the encouragement to me...

  2. We all experience pains in life whether its physical, emotional, etc. But it's true life goes on and time heals all wounds.

  3. It is harsh to expect full and instant recovery from something that has once been such a big part of us. But like Balqis said -- it is only a matter of time. Everything happens for a reason that will only reveal itself in due time. I wish you all the best, Krislin :) Be strong. xo

  4. Hi Yileen! Thanks for following my blog.

    Yup, what u said is true. What I wrote came from my heart, for a friend, a sister.

  5. Great post! Thanks for the great smile. Yes, despite the odds. Life is wonderful! ♥

  6. Balqis, you are an excellent writer. I really enjoy visiting your blog! The smiley face made me smile despite the heartache of suffering.