Oct 4, 2010

For The Thoughtful

I'm not in any of the academy award, neither am I vying for anything of that sort in blogging. Have you ever feel blessed when out of the blue, someone somewhere acknowledges your work by appreciating it and above all awarding you, not in money form but just something nice like a blog award? Honestly, I am and really feel so overwhelmed when friends give surprises to me. My heartfelt gratitude to all those thoughtful bloggers' friends who include me in their circle and who recognise my humble effort in coming up with something in my blog.

Another award? Yes!....and it's "The Versatile blogger" award. Personally, if I were to rate myself, I am not versatile enough yet.  But then again, I really appreciate whatever is given to me because I believe the person who awarded it has reasons for doing so. Believe me, such recognition lights up my life. My blog is just a mixture of a few things based on personal experiences, a touch of poetry, nature, a little rambling, to name a few. I can sum it up as mainly on general matters.

So, here it is :

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Syracuse Pike who had chosen me for the award. She is such a nice lady whom I can count on. A multi-talented person with 6 blogs to manage. That's fantastic!
She visits my blog frequently and comments my posts. That's an inspiration to another blogger friend. You might like to visit her blogs and see for yourself the interesting stuffs she writes.
Here goes the list :  http://www.intinglligent.com/

As a recipient of the award, I'm obliged to share 7 random things about myself. :)

1. I love my family because they are always by my side through thick and thin. Above all, family first.

2. Two persons closest to my heart are my beloved mom and dad. My mom gives us everything ; love, attention, dedication, patience.....it's endless. So was my late dad; a very hardworking man who made ends meet in bringing up a big family. If he was still with us, he would have felt very proud of his children's achievements. To my dad, you weren't there on my graduation day at the university but I felt so much of your presence and I knew you were very happy as much as I was.

3. I enjoy blogging, my latest passion. I only blog during my free time because I have my own family to take care of  besides other commitments, career-wise. 

4. I'm Nissan crazy! Nissan cars are beautiful and noted for their durability and stability. So, in June this year, I bought a Nissan Navara (mother trucker). It's very suitable for off-road use. My family and I travel extensively throughout the state, so that's just good enough for us.

5. I appreciate good friendship and enjoy meeting new people everyday.

6. I am a nature lover. I see beauty in everything; the clouds, the sea, the trees and plants...anything about nature.

7. I enjoy reading poetry and put my heart into it.

So guys, that's about all. I wish to keep things to myself but it's ok sharing just a few here. That's one of the requirements I have to fulfill. :)


  1. Yeah, I can relate to 6 & 7 very well.. Yeah, yeah.. same here.. and thanks dear for your heart-felt words about my blogs..

    You are right about why I pick you to have this award because your blog is versatile.. bringing what's close to you in your life through different ways.. :)

    Oh yes, I found what you have for me.. Got that and yeah, will link it back to you when I get the post out and will let you know too..

    Thank you soo sooo much.. *Hug*

  2. Assalam Alaikum Bilqis
    Congrtazzzzzzzzzzz....May Allah give you success in this world & hereafter....its very nice to know about you

  3. Very nice photos. Beautiful kites and beaches! More power to your blog.

  4. @shabnamahsan
    Wassalam...I'm praying exactly what you've prayed for me. May Allah bless you.

    You have a very nice blog with lots of good stuffs. Will surely keeping track of it.

    @father and son
    Thanks a lot for dropping by and for your compliment. More power to your blog, too.