Sep 29, 2010

I'm Touched!

Yesterday, I was on my usual routine of checking my blog. It came as a surprise to me upon receiving a " One Lovely Blog Award" from a very friendly and inspiring blogger, Mama Mia of the Philippines. Thanks a lot, Mama Mia, I'm so touched for the love you pass on so sincerely despite the fact that we have just got acquainted. You have chosen me so wholeheartedly to be among the lucky recipients. Wow! It's really a surprise.

Yunno, Mama Mia, the idea of receiving an award never crosses my mind. This is the first award I got from a blogger friend and I'm appreciating it so much. In so many ways, I'm grateful that others are willing to spare some of their precious moments to read my simple posts. I'm trying my best to put bits and pieces together and come up with something that might be of interest just to anyone. I blog for my passion in writing, be it ever so simple. Initially, I couldn't help wondering whether anyone would care to drop by. It isn't a big deal, it's just that the inquisitive side of my mind plays its role. As time goes by, I realise that there are quite a number of visitors and it keeps on growing. Some left comments which inspires me even more and for that I always make a point to reply all comments, giving a little bit of personal touch which I regard as my commitment towards friends to keep the friendship going.

Going through the journey of life, the unexpected happens, sometimes. As I said in one of my poems, I'm unable to foresee what lies ahead, be it good or bad. Somehow, I cross paths with so many wonderful people from some other parts of the world. Thus, making my life even more meaningful. We are all total strangers but in many ways bloggers unite us and enable us to share so much; from a simple talk to something that can boost our knowledge in different fields.

I enjoy visiting other blogs, too. There are times when it comes as another surprise on seeing my blog listed in the blog list of other bloggers. I feel honoured for the appreciations and compliments from all these great bloggers. It gives inspiration and and does make a lot of difference. I wish this unconditional friendship will live on, let's inspire each other for the common passion we share.

Please, do drop by at Mama Mia's blog You'll love it.



  1. Congratulation to your award.. I wondered when I will receive one.. :)

    Thank you for the comment.. Well, I have set my comment to be filtered before publishing so you would see it published immediately after you comment.. In addition, it is a pop-up window so after you click on commenting, a small window will pop up for you..

    :) I am glad my poems inspire you.. Those words are from my heart - feelings which is buried deep..

    Keep writing too.. I enjoyed myself in here and you are one of the few who I considered friends through blogging.. :)

    Yeah, you are featuring in one of my blogs.. Hope that will bring more people to your blog, reading your heart-felt words..

    Take Care, dear! *Hug*

  2. Thanks a lot, Kris. Yunno, I can always count on u since the day I got to know u. You're such a nice lady and always inspire me in my writing. You're among the wonderful people that I know.

    Actually, I'd like to give u the same award cos Mama Mia said that I can pass it on to 15 other people. You hv to mention the name of the person who awards u.

    Pls give me time. You'll get it soon.

    Stay connected thru blogging. This is indeed a wonderful world! :)

  3. :) You too, my dear.. I told my guy about you the other day too and he was smiling, saying that he was glad with the new friendship I found through writing..

    All the hardship and misunderstanding by many is worth it when there are people like you..

    You bet, I will keep in touch.. Don't forget I was looking all over for you when I didn't see your post the last time.. Hahahha.. :P :P

    Take your time.. Hmm, in fact, I have something for you too.. You will be surprised.. :)

  4. Kris, I was at your blogs earlier n tried to comment your posts but again, I encountered some problems which came from my side, not yours. I had also wanted to inform u that I'm passing on this "One Lovely Blog Award" to all your blogs. Pls, grab it from here.

    This is the easiest way of how I can communicate with u. Pls, accept it as it is given with love and you can spread the love to 15 others whom u think are eligible recipients.

    Thanks for being a friend. :)

  5. That was very thoughtful of her to give you the award. More bloggers need to take notice and start supporting each other. Congratulations Balqis.

  6. It's always nice to see appreciation from fellow bloggers. Congrats Balqis.

  7. Congrats for the award. You deserve it!:)

  8. Dear YaGirl, Princess and Moon, yunno I'm so overwhelmed with happiness on getting all the very nice comments from all of you.

    Thanks a lot for giving me so much inspiration. :)

  9. My dear, I am here.. Hmm, what do you have for me? Anyway, left you a message on Hope you have seen it and in case you have not, do come to my Multi-Blogging site cos I have something for you.. Yeah, I think you deserve it.. So yeah, come quick.. :) :) I am so excited for you.. Here is my direct link..
    See you!

  10. hi balqis, i found it- here it is.. :) its so pretty sweet, so much effort put into desigining this award.

    i took time to see the beautifully designed awards that you have received in your blogging years- that's quite alot.
    anyway, congrats for receiving all of them, of which you truly deserved.
    My sincere thanks to you for giving this award to me, really appreciate your kind and generous thoughts and i hope you will continue to excel in blogging.
    i must say i love reading your poems, sometimes it hits me too, but i wont tell ya :) which one.. so i keep coming back for more..:) thanks balqis. take care..

  11. Thank you so much, Wan. It means a lot to me when friends explore my blog. :)

    You're most welcome. You deserve the award cos your blog is indeed lovely!