Sep 2, 2010

On Cloud 9

....... am I? Pondering on these few things that cross my mind...and wonder which one really is a life fulfillment. Even if it doesn't, there's nothing to lose in imagining that everything is fine and life's a many splendoured thing.

 It would really fulfill me when I......
hear every beat of my heart
feel the rhythmic flow of my blood
fantasize life's an eternity
mesmerize in the serenity of nature
taste the sweetness of all things
and amazed
by all wonders beyond compare

I might not have the strength to ........
bear all the burden of life
resist the temptation of evil
withstand the severe torment of pressure
face obstacles without fear of the unknown
foresee what lies ahead

But I'm thankful enough to ........
be blessed, love and be loved
appreciate the bridges of friendship
put what's right over wrong
unravel the moments of truth
lend a hand to those who need it most
extend little favour and bring a big smile on another's face

It's a wonderful feeling .......
sharing life with those
who love me the way I am
who accept my flaws and strength
who unselfishly let a shoulder to cry on
 by my side through thick and thin

*Every single word comes from the sentimental side of me,


  1. That was beautifully written - straight from the heart.

    Thanks for the follow. :)

  2. Dear Melanie, I'm so glad that u r here and becoming my follower. Thanks a lot for your compliment. I think, we can express better when something really comes straight from the heart.

    Lets build the bridge of friendship, Melanie.