Sep 21, 2010

It's Monday....again!'s Monday. Surely, there are no Monday's blues. I think I have the blues not only on Monday but on other days, too. For instance, there are times when I don't even know what am I up to when everything seems to go wrong. Well, that's the situation when the mood swings settle in which I fail to understand, sometimes. :) I realise that the more I dwell in it, the worst it gets. Among all days, I like Friday the most cos it leads to the weekend. A much awaited time which can be spent with family members or friends, going picnicking, shopping, cooking my favourite dishes or simply relaxing at home and watching good tv programmes. I'd love to have a well-spent weekend that gives me the contentment of a fruitful day.

Actually, I spent this weekend in Kuching. Just came back on Sunday evening. It was a long journey back and forth but I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed being on the road, as well, appreaciating what nature has to offer all the way. I saw beauty in everything. In the clouds amidst the blue sky, the green leaves, trees and the hills yonder, the name a few.  Everything's in perfection and soothed my mind. I also got the thrills being on the road when coming across some eccentric drivers. The drivers who drove as if the highway belonged to them giving no chances for others to overtake. By right, others could overtake at certain point when it's safe to do so. But not to a few drivers I met on the road, just recently, who seemed to be so selfish. I think, they also got the thrills on speeding with the turbo engine. When our car came close behind them, they increased speed which to me was a clear indication not letting us overtaking. It happened many times. By the way, we weren't in the was just a family trip. And we didn't feel tempted to race with with them. Well, forget about them.

Here are some pictures which I took on the way to Kuching. By the way, Kuching is the state  city of Sarawak.

This gives me a peace of mind.

The cottony clouds, lush of green , the bluish hill and the highway.

No!.... that isn't a twister...take a closer look.

The "Hanging Garden" on the fly over in Kuching.

Meow....a cat at the rear of a bus.


The gigantic pineapple in Sarikei.

Part of Sibu town as seen from the longest bridge in Sarawak, the Rejang bridge.

The little red bridge at Bintangor.

Oh ya! Tuesday's coming up. I have two nieces who are in standard 6 and who will be sitting for their standard 6 examination starting from tomorrow until Thursday. They are both 12 years old. Good luck girls! Stay focussed! I know you could do it! *Hugs*
*By the time I finished uploading the pics, it's already Tuesday! :)


  1. Thanks for taking to write and update.. And not to mention the sharing about your journey.. Yeah, I experienced those 'kind' of drivers too.. It just sucks..
    Anyway, good luck to your nieces! Wish them pass their exam with flying colours..
    Oh yes, I love the 3rd pic best.. :)

  2. Hey Kris! Thx...I went in and out of the draft trying to get rid of that white background. It bugs me!

  3. Kris, my previous comment was meant for the last template which was having a little error. I've changed to this new template yesterday.Thx a lot for ur continous support and visit. :)

  4. I love the cloud pictures, they always make me feel very tranquil. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  5. Hi girl! Thanks for your visit. Pls, come again!

    I love the clouds, too, cos they're beautiful.

  6. These are great photos! Great blog too. :)

  7. Thanks a lot, Princess! I'm an amateur photographer and need to learn more on good photo shoots.

  8. Nice pictures.. thanks for sharing:)

  9. Hi Denise! Thanks a lot. I'm not good in photography cos I don't know the techniques of good shots. The pics were taken from my car. That's the least I can share with friends.

    Thank you for dropping by.