Sep 8, 2010

My Constraints

I tried to write something about Sarawak earlier but stopped halfway. Need to do a research on it before posting it here. There are sources to refer to and pictures to support the facts. The latter, I'm really handicapped at cos I'm really poor in photo-taking. Thus, every time I want to put relevant pictures for my topics, I have to search for free pictures online or free pictures for blogs. It's well understood that whatever I download from the internet, due acknowledgement has to be given to the sites. There are terms and conditions of usage which I have to observe with respect. Everyone has the copyright of his/her own photos and articles to curb plagiarism. Bloggers know well how time consuming it is to put thoughts in words, make it impressive to draw readers and add pictures to it which makes it even more attractive.

Along the way, I find that there are times when I have the writer's block. Running out of ideas to express what I have on mind. It just doesn't work no matter how hard I try. There are good times when ideas would flow so swiftly and makes me feel that I have to 'run' after it lest it slips off the mind! Little jottings here and there help a lot, too, the ideas could be merged later to form better sentences that portray my thoughts. Sometimes, ideas come so unexpectedly and I used to say, that's what I want for my blog. It's really true to the adage that it happens when you lest expect! And that's when I let my mind plays with ideas.

When trying to convey messages across, it's crucial to highlight a point. But sometimes, this is a barrier for me to select proper words to use, in short to express it meaningfully so others could see my point. This is of course better said than done but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, nothing beats the immense satisfaction when it's appropriately done and when ideas generate smoothly. I don't deny the facts that there are flaws in my writing but I can learn from it and think of better ways to improve. The flaws could pave the way and tap my potential in my journey to creative writing. Anyway, I'm just another human being with flaws and strength.

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  1. Hi Kris! thanks. Yeah, I'm trying my best! Thanks for your support. :)

  2. Dont mention, dear... We are helping each other.. Writing isn't as easy as many think.. Especially when we made all possible efforts in making what we write inspiring.. :) I am learning much from you too.. :)

  3. Oh yes, almost forgot, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Hope I got it right.. Not too good in Malay though.. :)