Apr 30, 2011

Poem - A Thunderous Night

Thunders rolling above my head,
Rattles my head to free the pain,
Lightning strikes the pitch blackness,
Glaring my eyes, blinded me awhile.

The sky couldn't hold its tears,
Holding back is excruciating,
So, down it goes uncontrollably,
Showering everything in its path.

The earth's face is shivering and pale,
Cold biting deeply without mercy,
Whose strength could fight the torrents,
Till the sun comes and drinks it up.

Getting the fright,
April 30th 2011

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Apr 28, 2011

Haiku - A Real Blast

Stunning are your words,
Sweeten this life's bitterness,
So speechless, I am!

No one fits your shoes,
Its uniqueness solely yours,
Striking timelessly.

Fond thought,
April 28th 2011
A sizzling Thursday evening.

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Apr 26, 2011

A Fruitful Day

Yesterday, Monday 25th, was the last Monday in this month. I was glad that Monday blues didn't set in and I must say that my week kicked off so nicely!

For half day, I was attending a seminar on "Integrity".  Its contents touched on enculturation of integrity in Malaysian society.  A very refreshing and insightful seminar as well as useful for those in the administration side.  There were so many inputs.

Blogging wise, yesterday came another surprise from my Brazilian friend, Ana Luiza.  She picked me among her 6 bloggers' friends to receive "The Reader Appreciation Award".  I looked admiringly at the award and felt proud to see the 3 medals in it, from gold to bronze! Have I conquered all 3?

To Ana, muito abrigado, and please let me quote what you said in response to my comments at your blog.

Ana said :

It's hard to understand why we connect more to one person and not to another in the virtual world. But it happens. :)

April 25, 2011 5:32 AM

I find it inspiring and what she said, in general, holds much truths.  In the virtual world, most of the times we are communicating and most of us haven't seen or met our friends in persons. But in one way or another, it's really amazing that we could click so well.  I am making some assumptions and it could be due to the following reasons :

-  good communication
-  very supportive of each other
-  understanding each others' needs in blogging
-  sharing some common interests

It could be more than that. Thinking of the award again, I feel like going to the dance floor for samba!

On another note, my multi-talented friend, Maria of UK,  emailed me the original recipe of "Chocolate Cake."  She took all the trouble to send me the recipe without alcohol in the ingredients. For those of you who haven't known much about me, I can't take alcohol.

Ok friends, this is how the award looks like. It's the 8th one.

Now, it's my duty to award it to 6 more persons and it's my pleasure to do so for the following beloved bloggers' friends of mine :

1.  Maria -  Inside Looking Out
2.  Krislin  -  Tingtasy
3.  Stephaine  -  Bitter Sweet Life Of A Single Mom
4.  Simple Sie  -  A Life's Journey
5.  LiLing  -  Shadows Overhead
6.  Dai Ning Li  -  Unravelled Solace

To my friends, you are to award it to 6 more persons to keep the circle growing. Actually, I'd love to award more friends but I have to abide the condition. This time, it's mainly for ladies. Guys, you'll have your turn. :)
As a sign of appreciation, once again I would like to say :
Muito abrigado to Ana,
A big thank you to Maria,
Terima kasih to my fellow Malaysians
Thank You, right from the bottom of my heart, to each and everyone of you for your much appreciated visits. Keep coming! :)

Apr 23, 2011

Haiku - Why? Oh! Why?

Ignited by doubts,
Sparks the flame of jealousy,
Thoughts go ramming wild.

Struck by sheer naivety,
Surpassed all spots of plain truths,
Heart goes a-jumping. 

Pondering why,
Sunny Saturday
April 23rd,2011

*It's quite disturbing sometimes thinking of what life has in store for us.  Mixed emotions could get out of hand when the mind's disturbed by something that appears out of the blue. I am not relating this to myself. It's written based on realities of life.  In this rat race life, stiff competitions in everything is obvious. Jealousy exists in many aspects such as envying others' achievements ,which is common. What's worse is when friends become Jekyll and Hyde. This is human!

Apr 21, 2011

The Question

Beauty, much desired to ever last,
Like beauty and fragrances of Eden,
Endlessly odorous, feeding the eyes,
Soul contented, wholesome feeling arises,
Greatness defies barriers of seasonal changes.

The question of immortality,
If there is, one would never migrate,
From realities of life to spirituality,
Suppleness in command, gray shoved aside,
Is forever young a possibility?

Reminiscing the youth, there was once,
Strong desires to ward off seasoned looks,
Craziness to dance till the last song,
In every beat of the heart and in every vein,
With ease blood does flow, free from dirt of life.

Partially in dreamland,
April 21st 2011
Thursday evening

* This poem is written for fun. The inspiration came after reading Moonomo's post "Teenage Dream."
I was kidding and asking him whether there's a fountain of youth so that I could take a dip and stay young forever.
The reply was "No regrets, just love - we can dance till we die, will be young forever."

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Apr 20, 2011

With Nothing Else In Mind

Lately, the weather here is too warm. On a very sunny afternoon like this, I have nothing else in mind. With very little ideas on what my post should be, earlier I spent some time visiting friends' blogs and commenting. Now, I'm lazing around.

A couple of days back, I visited Yileen's blog and read her fun tag. She had some very smart and funny answers which I loved reading. It made me smile. She said anyone can make a go at the questions. Now, I'm joining in the fun. There's nothing else I could think of other than something light and easy.

This is just for fun. Here are the questions :

1.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you nothing as a present, what will you do?
I will thank God for His presence and that's the priceless present I ever had which will be so memorable in my life's history.

2.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a gorgeous gown, what will you do?
I will  put it on and pose for many snapshots because it is so heavenly! No designers gown could match it.

3.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a fabulous jewellery box as a present, what will you do?
I love accessories, so I will make use of it to keep some of my accessories and have it locked up in a safe place.

4.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a huge fish, what will you do?
 I will give it to the national aquarium for other people to see how great God's creation is.

5. If God gives you an Ipod on your birthday, what will you do?
Yehaaaa...this is what I have been waiting for! It will excite me so much and I will carry it around with pride and style!

6.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a hug, what will you do?
 It will be so unbelievable and I will, of course, ask "Oh my God! Is this really you hugging me??"
...... and
I will beg God to stop me from passing out for the big surprise he gives me. I want to remember that sweet moment forever!

That's it!  Have fun!

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Apr 16, 2011

The Hardest Thing To Say

I'd like to know the reason why,
There is, exists a sad goodbye,
Heart aches and eyes will cry,
Missing you is hard to get by.

My lips are tight and very dry,
Dreading to bid another goodbye,
No matter how hard I try and try,
I just can't say, I wonder why.

I look up high into the sky,
Trying to trace the route you fly,
Sudden thought comes gliding by,
You have to go, that's to comply.

Missing a sibling,
16th April, 2011

*I dedicate this poem to my beloved sister who left for Manchester (again) yesterday morning. It's been 4 years that she plied between England and Malaysia.  She's the closest to me and saying goodbye is really the hardest thing to say. She used to tell me the beauty of the city she's staying at and other cities, too.  Other than that she talked about  the beautiful flowers that bloom in spring, summer that isn't as warm as here, what it looks like in  autumn  and one of  the unforgettable experiences, when her nose bled in winter. That was when she missed home here so much and thought of the warm tropical climate.

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Apr 13, 2011


I like these puns which I got from http://freejokes.ca
Cool special rules for guests! :)
Have fun!


1--Guests are requested not to speak to the dumb waiter.

2--Guests wishing to get up without being called can have

self-raising flour for supper.

3--The hotel is supported by a beautiful cemetery; hearses to

hire, 25c. a day.

4--Guests wishing to do a little driving will find a hammer and

nails in the closet.

5--If the room gets too warm, open the window and see the fire


6--If you're fond of athletics and like good jumping, lift the

mattress and see the bed spring.

7--If your lamp goes out, take a feather out of the pillow; that's

light enough for any room.

8--Any one troubled with nightmare will find a halter on the


9--Don't worry about paying your bill; the house is supported by

the foundation.

J. WISE, Prop.


Apr 11, 2011

Haiku - I Feel The Pain And Sorrow

Oh! Tsunami...

Sudden appearance,
Panic-stricken every soul,
Mighty strike - all gone!

Cries replaced laughter,
Dreams shattered in split second,
Nature's outrageous.

Devastating sight,
Crippling the eyes severely,
What's left - ugliness.

Shocking incubus,
Ends when the sun smiles again,
Sprouting rays of hope.

Writing with empathy,
April 10th, 2011

Image : flickr.com

*My blogger friend, Tertia (sixthirtythree), asked me whether I am interested to write a Haiku about tsunami that hit Japan. Her question had prompted me to write this Haiku which I divided into 4 parts  to differentiate the stages of its happening. I put my heart into every line.

Apr 7, 2011

A Surprise From Mexico!

I'm touched, honored and surprised upon getting another blog's award, which is the 7th, from a newly acquainted blogger friend, Flora Loveday of Mexico. Thanks a lot, Flora, it means so much to me for you saw something in my blog which I had not seen. The award is indeed a driving force for me to improve more on my writings and the blog as a whole.

This is what Flora wrote in my blog comment for the post Haiku - I Pause And Reflect.

Flora Loveday said...

Balquis, I love what you write, and the photographs you use... so beautiful, inspiring, and refreshing.

I had to nominate you for the Stylish Blogger Award - http://www.the-upper-hand.com/2011/04/stylish-blogger-award.html because yours stands out, obviously you invest a lot of your heart and soul into it.

April 4, 2011 6:11 AM

This is among the things that I least expect and it happens! Appreciate the nomination so much and off I went to Flora's blog, The Upper Hand - http://www.the-upper-hand.com/, to check out the award. My blog was among the 15 blogs nominated. So, here it is now.... all the way from Mexico to Malaysia!

And that's not the end of it. As a recipient, I have to observe the terms i.e. sharing 7 random facts about myself and passing on the award to 15 more bloggers who have to do likewise. It's my obligation, so here we go!

1. My favourite colors are shades of blue which are having the soothing and calming effects on my mood. In one way or another, it also lifts my spirits from irritability and anger.

2. I am a chocolate freak! Chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks....anything with chocolate is my craving. But a big "NO!" to coffee or any form of drinks that contain caffeine before bedtime. The simple reason is, it'll keep me wide awake till the next morning. Counting sheep won't help!

3. I am always fascinated by those who could swim. Guess what? I can't swim! I have to be dependent on floats. LOL. When I was a little girl, I had frightening experiences when I almost drown twice! I was with friends, all giggling girls, who brought me to the deeper part of the river and it happened there and then.

4. I have a great love for poetry and put my heart and soul into it.  I can't write well but I love to try.

5. Laughter is always said as the best medicine. I like to be among those who have good sense of humour.

6. Some of the things I don't like are backstabbers, hypocrites and arrogance. I would stay at bay from such people.

7. Last but not least, I am living on one of the biggest islands in the world, Borneo. Sarawak and Sabah are east Malaysia states on Borneo island which is shared with Brunei and Kalimantan. Let me mention a bit about Sarawak. There are many "big" things here such as the ancient rainforests (said to be even older than the Amazon), ancient caves like Mulu and Niah, mighty rivers - the Rejang and Baram. Apart from that, Sarawak has more than 40 ethnic groups. I am from the Melanau Bintulu ethnic. We have diverse cultures and religions and live harmoniously with each other. Don't be surprised if you find us so convivial because we were born to be!

Now, it's  time for me to pass the award to the following bloggers' friends whose blogs are simply awesome.

  1. Yileen - http://www.deliriousjellybean.blogspot.com/
  2. Krislin Ting - http://www.tingtasy.com/
  3. Dai Ning Li - http://unrivalledsolace.blogspot.com/
  4. Harish - http://scaryhairyman.blogspot.com/
  5. Odliam - http://untony.blogspot.com/
  6. Moonomo - http://moonomo.com/
  7. Simple Sie - http://insidemeanings.blogspot.com/
  8. Beanie - http://beanizersinstincts.blogspot.com/
  9. Liling - http://shadowsoverhead.blogspot.com/
10. Maria - http://www.frissosblog.com/
11. Ravali - http://ravali-aspiringminds.blogspot.com/
12. Kira - http://www.kirapermunian.co.cc/
13. Dexcerpah - http://www.dexcerpah.com/
14. Suresh Shresta - http://www.in-your-footsteps.blogspot.com/
15. Sevelonn - http://onnthoughts.blogspot.com/

Congratulations to all of you and please, write 7 random facts about yourselves and pass on the award to 15 other bloggers whom you think deserve it.  Have fun!

Apr 5, 2011

It's Just One Of The Days...

... when I feel as though my heart would shrink. Undesirable things happen and it's been like a bug that bores deep into the flesh causing inflammation and pain.  Sometimes, I feel injustice to myself for revealing much of what's revolving in my life. But then again, I can't hold it back because it keeps on poking from inside.

A friend of mine had been wondering whether I am okay here. I told him I am okay. The truth is my okay isn't at its best.  My patience had been put to the test. My friend advised me to talk it out with friends  and I said, I'm talking it to him.  So many things haven't been so easy lately. Some seem to get the better part of me. My patience had been put to the test.

But as the saying goes , life must go on. I'm holding to that adage for lamenting would bring more damages.

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