Apr 23, 2011

Haiku - Why? Oh! Why?

Ignited by doubts,
Sparks the flame of jealousy,
Thoughts go ramming wild.

Struck by sheer naivety,
Surpassed all spots of plain truths,
Heart goes a-jumping. 

Pondering why,
Sunny Saturday
April 23rd,2011

*It's quite disturbing sometimes thinking of what life has in store for us.  Mixed emotions could get out of hand when the mind's disturbed by something that appears out of the blue. I am not relating this to myself. It's written based on realities of life.  In this rat race life, stiff competitions in everything is obvious. Jealousy exists in many aspects such as envying others' achievements ,which is common. What's worse is when friends become Jekyll and Hyde. This is human!


  1. One of those pondering moments... Your Haiku, well, it certainly brings out what's on your mind.. :) Nicely pen.. :)

  2. Your words captures the momenta- ;)

  3. good blog dear.

  4. So she looks, jealous!
    Looking from behind flowers!!
    Doubts, now bitter truths!!!

    Hey who is that damsel in distress?
    So cute!!

  5. @Suresh - Hehehe..I'm also wondering who's that damsel?? Thanks a lot for your beautiful comments. You're too good in Haiku! :)

  6. When we don't understand a situation is when we are most likely to be troubled. :)

  7. Lovely poems, the lines came from your heart!

  8. @frisso - Yes, that's right, Maria. Thank you for your insight. :)

  9. @FX777 - Thanks a lot, Fernan. Yup, what I write are what I feel deep down my heart. Thank you, too, for the follow. Keep coming! :)

  10. hi balqis, i agree that sometimes certain emotional sparks, tickles the brain a bit. This is a beautiful poem..
    I must say you excel in your writing skills and wish you will do a guest post for me..not necessarily a recipe,could be a poem too, it can be a story relating to pumpkin- (since nobody has seen a turban squash before) - please reply via my comment box. And I will come back to your box here to acknowledge your response.thanks and have a nice day.

  11. Nicely written Balqis...Happy blogging!

  12. I have an award for you. It's the last post I published. Hope you like it.

  13. @cooking-varieties - You have such a nice post on turban squash. I keep coming back to your blog admiring that fruit! So tempting! I don't know how would I put it in words of my own. Give me time. I'll try.

    Thank you for your compliments. :)

  14. @Valli - Thanks a lot, Valli. Appreciate it so much. I'm wishing you happy blogging, too! :)

  15. @Ana - What a wonderful surprise! Thanks a lot for your much appreciated award. :)