May 30, 2011

It's My Birth Month!

Yes, I'm a May child. My birthday was 10 days ago. Adding another year to my age and I'm ten days older by now! A sudden thought came to my mind that I should post something connected to my birthday. It's just at the right time before this month ends.

All this while, I only know my zodiac sign . I'm curious to know what are other things connected to the birth month of May.  First,  I surfed for the birth flower and got this answer :

Lily, Lily of the valley

Oh! that's cool. I must say that only now I know about it! I searched for more informations about this flower and this is what I got from

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is a fragrant flowering plant used in religous ceremonies, world celebrations, perfumes and in gardens. Also known as the May lily, it means "return to happiness" and most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility.

This is how the flower looks like.

Lily of the valley.
(Image :

The same Lily of the valley, seen from a different angle.
(Image :

I'm happy to know what my birth flower is and as a Taurean my zodiac sign  is non other than a Bull!

(Image :

Last but not least, my birthstone. It's emerald (though I don't have one!).

Image :

I don't have any special wish for this year.  But since I'm talking about flower, bull and emerald, I would simply say I hope my life is as fragrant as lily, energetic as a bull and my days  shiny (and bright) like  an emerald!

May 29, 2011

A Fresh New Day!

I had a sound sleep and waking up this morning, I feel blessed for it's raining outside after days of baking heat!  I guess, my long hours of sleep has recharged my mind which I really need or else, it will be another day without knowing anything to write for my blog update.
The sounds of rain pattering the roof soothe my mind. Its regular taps is like a rhythm that naturally goes into the inner part of the soul. I take a long breath of the cold morning air. It's really refreshing! This is indeed a beautiful morning or rather a beautiful Sunday. Yes, it's Sunday! I like every weekend. As I always say, a time to let my hair down and paint the town red!
On a day like this, I pamper myself. For 5 days in a week, it's hectic, having to rush for work and at work place going through paper works, making sure everything is done before deadlines.
Among the first things I did this morning was checking my blog and replying comments. I was smiling reading some comments from friends. It always makes me feel good! I also spent some time at my virtual library reading some imp's stories.  I am kinda addicted to this type of stories! Usually, people are scared of imps but this imp is an exception. It has long pointed ears but the face is so cute! It's so lovable! If imp could be kept as pets, I would definitely choose this one because it is  really a smart imp! Who could resist that!
Now, let me gulp down some goat's milk which is my favourite. It is high in protein and calcium, no sugar added and most importantly no goaty taste.  It tastes great!
What do I plan today? I am thinking of going to my favourite picnic spot, the Tanjung Batu beach. It's only about 5 minutes' drive from my place. I can even walk there if I want to. I used to do so when I was a kid. Going there with my family or sometimes having a group picnic with friends, accompanied by our teachers. It was so much fun! Though I couldn't swim, it didn't stop me from playing with ripples of  waves. I'm sharing with you all some of the photos I took at Tanjung Batu beach.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday!


May 28, 2011

When I Don't Know What To Write ....

Going through the pain of not knowing what to write,
Ideas have ran out of the stores of my mind,
There's emptiness, though not thoroughly wiped out,
In search for that something which I don't know what,
That would let my pen dances on the floor of paper,
But the music is not here to get the mood going,
The melody is sleeping, the rhythm way far lagging,
Ahh! my mind is desperate for easy flow of ideas,
Until it tires and waits for another promising day.

Running out of ideas,
May 28th '11
Saturday evening.

Image :

May 26, 2011

Haiku - Sweet Nothings

Lost in affection,
Two hearts beat in unison,
Hush, a sweet nothings.

Divine and blissful,
The songs of heart ring gaily,
Flame of love burning.

In love with Haiku,
26th May '11
Thursday wee hours.

Image, credit goes to :

May 25, 2011


This is a reminder to myself :

In the morning, eat like a king,
In the afternoon, eat like a commoner,
At night, eat like a pauper!

Heard it somewhere but forgot where!

These are among my favourites.

This soft cheese cake melts in the mouth.

Cheesy Cheese Cake, irresistible!

Non fat yogurt, macaroni and bean bun.

Begedil - minced beef mixed with potatoes and spices.

Yummy pizza!

May 22, 2011


Sometimes ,
When I am on the verge of breaking down,
My mind would drift far to a place so idyllic,
Would I be the lucky one to roam its beauty,
Would I have a moment to inhale its pure air,
And swim along the silver and golden fishes
in its crystal clear water, heaven knows how,
Idyllic it is that I'd never know the differences
of day and night, for both have equal beauty.
The stars are diamonds that brighten up the night,
The sun is ever giving and ensuring life to go on,
This is where I yearn to be, in an idyllic place,
Where flowers smile everyday and happiness
is everywhere, everything a stunning beauty.

My dream of dreams,
Sunday 22nd May '11


May 21, 2011

Happy Weekend!

The birds' tweets are my morning alarm,
The sounds intermingle with that of cockerel,
So harmonious it is and wakes me up,
Beautiful music of life I cannot resist.

The soft morning rays greet my eyes,
My first drink is the sweet fresh air,
That's so fulfilling and energising me,
A good sign to start off my day.

And weekend is here once again,
Like a tide, it comes and goes,
A day to let go of work's burden,
To refresh my mind and let it free.

Happy weekend, everyone!

With a smile,
Saturday, May 21st '11

May 15, 2011

In The Eyes Of The Beholder

A mind filled up with  much wonders,
The eyes are captives of a beauty yonder,
Deep mesmerisation by golden rays,
Beautiful setting  is from beautiful rise.

Not a moment is lost in the amazing beauty,
Such a wonder, will it be for eternity,
What lies yonder is vivid imagination,
A paradise beyond words of description.

My heart wishes to be in that paradise,
In the land of love and everything nice,
Where there exists genuine tranquility,
In absolute blessing, free and safely.

Astounding are the embers of evening,
Gentle wind a soother to my whole being,
Its whispers are music to my ears,
Delighting the passion runs without fear.

Lost in admiration,
May 15th, 2011

* All photos were personally taken by me at Tanjung Batu beach, Bintulu, on 9.5.2011.
* For a very special reason, my thanks go to someone. :)

May 11, 2011

From The Bottom Of My Heart

Mother's Day was on last Sunday which was celebrated worldwide. This is a belated greetings from me to all mothers, Happy Mother's Day! I should have posted this much earlier but I was then so grief-stricken over the loss of my kitten.

The following Haikus are specially dedicated to my beloved mom.

A Gem

A rare gem you are,
Well-cut, unique and priceless,
Treasure in my heart.

Thank you so much, mom,
Your love's higher than Everest,

Happy Mother's Day!


This is a Mother's Day present I received from my Filipino friend, Stephanie.

Thank you so much, Steph.  It's beautiful and symbolizes admiration.

Stephanie mentioned it's an award but I love to say it's a present in conjunction with Mother's Day.

Here are my answers to Steph's question,  why do I become a mommy?

1. I am a complete woman because I am able to give birth.

2. I love children.

3. The title "mommy" is sacred.

My turn to pass on the award to 5 friends.

1.Stephanie - Bitter Sweet Life Of A Single Mom

2. Flora Loveday - The Upperhand

3. Krislin -  Tingtasy

4. Dr.Petit - Scribbled Memories

5. Tropical Mum

Wishing everyone a fabulous time!

May 9, 2011

To The Little One

This is something which I dread to say. It breaks my heart thinking of a pet which I loved most 'left' me so untimely. I have a soft spot for cats and love having them around the house. What saddens me is the passing away of my Siamese kitten (male). It happened two days ago which shocked me seeing it motionless at the front door  as though it was just sleeping. It was such a lovely kitten with white and smokey fur, blue eyes and very playful. Now, I am missing its playfulness, its purrs and above all its presence in the house.  I don't know what magic do pets bring to my life for I feel they play a vital role to fill up my bad days.  There's some kind of soothing feeling when I am able to cuddle them, stroke their furs and hear them purr. Watching them running after each other and around the house always make my day. They give unconditional love without having to judge the person I am.

This is a dedication for my Siamese kitten which now RIP.

I named you, Upa, my Siamese kitten,
Your cottony white and smokey fur,
Hold my eyes in sheer amazement,
Your blue eyes, so lovely they are,
Sometimes starring sharp at me,
When I fail to give due attention.
Your naughtiness makes my day,
You run, climb, scratch and play,
And bite me so very tenderly
but I let you do so, dear baby.


It's only a memory when
you left me so untimely,
I lost my sanity thinking
you'd be with me everyday,
You had left for two days and
made me feel my day so grey,
It's so void without your cry,
Saying your name, my lips turn dry,
I pray you're at a place so heavenly,
The happiness of having you will
always be in my loving memory.

Image :

*The picture above isn't my kitten but it looked exactly the same.  I have some problems to upload pictures from my camera, so having this picture eases so much of my pain.

May 2, 2011

Haiku - I Want To Know

I want to know why,
The sky is grey but not blue,
Solemn clouds pass by.

I want to know why,
The leaves fly with the wind, and
Bid the tree goodbye.

Inquisitive heart,
May 2nd 2011
Grey Monday

Image :