May 15, 2011

In The Eyes Of The Beholder

A mind filled up with  much wonders,
The eyes are captives of a beauty yonder,
Deep mesmerisation by golden rays,
Beautiful setting  is from beautiful rise.

Not a moment is lost in the amazing beauty,
Such a wonder, will it be for eternity,
What lies yonder is vivid imagination,
A paradise beyond words of description.

My heart wishes to be in that paradise,
In the land of love and everything nice,
Where there exists genuine tranquility,
In absolute blessing, free and safely.

Astounding are the embers of evening,
Gentle wind a soother to my whole being,
Its whispers are music to my ears,
Delighting the passion runs without fear.

Lost in admiration,
May 15th, 2011

* All photos were personally taken by me at Tanjung Batu beach, Bintulu, on 9.5.2011.
* For a very special reason, my thanks go to someone. :)


  1. Salam.
    Eh, you are from Sarawak?

  2. Nice! Very nice description!

    Peace and safety from inside the soul spreading toward reality and eternity.

    A powerful tidal wave hidden in a sunrise and a sunset!

    Your poem is inspiring, BB! I love it!

    Thank you!

  3. @Zezebel - Thank you for asking. Please, check it out at my profile page of bloggers. :)
    Nice seeing you again, Zee. :)

  4. @Od - Thanks a lot! Your kind words are even more inspiring. Yup, one needs to scrutinise at that powerful tidal wave somewhere out there. I love your comments! :)

  5. Beautiful blog Carlos from Brazil. Also following on Google

  6. Welcome to my blog, Carlos! Thank you for your compliment. :)

  7. Hi balqis,, yes, I want to sell my soul to paradise, in the land of love and everything nice..hope I make it
    Anyway, just published your guest post this evening. Many thanks for that, have a nice day

  8. Beautiful poem. Found you from your post in Cooking Varieties Blog.

  9. @cooking varieties - Yes, you made it so beautifully! Thank you so much for publishing my poem. It's an honor! :)

  10. @Sailor - Thank you so much for your compliment. I'm happy that you made your way here via cooking varieties blog. It's my pleasure indeed to welcome you. Hope to see more of you here. :)

  11. The rising sun fills all of us with great zeal and zest.
    The evening sun lets the dark prevail, setting itself in rest :)

    We may celebrate the cool calmness as the dark comes up to reign!
    Good rests of jovial tastes, the tiredness is to bow!!
    I feel different, mild aches, asking my sun is to rise, but when!
    Everything is fine, yet I don't know why my heart aches so!!

    So well-composed it is! Liked it so much!! :)

  12. Suresh, what a nice comment! Stylish indeed! Thank you so much for liking it. You make my day! :)

  13. *waving, holding lollie*

    ahhhmmm...just visiting..
    those pics are beautiful, much more with those lines constructed..
    Beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder..the real paradise is found inside the purest heart who knows how to love licking lollies and...

    btw, can you give me a clue where your chocos are hiding? *puppy eyes*

    are there more chocos???

  14. Beanie!!!! What a BIG BIG BIG surprise! Where have you been hiding all this while?? You must be munching LOADS of chocos at your secret hiding place. :P

    Hey! wave the lollie higher! I'm gonna snatch it! LOL

    Well, let's put the bantering aside. Thank you so much for your nice words. What touches me most is your lines about beauty. But you didn't complete it --> to love licking lollies and ... and WHAT?? LOL

    I'm sorry, can't give you the clue cos you didn't complete the above sentence! :)

  15. *sniff sniff, thinking hardest*

    and...and licking cookies n' cyeam ice cyeam topped with coffee crumble topped with double dutch topped with tuper chocoyeyt topped with choco fudge topped with berry stawbewy topped with luscious lychee topped with vewy ripe mango bathed with choco syrup and colorful sprinkles with a..a 'lil cherry on top..on top of 'lil cherry is my 'lil precious lollie!
    that's the simple definition of beauty and paradise!

    so, ning li's mommy..can i have a clue now??? *blink blink* *wiggling butt*

  16. Hello my dear friend *waving hand*..I always love your posts because it showed me a reason to Thank God to everything that He has given.We have our own wished paradise and for me my real paradise is having love and giving love to every person who deserves it.A real paradise with people loving you and a complete family,that's my true happiness :)

    missing you my dear friend *huggggssss*

  17. @Beanie - are always smart! So many "tops"! LOL

    Yup, you can have the clue...follow your senses, you'll get it! Or follow your heart! ;)

  18. @Sie - I miss you, too! "Hugs". Thanks a lot for your kind words. I'm impressed! You have the perfect definition of a paradise. Thank you so much, dear friend. :)

  19. hi balqis, such a nice feeling to be able to express one's innner self through poems.. feelings that comes from our heart of hearts...

  20. Yup, it is! Thank you, Wan. :)

  21. I love the photos they are beautiful and very tranquil. A brilliant fit with your poem :)