Feb 20, 2011

Her Feelings, Her Thought

In the stillness of the night,
She stares at the white screen,
That stays ever so bright,
But He is nowhere to be seen.

Oh! Feeling so lonesome,
Why? Who is to be blamed,
Felt by Her, felt by some,
Saying it, is not a shame.

Moments of joy and smiles,
Spices up minutes of the day,
In Her heart's playground it lies,
Blooming prettily along the way.

A thought in mind,
Feb 20th, 2011

Image : artlimited.net


  1. love it, what is the white screen? waiting for a text or call? TALENT :)

  2. Thank you, King. Well, in a poem sometimes the words aren't used directly to depict the intended meanings. It's kinda ambiguous and needs our creative minds to explore and links it to something by reading in between lines.

    Let's connect it to something that have screens - television, laptop and cellphone. Out of the 3, which one is more closer to what's written in the poem? I know, it's kinda ambigous but by now, you get the hint. I feel good being able to discuss it here. Thank you for your comment. :)

  3. Damn, I got dark visualizations when I saw the pic, it's totally NOT part of the content :) Amazing one B.
    And @king, I interpreted "the white screen" as empty space or basically spacing out. Searching your inner self.

    Waiting for more posts Balqis :)
    TC :)

  4. Harish, the pic shows gloominess and that gives many interpretations related to empty feeling, loneliness, expectation, frusration and hope of seeing what should be there but it isn't. Whereas appreciation is shown in the last stanza.

    Yes, the white screen is appropriate for empty space where "She" has to search what she wants.

    Thanks a lot for your very nice comments and your hope for more posts from me. It's indeed a booster! :)

  5. Very nice! Waiting for something made us empty while we want to see things in colors and heart reminds those "good" times.

    You appreciated sadness with the chord of eagerness. Excellent wording- BB. :)

  6. Thank you so much, Moon. Yup, we feel "empty" when what we expect isn't available. Despite the frustration, it's worth to think of the good times. So, there's a balance between the good and bad time. We are not letting the scale tilts to one side only.

    Thanks a ton for your very nice comments. :)

  7. @Harish- may be the picture fits well. In the sense of: A women wanting her lover (husband/fiance/lost lover) so eagerly but she knows he wont come right that moment-

    Right, BB? :)

  8. Yup, if we sense it that way, that means it's more towards feelings. But it could also be interpreted in other ways of what "she" really wants in life. Of the fulfilling life, for example, what "she" is still lacking and how she hopes for the best. As I said, a poem even in its simplest forms holds thousands of meanings. It's filled with ambiguity.

    The responses I gave here are based on what you guys thought of. As the writer of this poem, I'd like you all to explore the meanings behind it.

    I find that it's interesting to have little discussion like this. Thank you guys! :)

  9. I have not words!

    Everything was said!


    Nice, BB very nice and touching!!! Overwhelming!

  10. Thanks a lot, Od. What needs to be said had been said. I guess, the message had been conveyed.

    Thanks again for your inspiring comments. Appreciate it so much. :)

  11. Like! Can't wait for the next one; you're sooo talented :)

  12. So touching...nice sis..

    keep it up..

  13. A silent beauty,
    Lifeless trees and smiling sky,
    Oh my heart aches, why?

  14. Suresh, wow! that's really nice! You are a good haiku writer. Thank you so much! :)

  15. i have been away for sometimes and now you have collection of master piece good enough to match some of shakespears work...

    i love reading this poetry... one of the best i have read so far.. maybe because i once was there..

  16. Stephaine, I'm just the simple me. No, I'm no match to that great poet.

    Thank you for your kind words. :)

  17. Loneliness ain't so vibrant,
    The bitter part of yesteryears troublin' da present;
    Happiness n gloominess just a factor,
    It's true we are just an actor...
    Memories always haunt us, either good or bad.During the time of loneliness,we are forever brought head to head with one such moment.
    You have rightly expressed and neatly elucidated how everything around us makes difference.

  18. I guess, this is you, Dex! Thanks a lot for such a wonderful comment. You're so poetic! Love every line you wrote. Keep coming! :)