Feb 24, 2011

Cry....If It Has To Be

Hold not the red eyes,
That would cry blood of sorrow,
Ease the grieving heart.

Through the eyes of,

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  1. Shed tears when needed. Nature's way of helping you console yourself.

  2. I just came from the new site of Sie life's revelations and I was crying there for the second time and now I saw your haiku it made me remember her and she also your friend.Your thoughts are finely expressed here balqis.

  3. Ms Evelyn - How nice to hear that from you! Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for giving me the motivation. :)

  4. @Hairyman - Thank you so much, brother! You give me the inspirations to go on. :)

  5. Sometimes it's good to, you know, clean your eyes. :) There are times when I actually watched sad or really happy movies just to shed some tears.

  6. Liling - That's so cool! Thank you! :)

  7. Moon, if my tear is diamond, then I won't let it drip. It's so priceless that I'd make it into fine jewellery! Thanks so much. :)

  8. Dear sis, it had been long, hadn't it???

    :) Read a few of your entries.. I love Cage and this post of yours... Both of them expressed a part of me that's feeling lately..

    Oh yes, my dear, I have moved my poetry to Tingtasy.. Yeah, now is all in one on Tingtasy.. :)

    I know you enjoyed reading poems and hope you will find your way there.. :)

    Recently, I feel a change in how I go about in my poetry writing.. Still can't quite place a finger to it but well, one thing for sure, I am still writing.. :)

    *HUG* and miss you!!!

  9. I guess crying things out always makes you feel better. I could be really geeky and explain the science behind that but I'm sure thats not necessary in this case :p

  10. Yes, that's right, Yileen. I'd love to hear the scientific explanations of it. :)

    What I wrote is just a haiku about sorrow. Thanks for your visit. :)

  11. @Krislin, it's always nice to see you again! Been awhile!

    Thank you for liking my posts. They are just expressions of feelings which are not related to my own feelings.

    Well, sis, you know my taste. Surely, I'll be there! :)

  12. I wish I had tears to shed, but it is a long time now that I have spent my reservoir.

    Your beautiful Haiku makes me want to vbe able to cry again!

    It is such a a good work, lass!


  13. @Odd - I know, I understand and I emphathize.

    Thank you so much for your nice compliment. If it is to be another teardrop, let it fall gently, washing away some of the pain.