Feb 17, 2011

Another Round Of Haiku At Random

The Aftermath

Soaking up the sun,
Little searing of the skin,
Marks instant beauty.

Pure Beauty

A cascading stream,
Flows by in serenity,
Clears impurities.


A pain in saying,
The stone crashing on this heart,
Awaking numbness.


Green is to my eyes,
Calming the mind so turmoil,
Discarding the pain.


Million stars away,
A far far cry to be there,
Yet hope surging high.

The random thoughts of,
Thursday's wee hours.

*This week, I'm in the mood of writing Haiku. This blog isn't totally for poetry. It's a mixture of other simple posts which talk about anything connected to life or bits and pieces that complement part and parcel of life.

Right now, it's so quiet.  It's in the quietness of the wee hours I could concentrate on my Haiku which springs to my mind randomly. I am a sentimental person who loves reading poems with my heart.  I enjoy reading all forms of literature that boggle my mind.

Image : scenicreflections.com


  1. Those are coolest cool pain, pure beauty and the aftermath of future gives us relief with haiku! :)

    Quietness of the wee hours and you producing 'em quite well! :)

  2. This is actually one of your deepest works. I really loved pain. Fewer the words, the more they speak.
    Your haiku is simply awesome balqis :)

  3. @Moon - Thanks a lot for all your nice words. It's always nice hearing that. I wrote this haiku in my attempt to explore more into the beautiful world of poetry. Though it isn't of any standard, nevertheless there's always the pleasure of being able to express in my simple ways what I have in mind. Thanks for your support! :)

  4. @Hairyman - I am really touched by your appreciation of my humble work. Thanks a lot for such appreciation which in return I appreciate so much.

    Pain was written based on the realities of what it takes to go through moments of pain. The feelings of frustration, irritation, anger, sadness and restlessness are all there.

    Thank you, Harish, for everything! :)

  5. Quiet times are good to be productive and creative. I love working at nights especially when there are no disturbances and interruptions (except for the occasional cats meowing and dogs barking). You've proven that it does not only work for me! (I have to let my mother know so she could stop asking me to sleep when I am all energized!)

  6. Hi LiLing! I find that it's when I'm putting a 100% concentration on my work. Surprisingly, the time,too, when my brain works so well!

    Go ahead, tell your mother that you could so much when it's quiet and when everyone else had hit the sack. :)

  7. Among all the literary arts; the most difficult one--as far as i believe is poetry. One need to articulate each and everything in words as few and as compact as possible. And you have a really good skill in this arena. You have quite a talent.
    And this haiku right above is as amazing as it must have been. I read it five times and all the times i had a different vision and a new perspective. Your words gripped right till the end and i could visualize everything you were trying to put through.
    Looking forward to read more from you in the days to come.

  8. Thanks a lot, Dex. Your kind and inspiring words are among the driving force that'll keep me writing more. I stumble and fall in this journey of poetry writing but it doesn't cripple me from getting up and write in my own simple ways. I can't put it precisely in "great" words but simple words that carry some meanings would be just fine with me if the messages could be put across.

    Thank you for being here! :)