Apr 26, 2011

A Fruitful Day

Yesterday, Monday 25th, was the last Monday in this month. I was glad that Monday blues didn't set in and I must say that my week kicked off so nicely!

For half day, I was attending a seminar on "Integrity".  Its contents touched on enculturation of integrity in Malaysian society.  A very refreshing and insightful seminar as well as useful for those in the administration side.  There were so many inputs.

Blogging wise, yesterday came another surprise from my Brazilian friend, Ana Luiza.  She picked me among her 6 bloggers' friends to receive "The Reader Appreciation Award".  I looked admiringly at the award and felt proud to see the 3 medals in it, from gold to bronze! Have I conquered all 3?

To Ana, muito abrigado, and please let me quote what you said in response to my comments at your blog.

Ana said :

It's hard to understand why we connect more to one person and not to another in the virtual world. But it happens. :)

April 25, 2011 5:32 AM

I find it inspiring and what she said, in general, holds much truths.  In the virtual world, most of the times we are communicating and most of us haven't seen or met our friends in persons. But in one way or another, it's really amazing that we could click so well.  I am making some assumptions and it could be due to the following reasons :

-  good communication
-  very supportive of each other
-  understanding each others' needs in blogging
-  sharing some common interests

It could be more than that. Thinking of the award again, I feel like going to the dance floor for samba!

On another note, my multi-talented friend, Maria of UK,  emailed me the original recipe of "Chocolate Cake."  She took all the trouble to send me the recipe without alcohol in the ingredients. For those of you who haven't known much about me, I can't take alcohol.

Ok friends, this is how the award looks like. It's the 8th one.

Now, it's my duty to award it to 6 more persons and it's my pleasure to do so for the following beloved bloggers' friends of mine :

1.  Maria -  Inside Looking Out
2.  Krislin  -  Tingtasy
3.  Stephaine  -  Bitter Sweet Life Of A Single Mom
4.  Simple Sie  -  A Life's Journey
5.  LiLing  -  Shadows Overhead
6.  Dai Ning Li  -  Unravelled Solace

To my friends, you are to award it to 6 more persons to keep the circle growing. Actually, I'd love to award more friends but I have to abide the condition. This time, it's mainly for ladies. Guys, you'll have your turn. :)
As a sign of appreciation, once again I would like to say :
Muito abrigado to Ana,
A big thank you to Maria,
Terima kasih to my fellow Malaysians
Thank You, right from the bottom of my heart, to each and everyone of you for your much appreciated visits. Keep coming! :)


  1. My dear, thanks for this.. Yes, the 3 medals on them are simply lovely and also inspiring..

    You are right, in the virtual world, it is strange how we seemed to be able to connect strongly with someone who we never seen in person..

    Besides, all you had mentioned, I have to add it is the flow of words that touches.. To top it off, the open heart in one's mind, allowing the flowing despite of distance..

    I thank you, sis.. For knowing you and having you until today.. We met from Bloggers.com and if you asked me, you are the only one who stayed and connect best out of the rest..

    Thanks, I will do a post about this asap and pass on the award... *HUUUGGG*, my dear..

  2. @Krislin - Thank you for your insight.
    Hugs to you, too. :)

  3. @JP - I'm so happy to see you here again, Princess. Thanks a lot for your nice words. :)

  4. hi balqis.. neartiest congrats for the award you received from AnaLuiza. Guess you both have been friends for a long time too in the virtual world. I am also glad i knew both of you and am very happy to also receive the award from Ana too. That's a beautiful dedication you wrote here..Happy blogging

  5. Thank you so much, Maznah. Ana and I knew each other at bloggers. And that's of course, virtually. Congrats to you, too, for being awarded. Keep blogging! :)

  6. thanks a lot for thinking of me for the award. yes indeed its funny hoe the four corners of your monitor can touch a life without even the physical part of it.

    once again thanks a lot and you make me keep blogging.

    it was a very very sweet way to start my day.

  7. hi balqis. i have done mine too. You may want to read what i said about you and Ana. thanks and have a nice day

  8. I am very happy for you, BB!

    Undoubtedly, you deserve it!

    Enjoy the distinction!

  9. @Stephaine - My thoughts are always for you even if sometimes I fail to visit your blogs regularly. That's due to some constraints.

    I like to hear that it'll keep you blogging. Yes, my dear, keep on blogging and share with the world what you have got to say! :)

  10. @cookingvarieties - Maznah, I've checked it out and felt honored cos you included some lines I wrote here. Thanks a lot and let's stay connected! :)

  11. @Tony - My dear Od, I feel the doors to heaven open up on seeing you back here at my blog. How nice of you! This humble blog is dehydrating of your visits and comments! It's been ages!

    Welcome back, BBO!

  12. Dear Balqis,
    Seems like ya are here in the blogger society to clinch away every title that we can think of. There is not a single best descriptive adjective to define how good are.

    My best wishes are always wid ya. Create more and let us read more.Actually it should be let us learn more.

    And thumbs up for every soulful connection in the virtual world.


  13. Hi Dex! It's nice to see you again. What I wrote are more like my attempts in writing. As I always mention, I'm still learning. Thanks a lot for the inspirations. :)

  14. Mommy! I am jumping in total happiness while reading your journal. As oft as I can say, I am always a big fan of yours. Kudos!

    ...and thank you by the way for having the 3-color-triumph dedicated to the list of bloggers (including me) HUGS!

  15. Oh my. Thank you Balqis! I'm so sorry for the late comment. I've just finished my exam and am now catching up on everything else on the virtual world. :D It's a pleasant surprise. :) Just to let you know, I enjoy reading your haikus and poems very much. It's my pleasure to visit often and give you the support you deserve. :D Have a great weekend, luv! :D

  16. @Ning - Thanks a lot for your continous support. How nice it is knowing that you're my big fan! But hey, it's just a lil star here. :P

  17. @liling - You're welcome! It's ok, I understand how student's life is. Exam is a priority to get a university's scroll. Forget other things, concentrate on your studies. I'm wishing you a terrific CGPA!

    Thanks a lot for telling me what you like. It's kind of a feedback. You make my day! :)

  18. @Moon - I was asking how many moons would I see you again and it's answered! I guess you heard it over the air waves. :):)

    Hey, Omo, I'm glad to see you again and thanks a lot! :)

  19. Congratulations on the award. You are very deserving of it. Keep up the good work!

  20. I thought I commented on this post a few days ago just noticed I didn't, silly me.
    Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for choosing me as one of the 6 to pass it onto. I finally managed to post about this award and I think i probably broke the rules as I have passed the award back to you :)

  21. It's ok, Maria. I'm glad that you've posted it and I'm honored, too, for being awarded again! Thank you so much. Stay connected! :)