Apr 30, 2011

Poem - A Thunderous Night

Thunders rolling above my head,
Rattles my head to free the pain,
Lightning strikes the pitch blackness,
Glaring my eyes, blinded me awhile.

The sky couldn't hold its tears,
Holding back is excruciating,
So, down it goes uncontrollably,
Showering everything in its path.

The earth's face is shivering and pale,
Cold biting deeply without mercy,
Whose strength could fight the torrents,
Till the sun comes and drinks it up.

Getting the fright,
April 30th 2011

Image :  free-extras.com


  1. Thunder sounds to bring a havoc!
    The sky fails to control her emotion!!
    The earth goes all wet from soil to rock!
    The sun appears with dawn to give relief a new motion!!

    Liked it so much!!! :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Suresh. I guess there are sunny days when the storm's over. :)

  3. Sounds like last night for us. We had a bad storm and it was just a bad day all around

  4. Actually I kinda like lightening and thunder :) Makes me happy :)
    Nice work B :)

  5. Wow, there is a strong emotion expression behind this stormy night.. A sight trace of sadness, at least that is how I feel...

  6. @Steve - It's a coincidence! Thank you so much. :)

  7. @Hairyman - The sound of thunder is like drum rolls and lightening is free light for us thus it can make anyone happy. Well, I'm just kidding! Thanks, Harish, for your nice comment. :)

  8. @Krislin - Thank you for telling me how you feel. :)

  9. Oddly I've always loved thunderstorms but only if I'm safely tucked up in my house. It can be quite pretty watching the flashes of light across my bedroom walls.

    I have yet to experience a very serious one I would imagine I'd quickly change my mind about liking them if I did :D

  10. LOL..yup, anything can change our minds. I'm scared of lightning!

    Thank you, Maria. :)

  11. I find it amazingly thundered you once you are on the wild and heavy rain comes up with thunders! Ah-

    Whose strength could fight the torrents,
    Till the sun comes and drinks it up

    How you get the whole of it? :)

  12. thunderous days r really fearful bt the lightning is really enjoyable!

  13. To get over your fear is life.
    & in your creation the sun is the warrior's sword which cuts the thick blanket of darkness to spread the light.
    Light of HAppiness, Life, Love, Passion, Glory

  14. @Moonomo - Thank you so much but i don't know how. :)

  15. @Anonymous - I love your beautiful words. Thank you so much! :)