Feb 18, 2014

A Cry That Cost A Lot

A glaring day. 

Tiny pearls of sweat kept dripping at every second when temperature rose towards its peak. It was so uncontrollable. All of a sudden, an eagle's cries could be heard across the hills. The remaining leaves moved by it, shook nervously as it passed by them, helpless were they in an unanswered question of the fate that fell onto them which they could not defy, not the least a bit, not at all. 

The eagle cried again, followed by a devastating shriek that could break a hill into halves, when each sound of a giant machine brought down the trees to kiss the warm ground. This time loosening it up and like a flash bringing down all that were in its path.  As the last one standing, before facing its unprecedented fate, the eagle's voice was lost in the wind that brought it to an unknown destination...

Who would listen to it now?

© 2014 Balqis

Feb 12, 2014

Lest We Forget

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leaves shedding, it's unstoppable
but let not our hopes shed
leaving our souls empty

© 2014 Balqis