Apr 28, 2013

Desert and Deserted

a desert of hope
waiting for lil drops of rain
console dry feeling



Apr 23, 2013

Limerick : Warning

Wondering why he felt  strange,
Suddenly losing his hunger pang,
How could not he be scared,
Seeing little duckling clad,
In shiny armour, within his range.


Apr 21, 2013

In Between

between gloominess
the sun peeps through, wondering -
why one should be cold



Apr 16, 2013

S i l e n c e

How fast time flies with super wings leaving us so helpless in wheezing breaths,
Time plays its role to be here now,  then gone in the memories of sweet yesterdays,
Yesterdays with all their glories, and it was just yesterday we shared the laughter,
Under the bright blue sky those dimples deepened so sweetly in every smile,
It will be engraved in my little heart, forever there it stays, the precious gift of gifts.

A group of clouds were passing by,  I thought I could catch one of them for keeps,
It was among those clouds  a very faint image of yours was snatched from my sight,
My knees weakened, I felt the whole world tumbling on me, crushing my soul badly,
The time had came, the sky started grieving in a black cloak cascading torrents of tears,
That was the time no power on earth could stop it for above all, there is a super power.


Apr 14, 2013


My mind is sleeping but I'm thinking of writing,
Will it be a limerick or end up as just a ranting,
Get up on your feet, please,
Write a word and a phrase,
That's what I tell my mind though I'm still dreaming.


Apr 9, 2013

The Sweetest Of It All

my mind swims in the
pool of memories, so sweet
Mona Lisa’s smile


Apr 7, 2013


The faithful shadow
Always so close beside me
Until winter comes


Apr 3, 2013

The Moment

A cold morning, the sun is still covered by a dewy veil. The little birdies perch on the balcony of my room.  They had just sung me a "Good Morning" song. How nice! Our different tongues aren’t a barrier of communication for me to understand them and they understand me. Their presence always starts my day with a smile. Without them, my morning isn't complete. I'd rather give up my morning tea but not these lovelies.

I watch the sun rising slowly from behind the blue mountain. It reveals itself  in a soft glow of orange. For awhile, it teases me by hiding for a minute or two behind the cottony clouds. I savour the moment and another smile on my lips.

Sunny Sun is playful today. One minute he flanks his brightest smile that puts a warm glow on my face.  The next minute, he disappears behind the early morning clouds. Well, after all it's still early in the morning and he isn't in any rush to do anything that will make him busy too soon. He still has a long day and I have mine, too.

Right now the stars are sleeping. I have always hoped that Sunny Sun will accompany me whole day long until it's time for him to retire  at the horizon. What I dread most is when out of the blue, it rains in midday. The sudden rain is likely to drench my heart badly. I could see signs of gloominess lurking at the far side of the horizon. I'm trying to shoo them away so that my good day isn't spoiled.


Now, I'm sitting alone on the cliff by the beach. A breath-taking beauty is appeasing my eyes as far as I could see it.  Breathing in the cool evening air is like breathing the whole lot of unique creation which I could call paradise. And that alone is so fulfilling, at least for a heart that had been shattered and tattered. 

There, Sunny Sun is about to bid me adieu. This farewell is going to be very dramatic. The swaying palm leaves sing melodies so soothing I could never get enough of. Ripples from the sea gently hit the shore and ensure the soft sands are in their tender care. The sea birds sing to each other calling it a day. The crickets start their night melody.

Sunny Sun slowly disappears at the horizon leaving me with the breeze which gently caresses my face and whispers to me he will be back at some other days. As the last streak of light leaves the dim orange sky, there somewhere above me appears the first twinkle of the night.