Aug 30, 2010

On A Lighter Note

Didn't update my blog till today due to my recent bereavement. Now, I'm back on my feet again.

My blog is one year old this August. How time flies! I feel I need a change, so on Thursday I signed up at It's high time I meet world bloggers and be noticed among the millions. Signing up at has given me the opportunity to get to know a few people from different backgrounds. And at the same time, I do get visitors from different parts of the world. It isn't a remarkable achievement so far but it means a lot to me as a newcomer to blogsphere.

                     Welcome to my blog!

Recalling on how I started this blog, initially it was a rough start for there's so much to learn. I must admit, I made lots of mistakes on the first day and later, really had a good laugh over it. The biggest mistake was my setting which was really awful! I regard it as going through a process of trial and error. Gradually, things run smoothly. There's an urge in me to learn more about blogging, so I keep myself busy surfing the net for related topics and also logging in to other blogs and see how they are organised. Learning is an on going process and the knowledge and tips I get have helped me a lot to improve my blog. There's still room for more improvement though.

At one stage, I 'lost' the password of my blog, thus refraining me from updating my blog for months. It's the lapse of memory! LOL. I'm trying my best to make this blog a comfortable place to visit. A place to put my thoughts in words, to pour out my grievances and to share light and happy moments with anyone who cares to drop by.

To everyone of you and to those at who have voted for me and who have become my friends and followers, I'd like to say

Thank you!

Aug 21, 2010

The Day He Left Us Forever

11th August, 5.40 a.m., Wednesday....the 1st day of Ramadan, a day which we'll never forget cos we lost our beloved brother who had been ill for almost 2 years and succumbed to his illness at dawn that day. We are filled with grief. Losing a family member is the last thing we would want to happen but who are we to ward off what's been fated for him for we strongly believe in God's will who has the uppermost hand in all matters. Mankind is God's creation and our full devotion are towards Him and God has let us share the love with him for 43 years. Quite a long time going through the bitter sweet life as close-knit siblings in a big family. The bond among family members is very strong and we care so much for each other. He's no longer with us but our love for him lives on.

Reflection on what happened that morning..... a call from my sister in Kuching telling us that our beloved brother was in a critical condition. Just a couple of minutes later my mom called telling us that he had gone. We were so shaken to hear that though we knew how his condition was. It had been a very frequent visits for us to Kuching especially in the last 2 years.  My brother was working and residing there with his family. As for my mom, Kuching is her second home. She has to juggle between Kuching and Bintulu frequently visiting my late brother and my sister who's also residing there. My mom was at my brother's side throughout his illness. About a week before his death, we were on a convoy of 4 cars visiting him when he was admitted at Sarawak General Hospital Kuching.

Paid our last respect......
........that morning we were lucky enough to be able to board the early flight to Kuching. Luckily, it wasn't the peak period so the 15 of us (brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, nephews and nieces) were on our way and arrived at about 11 a.m. at Kuching International Airport. We headed straight to my brother's place. All of us except for my youngest brother was unable to make it as he's attending  a PETRONAS course in Trengganu.

In loving memory......
                                my dear brother
                                our prayers are always with you
                                the love we shared
                                the tears and joys we went through
                                all these are engraved in our hearts
                                the memories will linger on
                                everything's so vivid
                                in our minds
                                childhood memories
                                and when we grow up
                                unconditional love forever
                                exists among us
                                everyone you left behind
                                loves you the way you were
                                and sweet memories
                                will linger on forever

Today is the 11th day since he was called to rest. We still feel so much of his presence, the jokes and laughter we shared.....actually, everything.....which are now sweet loving memories . We will miss him this coming Aidilfitri.  We love you, my dear brother, but our Almighty loves you even more.

Aug 10, 2010

Burning The Midnight Oil... used to be when I was studying for my bachelor's degree... had to spend so much time on my assignments, in particular, to meet the deadlines, so to say. Or when exam's just round the corner.

Now, it's not that often that I have to stay up late but there are times when I feel that I've got to get things done. As promised in the previous entry, the design of my blog have been fixed. :) You might wonder why do I have to stay up this late when I have to wake up early to start another new day just hours from now.  First and foremost, at this minute I find that I don't have to bother much about other things cos everyone else had hit the sack. Therefore, I can focus on what's needed to improve my blog. There's very little distractions apart from the sound of the air-conditioner in my room. Secondly, I don't have to scratch much of my head to get ideas on what to write. There's of course a limitation but I feel more relaxed to express whatever I wanna say.

Let me share this with you.

"The nerve that never relaxes, the eye that never blenches, the thoughts that never wonders, these are the masters of victory."
                Edmund Burke

You can define it in whatever way you want. It's so inspiring for me which I always look upon to achieve certain goals in life. I'm not totally there yet cos as long as I can breathe there's a long way to go for self-achievement which is often faced with obstacles and which has to be resolved before achieving whatever goals I've set. 

Anyway, it's still a long long way to go...but I dare to dream. :)

Aug 8, 2010


If you realised, there's really something awful in the layout of my blog. It's ok cos I'm at a stage of trial and error, so it isn't a big deal. Just hang in there....will fix it SOON!

Have a great week ahead! :)

p.s. I'm only managing one blog....this is the one. Pls don't visit the other blog under the same heading, it was created mistakenly, so there's nothing in there.

Aug 7, 2010

Time To Chill Out........

......after a hard day's work yesterday. Actually, feeling as though my feet aren't on the ground cos throughout the week been on the move since Monday. Yesterday morning wrapped up the whole thing in one lengthy report.....a meeting that started at 9 a.m. and ended at 1.45 p.m! My gosh....the job done but leaving me with a throbbing head. So, at 8.30 p.m, my sister and her kids and myself headed off to the cineplex.....for a reason, to watch our icons Edward Cullen and Bella (we fondly refer them by their screen names) on the screen. It always thrills us to bits talking about the Twilight and my sister would always talk impatiently for the next episode, Breaking Dawn. She always sighs after each episode cos she feels she doesn't get enough of it as though the story would never end, similarly like Edward who lives for hundreds of years! I told her jokingly that I don't wanna read the final part of the novel cos it would break my heart if Edward and Bella didn't get married! But curiosity got the better part of me and I couldn't help reading the plot summary and that's it....less Right now, both my sister and I are counting the days when are we able to watch the next episode.

Came back from the cineplex at 11.30 p.m. It's past midnight now and I'm writing this cos I feel that I'm too excited to record it in words and that makes me wide awake right now! We learn so much, right...from what we see.... about love, about family values and about obstacles we have to face and the price you have to pay for each wrong step. It teaches us a lot and instils into us the importance of virtues. I'm referring to some of the scenes in Twilight....the positive aspects of it. It could be inferred to our daily lives cos it really is. I'm thinking of Jacob now....with empathy....he's a kind-hearted guy (wolf) and faces a tough fight between Edward to win Bella's heart. Bella....torn between two lovers but I'm glad that she accepted the ring given by Edward. Oh, how romantic! Just can't wait to see them tie the knot (as though I would attend the reception....aha).

So much for that.....have to tell myself  not to be carried away. Well, it's another new things coming up. At 8.00 a.m Saturday have a function to attend to. And Sunday afternoon, my sister's housewarming with an expected 120 guests. I have been helping her with the planning and it's been hectic for both of us prior to the function.

Well, that's all for now. I'm calling it a day.