Aug 10, 2010

Burning The Midnight Oil... used to be when I was studying for my bachelor's degree... had to spend so much time on my assignments, in particular, to meet the deadlines, so to say. Or when exam's just round the corner.

Now, it's not that often that I have to stay up late but there are times when I feel that I've got to get things done. As promised in the previous entry, the design of my blog have been fixed. :) You might wonder why do I have to stay up this late when I have to wake up early to start another new day just hours from now.  First and foremost, at this minute I find that I don't have to bother much about other things cos everyone else had hit the sack. Therefore, I can focus on what's needed to improve my blog. There's very little distractions apart from the sound of the air-conditioner in my room. Secondly, I don't have to scratch much of my head to get ideas on what to write. There's of course a limitation but I feel more relaxed to express whatever I wanna say.

Let me share this with you.

"The nerve that never relaxes, the eye that never blenches, the thoughts that never wonders, these are the masters of victory."
                Edmund Burke

You can define it in whatever way you want. It's so inspiring for me which I always look upon to achieve certain goals in life. I'm not totally there yet cos as long as I can breathe there's a long way to go for self-achievement which is often faced with obstacles and which has to be resolved before achieving whatever goals I've set. 

Anyway, it's still a long long way to go...but I dare to dream. :)


  1. Cool.. Yeah, dare to dream.. I dont know at where I will be now if I haven't been dreaming.. ;)

  2. Yeah...that's one way of achieving goals in life.