Aug 21, 2010

The Day He Left Us Forever

11th August, 5.40 a.m., Wednesday....the 1st day of Ramadan, a day which we'll never forget cos we lost our beloved brother who had been ill for almost 2 years and succumbed to his illness at dawn that day. We are filled with grief. Losing a family member is the last thing we would want to happen but who are we to ward off what's been fated for him for we strongly believe in God's will who has the uppermost hand in all matters. Mankind is God's creation and our full devotion are towards Him and God has let us share the love with him for 43 years. Quite a long time going through the bitter sweet life as close-knit siblings in a big family. The bond among family members is very strong and we care so much for each other. He's no longer with us but our love for him lives on.

Reflection on what happened that morning..... a call from my sister in Kuching telling us that our beloved brother was in a critical condition. Just a couple of minutes later my mom called telling us that he had gone. We were so shaken to hear that though we knew how his condition was. It had been a very frequent visits for us to Kuching especially in the last 2 years.  My brother was working and residing there with his family. As for my mom, Kuching is her second home. She has to juggle between Kuching and Bintulu frequently visiting my late brother and my sister who's also residing there. My mom was at my brother's side throughout his illness. About a week before his death, we were on a convoy of 4 cars visiting him when he was admitted at Sarawak General Hospital Kuching.

Paid our last respect......
........that morning we were lucky enough to be able to board the early flight to Kuching. Luckily, it wasn't the peak period so the 15 of us (brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, nephews and nieces) were on our way and arrived at about 11 a.m. at Kuching International Airport. We headed straight to my brother's place. All of us except for my youngest brother was unable to make it as he's attending  a PETRONAS course in Trengganu.

In loving memory......
                                my dear brother
                                our prayers are always with you
                                the love we shared
                                the tears and joys we went through
                                all these are engraved in our hearts
                                the memories will linger on
                                everything's so vivid
                                in our minds
                                childhood memories
                                and when we grow up
                                unconditional love forever
                                exists among us
                                everyone you left behind
                                loves you the way you were
                                and sweet memories
                                will linger on forever

Today is the 11th day since he was called to rest. We still feel so much of his presence, the jokes and laughter we shared.....actually, everything.....which are now sweet loving memories . We will miss him this coming Aidilfitri.  We love you, my dear brother, but our Almighty loves you even more.


  1. My condolence to you and your family. Sabar k Bal...

  2. My condolence to you and members in your family.. I lost my baby cousin awhile ago too.. I guessed in some ways, the unspoken lead me to find you.. To share with our words and the deep feelings which are in our heart.. If you are free, take some time to visit this link,

  3. Thanks a lot for understanding the deep sadness inside me. We've just got to know each other but u seem to be a friend whom I've known for years! Thanks a lot for your unconditional friendship.

  4. I wanted to offer my condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and your thoughts during such a difficult time. This has been very moving and I can only hope to be as strong as you when a moment like this comes in my life.

  5. Thanks, Rose. It's really painful going thru moments like this but we've to accept the fact that everyone of us will be in the 'final' destination, one day. So, make the best use of life; sharing, loving and caring for each other.

  6. May God bless his soul.. The time will be difficult and for your brother's family during which you all will have to have the will power to sail through and pray for peace to his soul and future life.

    Though there will always be a void in your life, but try to fill them with fond memories that he has left behind..

    God bless!!

  7. Dear Manoj, thanks for your words of comfort. For sure, fond memories are treasured and our continous prayers are for him.

  8. my condolences to you n your family balqis...
    thank you so much for sharing with us. May God rest his soul in peace!

  9. Dear Kitty, I always feel good when friends drop by and express their condolences. Thanks a lot, dear.

  10. Hi Balqis, I lost my niece too about 3 month ago...I hope u that u don't mind if I share the beautiful words in this post to pay tribute to her....

    1. Hi anonymous! It's really sad losing someone you love. Condolences to you and your family.

      I don't mind to share but please, link back to me as this is a very personal dedication for my late brother and I would like it to be respected.

      Thank you for dropping by.