Nov 29, 2012

Just Love It!

the freshness it brings
blooming the day beautiful
in a pink of health



I love flowers and pink is among my favourites. It makes me feel so lady-like. Flowers are often given as gifts and it does bring a lot of smiles for someone who loves it. 

I google for the meaning of flowers and this is what I got for pink flowers.

"The pink flower can signify a teasing interest, grace, gentility, and happiness.  It is often a more modest gesture than that of a striking red flower, offering an allure of mystery to the recipient as to the intentions of the giving party. Pink may also represent joy, youthfulness, and innocence. " Source

Google Image

Nov 26, 2012

Diamond Rush

There were sounds of horses galloping and pulling the heavily laden carts. Voices could be heard everywhere and talking mostly of diamond strike. It was at Klipdrift. Diamond strike became the talk of the town.

I walked through the dusty road and passed by a few cafes where men sat around round tables; smoking, drinking, talking and mostly discussing where the new diamond fields could be found. The town was bustling with people from over the world all looking for big fortunes at Klipdrift. Diamonds that could turn a man rich overnight if luck was on his side.  Much prices had to be paid for it for it needed sacrifices of the souls or courage for the ones with the brave hearts could overcome the many challenges towards getting rich.

Jamie and Banda were on the beach picking up the biggest diamonds they could find and hastily put them inside a big bag. The footsteps of guards and dogs barking were in a distant. Then, there was a thick fog and everything was blanketed inside it. To walk through it was a struggle and not knowing where it led to; may be to one of the land mines.

I heard a growling sound right behind me and in an instant I felt something razor sharp cutting through my left leg. I shouted in pain and the only thing I heard before passing out was "Kruger-Brent."

Oh my God! Where am I now? Wasn't  a moment ago, I was picking mother diamond on the beach and having a stiff competition with Jamie and Banda and while admiring it, like in a flash everything dimmed out?  

As if I had just got out safely from the fog, I looked around and right there on my right hand was "Sidney Sheldon's Master of The Game." This was the "diamond" I was holding on the last past hours. I was so engrossed reading this novel until I fell asleep and dreamed of the diamond rush at Klipdrift, South Africa way back in 1883.

Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors and purchasing his books is a-must for me.

Nov 24, 2012

Haiku : Life, A Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle
empty spaces - racking minds
puzzling, that's life



Nov 23, 2012

A Run For Life

I run as fast as a deer
but I stumble and fall into fear
I walk in a steady stride
end up wobbling without a might
I quicken my pace in a haste
to reach the light though I'm in daze
It's slowly going away from me
I struggle hard to be freed
And reach that light I need most
Don't leave me here in a frost


Nov 22, 2012

Today's Thought

A fine morning here which is quite a contrast to yesterday when it rained quite heavily. The sun has not really shown itself yet but I am hoping it to bring a wide smile for me today so that all  pairs of jeans I hung out there on the veranda will get dry soon.  

It is quite cold right now partly because I am in an air-conditioned room! I do not really like to pull aside the curtains because I like the coziness of my room with minimum light for me to keep typing on this keyboard. While my fingers keep dancing on the keys of my laptop, the air-condition is producing a soothing sound and harmonizes with my typing. It is kind of giving me the mood to keep writing and I let my mind wander to wherever it wishes to be.  And I am documenting it now in this post. *Smile*

A little sound somewhere down my neighborhood distracts me for awhile. I guess it must be the lid of the bin, you know when some people just let it go with a big bang. Poor bin! Such thing should be treated with care so that it will last. Furthermore, it is playing a big role by keeping the place hygienic when all unwanted things are put inside it. 

Let's move on. My wish to hear the birds singing has just been granted. I just can't miss the beauty of their songs because it is so natural and so beautiful. Some are whistling,  some bubbling, while a few more make unique sounds I always love to hear. Among the branches of trees they gather and seem to have a morning talk. I wish I could understand them. Chirpy, chirpy birds, keep singing and make me happy!

While the birds are singing,  a sudden thought comes up when I recall what my grandma used to say once. She did not have a formal education but she was a wise woman

"Whatever you do, do it sincerely and do not expect others to do more than what you could do for them. You will get back only some of what you gave and you should be content with it."

How true your words are, grandma. I could quote you and I know you are proud of your granddaughter. Such a loving woman who was called to be with the Lord many years ago. She lives in my heart.

Now, it is time for breakfast! Will continue again at some other time. This is my gift for everyone of you - yellow roses which symbolize friendship.  Have a great day!


Nov 21, 2012

Still Waiting

Rain tapping the roof,
Minutes ticking in the clock,
I am still waiting.


** It's monsoon season here where we get plenty of rain everyday.  This morning it rains again and I'm listening to the sounds of rain tapping on the roof. That evoked the idea for this simple Haiku. It's like waiting for the rain to stop while the minutes keep ticking on.  That's how I feel but anyone can comment this Haiku in any way based on how it is perceived.

I chose this beautiful image here. Credits to the owner.

Nov 20, 2012


The warm, fiery touch of the sun
is like a compassionate kiss on the lips,
The roaring thunder above seems a fun
as a  lullaby and make a baby sleeps.

The strong wind needs no breaker,

The wall of the heart is too resistant,
The cold bites slowly become warmer,
A beautiful summer day an assurance.



Nov 18, 2012


Not everything can be held in my hands
as they are too small for them,
Yet something I wish to hold forever,
the laughter and joy we share and
the beauty of friendship to last 
....till the last day.



Nov 9, 2012

And I Wonder...

Life is a drama; there are protagonists and antagonists. When the drama is staged, the protagonist's actions make people laugh and applaud, while the antagonist arouses anger, his actions despised and humiliated.

But inside an antagonist is a protagonist; inside a protagonist, an antagonist.

Nov 3, 2012

Moving On

When it rains today, I am thinking of the sunny yesterday,
When it rained yesterday, I was thinking of the sunny today,
When everything seems bleak in a canopy of darkness above me,
I am thinking of the warm and cheery day which will be,
Giving me the strength to move on a lighted path to explore,
Guiding me from stepping on the poisonous thorns I stepped before,
Life is a dream, life is a reality, life is an adventure, 
Lessons of yesterday are the shields for today, to be braver.


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Nov 1, 2012

The Rose

The rose
Fragrant and sweet
Classic beauty, its own
Its freshness lingers in the air