Nov 22, 2012

Today's Thought

A fine morning here which is quite a contrast to yesterday when it rained quite heavily. The sun has not really shown itself yet but I am hoping it to bring a wide smile for me today so that all  pairs of jeans I hung out there on the veranda will get dry soon.  

It is quite cold right now partly because I am in an air-conditioned room! I do not really like to pull aside the curtains because I like the coziness of my room with minimum light for me to keep typing on this keyboard. While my fingers keep dancing on the keys of my laptop, the air-condition is producing a soothing sound and harmonizes with my typing. It is kind of giving me the mood to keep writing and I let my mind wander to wherever it wishes to be.  And I am documenting it now in this post. *Smile*

A little sound somewhere down my neighborhood distracts me for awhile. I guess it must be the lid of the bin, you know when some people just let it go with a big bang. Poor bin! Such thing should be treated with care so that it will last. Furthermore, it is playing a big role by keeping the place hygienic when all unwanted things are put inside it. 

Let's move on. My wish to hear the birds singing has just been granted. I just can't miss the beauty of their songs because it is so natural and so beautiful. Some are whistling,  some bubbling, while a few more make unique sounds I always love to hear. Among the branches of trees they gather and seem to have a morning talk. I wish I could understand them. Chirpy, chirpy birds, keep singing and make me happy!

While the birds are singing,  a sudden thought comes up when I recall what my grandma used to say once. She did not have a formal education but she was a wise woman

"Whatever you do, do it sincerely and do not expect others to do more than what you could do for them. You will get back only some of what you gave and you should be content with it."

How true your words are, grandma. I could quote you and I know you are proud of your granddaughter. Such a loving woman who was called to be with the Lord many years ago. She lives in my heart.

Now, it is time for breakfast! Will continue again at some other time. This is my gift for everyone of you - yellow roses which symbolize friendship.  Have a great day!



  1. How wonderfully warm and comfortable this post is. I am feeling great reading this.

    Drying clothes is the biggest problem during rainy season. Sometimes I would end up with clothes that smell like rotten food. :P

    I too love listening to the sounds that birds make. Fortunately I live in an area where there are a lot of trees. I dislike the fact that a lot of apartments are being made in the open spaces around our locality . It has diluted the natural beauty. :(

    Your grandmother has said such beautiful words. These are the facts of life. I am sure she is proud of you. I am too. :)

    Have a great day Balqis! Thank you for making my day better with this lovely post. ^.^

  2. You're bringing more smiles for me today! The smiles are for you, too, cos you're feeling great. :)

    Thank you so much for being here again which is always a pleasure for me. I always love reading your wonderful comments. You know, it means a lot when you're spending some time reading through the post.

    I love nature so much and it does break my heart seeing vast areas of lands being cleared for housing estates or commercial centers. I understand we need developments but there's nothing that could replace the original beauty of nature. My heart also goes out to the living things (other than humans) that had lost a place called home.

    Sometimes, a very simple type of quotes come from those around us and I'm sharing one with everyone. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sui. :)

  3. I can close my eyes and picture every single word of it
    it is somehow nostalgic and full of love...these words made me smile thank you :)

    1. Your words also make me smile. Thank you so much, Hotei. :)

  4. Such a wonderful thought and roses seem so fresh sincerity is the thing which is getting vanished from relationships by everyday and the result is pain and lame my words are i depressed but still stay blessed you lady:)

    1. Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you'll feel better. Thank you so much for your comments. :)

  5. So comforting. :-) God's creations are beautiful. I love to hear the birds chirping , so relaxing...Your grandmother's words are wise.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Didmo. Indeed, God's creations are unique which I really admire. :)