Jul 29, 2013

At One Point In Time

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just a little while
a shooting star appears
the heart jolts in joy

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 21, 2013


a face 
of anxiety
when kissed
by the sun
at midday June
under the canopy
of blue

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 20, 2013

Denying Marks Of Time

behind patted powder
lies nicely those wrinkles
marks of the past
yet wisdom keeps growing
fresh and supple
ironing out the wrinkles

This is my first participation in One Single Impression Prompt 280 : Wrinkle

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 18, 2013

If They Could Recall

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In the pin drop silence of the night, sudden sounds of rain pouring,
at first just in little forms, I wanted to count them one by one
when the sounds became so beautiful -
like tiny drums' rolls the minute little droplets burst one after another upon touching the roof surface,
then they glided down the gutter and gathered as a small lively pool at the end of the road.

I started shivering when the coldness cloaked around, 
did the droplets feel what I felt,
 did they ever think the moment when the sun would drink them up, leaving no traces at all, 
just a remembrance of where and when -
would they be shivering?

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 14, 2013


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Time, how it moves on with no u-turns,
It teaches us to face the bumps and potholes of life,
It would be nice leaving those gruelling moments behind,
Closed in the history of time, now open for that light -
which isn't too far away and will be reached at some time.
Time moves on and on, let's follow it and enjoy the ride!

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 12, 2013



 revealing the truth
a trusted companion
mirror on the wall

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 9, 2013

B l a n k

It is invisible in the whiteness of the sheet or darkness of the night,

It is there and it is called B L A N K,

And it does occupy the mind,  at times ideas all frozen,

B L A N K rules!

B L A N K ?

© 2013 Balqis

Jul 3, 2013


There was once a pretty girl called Lyne,
Who wanted to become a beauty queen,
She groomed herself everyday,
With beautiful flowers in her hair,
A crown in mind made her forget to stay lean.


© 2013 Balqis