Apr 5, 2011

It's Just One Of The Days...

... when I feel as though my heart would shrink. Undesirable things happen and it's been like a bug that bores deep into the flesh causing inflammation and pain.  Sometimes, I feel injustice to myself for revealing much of what's revolving in my life. But then again, I can't hold it back because it keeps on poking from inside.

A friend of mine had been wondering whether I am okay here. I told him I am okay. The truth is my okay isn't at its best.  My patience had been put to the test. My friend advised me to talk it out with friends  and I said, I'm talking it to him.  So many things haven't been so easy lately. Some seem to get the better part of me. My patience had been put to the test.

But as the saying goes , life must go on. I'm holding to that adage for lamenting would bring more damages.

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  1. Yes, it is one of those days.. when storms are fierce and they seemed to last... Dark sky and clouds just stay and remained.. Yet, my dear sis, hang in there for no fiercest storm will last... It is the down point to get ready for to soar high in time when this period is over..

    I know it is hard but as you sis, and from what I know about you, you can do it... *HUG*

    And remember, you have someone from Singapore, cheering on for you.. :)

  2. *hugs* stay strong my friend :) Things will get better.

  3. Everything will be alri8 soon..:)
    Take Care..:)

  4. Hard times purify innerself- Best wishes! ;)

  5. @Krislin - Your poetic words soothed me so much. Thanks a lot. :)

  6. @liling - Thanks for your comforting words. :)

  7. @Valli - There's nothing else better than getting encouragement from a friend. Thank you so much. :)

  8. @Moon - Your wise say makes me feel better. Thanks a lot for listening and advising. :)

  9. I really hope things get better for you soon :)

  10. I hope so, Maria. I'm looking on the brighter side now. Thanks a lot. :)

  11. You see
    there is a day after each night!
    There is loveliness everywhere to a wise sight!!
    There is either a defeat or victory after a fight!
    Without WRONG, there's no value of RIGHT!!
    It is good to share you feel what and how!
    Say goodbye to gloom and CHEER UP right now!!

    This way :) :)) :D

  12. Wow! Suresh, your words are so beautiful and they do take away the gloom. Thanks a lot. Now I'm smiling :):)):D