Apr 20, 2011

With Nothing Else In Mind

Lately, the weather here is too warm. On a very sunny afternoon like this, I have nothing else in mind. With very little ideas on what my post should be, earlier I spent some time visiting friends' blogs and commenting. Now, I'm lazing around.

A couple of days back, I visited Yileen's blog and read her fun tag. She had some very smart and funny answers which I loved reading. It made me smile. She said anyone can make a go at the questions. Now, I'm joining in the fun. There's nothing else I could think of other than something light and easy.

This is just for fun. Here are the questions :

1.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you nothing as a present, what will you do?
I will thank God for His presence and that's the priceless present I ever had which will be so memorable in my life's history.

2.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a gorgeous gown, what will you do?
I will  put it on and pose for many snapshots because it is so heavenly! No designers gown could match it.

3.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a fabulous jewellery box as a present, what will you do?
I love accessories, so I will make use of it to keep some of my accessories and have it locked up in a safe place.

4.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a huge fish, what will you do?
 I will give it to the national aquarium for other people to see how great God's creation is.

5. If God gives you an Ipod on your birthday, what will you do?
Yehaaaa...this is what I have been waiting for! It will excite me so much and I will carry it around with pride and style!

6.  If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a hug, what will you do?
 It will be so unbelievable and I will, of course, ask "Oh my God! Is this really you hugging me??"
...... and
I will beg God to stop me from passing out for the big surprise he gives me. I want to remember that sweet moment forever!

That's it!  Have fun!

Image :  flickr.com


  1. Haha! I wonder how much God's fish will fetch for an entry fee into the aquarium! Glad the tag came in useful :p

  2. LOL! Giving it to National aquarium was hilarious! Hahaha- can't stop laughing for the cartoon- too!

    Hack- hahahaha!

  3. @Yileen - Haha! Not that I know of! It should be of certain amount but affordable for everyone. Part of it could go for charity. :)

  4. @Moon - Hahaha...where else should it go to? I can't eat it! Too big!! Btw, do you have an aquarium that's big enough for it? If so, I can send it over to you. Take care of it. It's God's gift. :)

  5. Hmm, this sound interesting, maybe I should tried answering these too??? *thinking*

  6. Nuh- I giveaway my aquarium long back due to the hassle-bassle! I would ask god to cite some haiku- LOL!

  7. LOL! I love it!

    I forgot that Flora awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. I awarded it to you as well. Check it out here: http://steveboss.blogspot.com/2011/04/stylish-blogger-award.html
    Guess you are racking up the awards.
    Keep up the great Work!

  8. i'll steal this post someday :p cute one

  9. @Krislin - It's fun indeed! C'mon join in and lets share what you've to say about the questions. :)

  10. @Steve - Thanks a lot! Will check out your post.

  11. @AW - I don't mind but God knows if you steal it! :P

    Kidding! :)

  12. @Moon - Haha! You've brilliant ideas! I forgot Haiku for awhile. Would be very wonderful able to hear God cites it. :)

  13. Hi Balqis,

    Reading your poem, the very instant Jill Price flashed thru my mind. "The women who cant forget" @ http://www.wired.com/medtech/health/magazine/17-04/ff_perfectmemory


  14. Hi Katrina! Thank you for taking your time to read my poem (but I don't know which one).

    I also don't know how you connect it to Jill Price. She's an amazing woman with a powerful memory! Her answers to any question are always precised! I wasn't born with that unique ability.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by. I appreciate your visit so much. Thank you, too, for telling me about Jill Price. :)