Apr 11, 2011

Haiku - I Feel The Pain And Sorrow

Oh! Tsunami...

Sudden appearance,
Panic-stricken every soul,
Mighty strike - all gone!

Cries replaced laughter,
Dreams shattered in split second,
Nature's outrageous.

Devastating sight,
Crippling the eyes severely,
What's left - ugliness.

Shocking incubus,
Ends when the sun smiles again,
Sprouting rays of hope.

Writing with empathy,
April 10th, 2011

Image : flickr.com

*My blogger friend, Tertia (sixthirtythree), asked me whether I am interested to write a Haiku about tsunami that hit Japan. Her question had prompted me to write this Haiku which I divided into 4 parts  to differentiate the stages of its happening. I put my heart into every line.


  1. Awoo- Panic-stricken every soul, Mighty strike - all gone!

    I had similar sense while watching tsunami on "hereafter"- and Japan moved 10ft recently-

    You hold it well- BB!

  2. Awoo, Moon, it's true. I was in fear even if I was thousands of miles away. I cried seeing the victims in deep pain.

    Thanks a lot for your comment. :)

  3. That was a terrible tragedy! I couldn't even imagine the feelings of fear everyone was suffering

  4. Yes, that's right, Steve. Thanks for your comment. :)

  5. It's devastating, really. But I'm sure those affected would stay strong when they know how the people all over the world are praying for them. :) Let's all pray for the world!

  6. We don't know who and what they are!
    Yet, we know them- human they are just as we are!!

    Spring's already in the air; joyous cries high and low!
    Yet, I don't know why my heart aches so!

    Such touching are your haiku!
    I, too, have mine, just waiting in a queue!!

  7. Aliling - Thank you for showing your support for the victims.

  8. @Suresh - You response is so nice! Yup, whoever they are and where ever, we're human. We feel the pain they're going thru.

  9. I am really broken t heart for the recent tsunami in Japan. Hope they will be able to recover their all struggle very soon. Thanks for the nice post.

  10. In pain and sorrow yet penned with a hidden beauty in the smooth flow of use of each words..

    As usual, your poem touches deeply..

  11. @TRAVEL FORUM - It breaks everyone's heart. Thanks. :)

  12. @Krislin - Thanks so much! Ir's just my attempt. :)

  13. Nicely done again Balqis.Your thoughts were expressed so well!

    The earthquake and tsunami in Japan just made us realize that nothing is permanent in this world.Everything is just but temporary and it includes time.Life is so short it can be gone with just a snap and the best thing that we can do is to enjoy life,be thankful and appreciate everything till there is time :)

  14. Thanks a lot, Sie. You have a wise say there. It's kind of a reminder, too. Nice! :)

  15. It really was a devastating tragedy one that I'm certain will be felt for many years. You not only capture that here but also the hope needed to get over such a thing.

  16. Beautful haiku for such devastation. The ending is a graphic illustration of hope to the gritty tragedy.

  17. Brilliant and sad portrayal balqis!

  18. @sixthirtythree - Thanks a lot. :)

  19. @Hairyman - It's really sad but who can fight nature? My attempt to express the sadness.