Feb 18, 2011

Smell The Flowers

As usual driving back from work, I listened to the English section of the local radio station. I was mesmerised by the beautiful songs on air.  Furthermore, the Dj was so bubbly talking on many things. Before signing off, he was saying, "In the journey of life, do not forget to stop and smell the flowers."

"Smell the flowers", that is the saying I like most.  We often hear people say, "Go out, smell the flowers". I find that it is kind of inspirational saying it to someone who might be feeling down over unforeseen circumstances that had happened in his/her life.

As we all know, literally, it is not the act of holding a flower and smell it. It is more like an encouragement, reminder or motivation for everyone of us to take a moment off and enjoy the day. For some of us, the hustle bustle of life might have taken its toll on our lives, why not free our minds by going out and smell the flowers. Grab the wonderful moment even for awhile for we might not be able to enjoy such moment again. No matter how busy we are, just stop for awhile and smell the flowers.

Image : bestroyaltyfreeimages.net


  1. Your posts are always an exact contrast to mine :)
    Nice one B :)

  2. My friend what you have said is true.Once in a while let us stop and enjoy a wonderful moment for we might not enjoy another moment again.

    In each new day let us learn to appreciate even the smallest and simple things that the Lord has given to us.Let us always start each new day with a smile in us.

    but I love butterflies more than that bee hmp...

    Love you my friend and miss you :)

  3. @Hairyman - Thank you for your nice comment. You never cease to say that. :)

    Harish, let there be a balance in what we do or should I say try to balance life so that one thing won't put too much weight on us. It's not easy but worth trying! :)

  4. @Sie - Thanks so much for your wise saying. Let's appreciate life while we can breath fresh air everyday.

    Butterflies are beautiful and bees are hard-working. The beauty of butterflies bring so much joy to us and so pleasant to the eyes compared to bees being feared of for the pain they give when got stung. But both are "essential" in our lives for the beauty and sweetness they give us unconditionally. :)

    Love you and miss you, too!

  5. Yes- Smell the flowers! Of, even better smell the people around you! :)

    In the sense of encouragement, like you told, and brought a dialog from the "UP" the movie!

    I can smell you! :)

  6. Wow! Moon, that's really a very cool comment. Love it!

    Thank you so much! Will learn to "sniff" from now on. ;)