Feb 22, 2011

Cage Me

Cage me in your heart,
Immerse me in its warm beat,
In tune with my own.

To be there, I'd stay,
Indestructible heart's cage,
Secured with true love.

Just an expression,
Tue 22.2.11

Image : scenicreflections.com


  1. Balqis, each haiku of yours is undoubtedly better than the previous one.
    This one just expresses a volley of feelings thrown at an individual who has found true love and has found it for a haven :)

  2. Thank you, Harish! Your nice comments are very much appreciated. :)

  3. Very nice indeed. I hope you are living with the love that you mentioned.

  4. Thank you, Ambivalence. This Haiku doesn't relate to me. :)

  5. very nice Balqis and I think if I have found true love I'd better stay in his heart forever hehehe...*blink blink*...missing you :)

  6. Thank you, Sie. Yup, that's where your true love should stay. :) *wink*

    Missing you, too! :)

  7. Moon, aowoo! aww! aww! Thank you so much! :)

    (I have to say "aww! aww!" cos I don't want to be 100% copycat! The "aowoo!" is exclusively yours!)

  8. Are you in love, because this is good. :)

  9. Cookeezrus - Nope, I'm not in love. I was just writing it to express a little bit about love. Thank you so much for your nice comment. :)

  10. Haiku n love are two grt combo, i foreva' lyk to go thru.Itz amazin' how ya express so many things in jus as few words as possible.
    Take me to ya heart;
    Survive i cant,bein' apart..
    Wid ya i hav grown,
    Grown lyk kid,who neva frown...
    It was jus' my simple attempt to match ya words; though i know there can be no one like you and tryin' to replicate ya is jus mah foolishness.
    That's all fo' now. Keep pourin' in more words.

  11. Thanks a lot, Dex. It's such a nice Haiku of yours. You're good in it! Looking forward to reading lovely lines of poems/Haiku at your blog.

    Thank you for your encouragement. :)