Feb 14, 2011

Haiku - Mission

Alongside vision,
Ocean full of commitments,
Accomplished targets.

On a mission,
Feb 14th, 2011

*"Mission" is inspired by  Moonomo's "Vision" at Moonstruck On Earth, dated February 12th, 2011.
I am looking from a different perspective i.e. thinking of every vision and mission of companies.
Where there is a vision, it is always followed by a mission with targets set for better performances and successes.  However, it's not restricted to companies only.  A person can always have a vision and mission
of  life.

Image : synergy-seminars.com


  1. And just like the ocean, the waves of goals keep coming back to us :)

  2. Now I'm at lose of words! It's a deep one, BB!

  3. @Hairyman - Yes, that's right. The waves of goals give bigger challenges in fulfilling our commitments. We have to keep in pace with the waves of change, too.

    Thank you, Harish. :)

  4. @Moonomo - Thank you! I was really inspired by your "Vision" and started to think of the mission I have at work. A whole lot of it which really needs so much of our commitments to achieve the targeted goals. It makes us work harder and smarter by keeping in mind our Vision and Mission. Thanks, Moon! :)