Feb 4, 2011

In Loving Memory

A final goodbye was hard to say,
The thoughts of you forever stay,
Wish so much it didn't end that way,
How nice to be together everyday.

Days went by filled in happiness,
Thought that it would be endless,
My mind was a wee bit senseless,
How could I hold on to selfishness?

As though we were meant for each other,
High hope of loving and caring forever,
But our fates had been determined earlier,
Accepting reality in the face of fear.

Fear of losing seemed an absurdity,
To ward it off was an impossibility,
It had been destined by the Almighty,
What's left are all in sweet memory.

Memories for keeps,
Feb 4th, 2011
Cold Friday

Image : www.buzzle.com


  1. Nicer and nicer!

    Whoever is this memory destined to, must feel happy to know how much love is pouring from your heart, BB!

    Very beautiful, indeed!

  2. Thank you, Od! Whoever it is destined to, only God knows. Thanks so much for everything. :)

  3. Hey, sis.. :)

    Its 3rd day of Lunar New Year today.. Yeah, had a well-spent days..

    Another touching write.. So warmth felt in heart..

    Oh yes, just wish to update you that I will be updating my poetry and talks on Tingtasy as of now on.. So yeah, know you like poetry thus, am here to update you.. ;)

    See you around..

  4. what a nice poem my friend...love your sentiments and you choose just the right poems that touches my heart.This poem is really nice and it fits my life today thanks my friend.

  5. @Krislin, it's always nice seeing you here. Nice to know, too, of your Lunar Year's celebration. I'm sure the year of the Rabbit will bring lots of prosperity to everyone!

    Thanks a lot for your update. Wow! it makes me so special being informed! *Hugs*

    For your info, I like all your other blogs, too. But I have specially chosen one to be among those that really spice up my life. :)

  6. @Sie - My dear Sie, you always overwhelm me beyond descriptions for all the kind words you bring to this humble blog. It's always nice having friends like you.

    You're welcome, my friend! And I mustn't forget to thank you right from the bottom of my heart. :)

  7. Hey what happend??? are you missing ?? yes its happens when somebody goes ....really the above poem was written in such a way ....as if it was talking....so well written...expressed the thoughts....

  8. Salam Balqis.
    Just want to tell you that your website link in profile just bring me to your unfinished blog.

  9. @Sabi - Oh! nothing happened. Not now. I was just expressing the emotions of losing someone. Yup, I did lose a few loved ones in my life. It was a few years back and the latest last year. Thank you for your nice comments. :)

  10. @Sabahan Bloggers Club - Wassalam. Thank you so much for your visit and for following my blog. You're always welcome here. Keep coming! :)

  11. May I save this page?
    It's too beautiful!

  12. My dear brother, Harish, it's all yours! I feel so honored when you wanted to save it. Please, do so. You know, it's so nice to see you here again. Do have a pleasant weekend! :)

  13. Tai hao le! Two hands down for this masterpiece! ;')

  14. @Ning - Wo po tsi tao. I don't know - what's that? I don't speak Chinese. LOL

    Put up your hands, Ning! LOL

    Thanks a lot for your two hands down. :)

  15. @Moon - A single 'wow' means a lot to me. Thank you for being here even if in the midst of busy-ness. How nice of you! :)

  16. A nice poem and good motive and diction.Good work dude.

  17. Thanks a lot, Mac. Your words are so inspiring. :)

  18. a wonderful poem! So sorry for the loss of this fine person, whomever they may be, they were lucky to have known you :)

  19. Essma, thanks a lot for your compliment and kind words which I find so comforting. :)

  20. I mean "great!" ;') Very nice piece.