May 11, 2011

From The Bottom Of My Heart

Mother's Day was on last Sunday which was celebrated worldwide. This is a belated greetings from me to all mothers, Happy Mother's Day! I should have posted this much earlier but I was then so grief-stricken over the loss of my kitten.

The following Haikus are specially dedicated to my beloved mom.

A Gem

A rare gem you are,
Well-cut, unique and priceless,
Treasure in my heart.

Thank you so much, mom,
Your love's higher than Everest,

Happy Mother's Day!


This is a Mother's Day present I received from my Filipino friend, Stephanie.

Thank you so much, Steph.  It's beautiful and symbolizes admiration.

Stephanie mentioned it's an award but I love to say it's a present in conjunction with Mother's Day.

Here are my answers to Steph's question,  why do I become a mommy?

1. I am a complete woman because I am able to give birth.

2. I love children.

3. The title "mommy" is sacred.

My turn to pass on the award to 5 friends.

1.Stephanie - Bitter Sweet Life Of A Single Mom

2. Flora Loveday - The Upperhand

3. Krislin -  Tingtasy

4. Dr.Petit - Scribbled Memories

5. Tropical Mum

Wishing everyone a fabulous time!


  1. Thank you so much Balquis!

    Wow, I feel honoured to receive this special and thoughtful award from you. I will pass it on to a few other special moms I have in mind.

    Beautiful Haikus you have written as well. Your writing always contains the right mixture of words, in a special way.

    On another note, I am sorry to hear the news about your kitten and I hope you find peace with your loss of your sweet furry friend.

    Gracias from the bottom of my heart.

    Flora Loveday

  2. hi Balqis,have i? ok now i wish you a very happy Mothers day- tho i believe mothers day is everyday...and the haiku for your mom is so beautiful and touching..
    i think in about 3 days, your guest post will be published..take care

  3. @Flora - You are welcome! Thanks for your kind words. :)

  4. @cookingvarieties - Thanks a lot. :)

  5. ur lines abt mom is very soothing!!!!
    well deserve award!!!
    tk cr!!

  6. thanks you so much balqis - though i made the logo I am still so happy to receive it. thanks a lot.

  7. It's a lovely and meaningful award, you deserve to get it. My thoughts are for you as much as yours are for me. Thanks a lot, Steph. :)

  8. You're welcome! You deserve to get it back. My thoughts for you are as much as yours for me. :)

  9. i love your poem, its very lovely and thoughtful

  10. Thanks a lot, Rakesh. It comes right from the heart. :)

  11. The second time I have come across a good gathering of moms, great moms! :)

    Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on creating and sharing such a cute award.

    Well, I am a bit more comfortable this time so I didn't go anonymous (In fact, I had not wanted to go anonymous in the previous similar post, but it just happened!)

    Steph's fearful accident landed on to the charismatic incident. And, you have the devotion to the sacredness in the form of a mom.
    Both are unique and worth saluting! :)

    Moms must keep cheering up for the beautiful world!

    Wish you all the same. :)

  12. Long live the great moms! Thank you so much, Suresh, for all your nice words. :)

  13. Sorry, I only just came across your message in

    Thanks for the award, much appreciated!

  14. It's ok, Shelly. I'm also late in replying you cos I wasn't aware, there's one more comment unreplied. Sorry about it.