May 25, 2011


This is a reminder to myself :

In the morning, eat like a king,
In the afternoon, eat like a commoner,
At night, eat like a pauper!

Heard it somewhere but forgot where!

These are among my favourites.

This soft cheese cake melts in the mouth.

Cheesy Cheese Cake, irresistible!

Non fat yogurt, macaroni and bean bun.

Begedil - minced beef mixed with potatoes and spices.

Yummy pizza!


  1. That pizza looks divine! And beef mixed with potatoes and spices? Sounds like a recipe i need to download! Now i'm feeling even more hungry...

  2. LOL..Rawiyah, looking at food will make anyone hungry. Begedil tastes good - it's made of minced beef, mashed potatoes and spices. Form into small balls and then fry. It's so aromatic!

  3. So you eat that way!
    You made my mouth water, hey!
    Yummy pizza and cheesy cheese cake!!
    Great appetizers! Even at mid-night people may awake!!

    The quotation on food is so realistic!

  4. it Balqis..I love pizza and cheese cake makes me call for delivery hehehe..

    I also love choco mousse cake,cookies and cream,sea food,salad and all types of noodles and watermelon shake made me crave hahaha..

  5. @Suresh - Tibetan food might be more mouth-watery than these. You can share with us. Yup, the quote is a good one - at least for me, as a reminder. It's worth following for those who are health-conscious. Thank you, Suresh. :)

  6. @Sie - Wow! now it's my turn to drool thinking of the yummy-licious cakes, cookies, cream and etc you mentioned! Ahhh choco mouse, phew!!! It's my favourite, too.

    Thank you, Sie. :)

  7. Truly yummy-licious!

    "In the morning, eat like a king,
    In the afternoon, eat like a commoner,
    At night, eat like a pauper!"
    - I agree totally with this, and a better health is the benefit.
    The cheese cake is tempting me!

  8. how did my bun get there??

    hmmmm...i'm really not into cheese and pizza..but i'm curious with that it spicy??

    and..Ms. Sie is just trying to steal my choco mousse & cookies 'n cyeam! hmp!

    In the mowning, drink hot choco..
    in the afternoon, eat a bar of choco..
    At night, search for more chocos or ask ning li's mom *wide grin*

  9. @nutritionalert - Thank you so much and for agreeing with the quote. It's nice to know that we can't resist cheese cake. :)

  10. @beanie - didn't know that it flew from your island to my island?? Remember, we're neighbours??

    In preparing begedil, putting chillies and pepper is optional. It's mixed with other spices like corriander powder and other spices which are grounded. You have to use tender beef which are minced and fried with onions. Then, mixed with mashed potatoes, spices and salt. Form into small balls, dip into beaten eggs (this is optional) and fry. It tastes good when eaten with chilli sauce. Try it and tell me! :) u think Ms Sie is stealing all those goodies? Don't worry, you'll get more! choco mocco!! :)

  11. Begedil sounds like the South African 'frikkadel'. It's steak mince mixed with bread crumbs and spices. I should opt for potato next time.

  12. The name almost sounds the same. Yeah, you can try potato.

    Thank you, rawiyah. :)

  13. I'm hungry now... yummy!!!!!

  14. Mouth-watering dishes. How I wish I can take a bite ^^

  15. @Ana & @Jojo - Looking at pictures of food will make us hungry. Thank you both! :)

  16. The soft cheese cake looks interesting it almost looks like bread I need to go find myself a recipe :)

    And the quote is well worth remembering I'd never heard it before now.

  17. The texture is softer than bread and as I said, it melts in the mouth. It really tastes very nice!

    Reading the quote teaches us to eat appropriately if we have to look after our health. Thank you, Maria. :)

  18. hmmmm...that begedil sounds pretty easy to prepare esp the last part--the taste, try and tell..hehe.. i'll ask ms. sie to do it for me..yummmmmmmyyyy spicccccyyy...*blink blink*

  19. Oh yes! you don't have to be a skillful cook to cook it. Oh wow! now you're going to ask Ms Sie to prepare it. May I join in or is three a crowd??

    Now, don't stare at me! I'm kidding! :):)