May 9, 2011

To The Little One

This is something which I dread to say. It breaks my heart thinking of a pet which I loved most 'left' me so untimely. I have a soft spot for cats and love having them around the house. What saddens me is the passing away of my Siamese kitten (male). It happened two days ago which shocked me seeing it motionless at the front door  as though it was just sleeping. It was such a lovely kitten with white and smokey fur, blue eyes and very playful. Now, I am missing its playfulness, its purrs and above all its presence in the house.  I don't know what magic do pets bring to my life for I feel they play a vital role to fill up my bad days.  There's some kind of soothing feeling when I am able to cuddle them, stroke their furs and hear them purr. Watching them running after each other and around the house always make my day. They give unconditional love without having to judge the person I am.

This is a dedication for my Siamese kitten which now RIP.

I named you, Upa, my Siamese kitten,
Your cottony white and smokey fur,
Hold my eyes in sheer amazement,
Your blue eyes, so lovely they are,
Sometimes starring sharp at me,
When I fail to give due attention.
Your naughtiness makes my day,
You run, climb, scratch and play,
And bite me so very tenderly
but I let you do so, dear baby.


It's only a memory when
you left me so untimely,
I lost my sanity thinking
you'd be with me everyday,
You had left for two days and
made me feel my day so grey,
It's so void without your cry,
Saying your name, my lips turn dry,
I pray you're at a place so heavenly,
The happiness of having you will
always be in my loving memory.

Image :

*The picture above isn't my kitten but it looked exactly the same.  I have some problems to upload pictures from my camera, so having this picture eases so much of my pain.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Losing pets is so hard especially so when they are still young it seems so unfair :(

    Your dedication is very sweet and emotional.

  2. Sorry to read about this, BB.

    My feelings go to yours!

    Upa is now running happily in pet's heaven, surely it wants you to remember it with a strong heart!

  3. @frisso - It's really hard and the truth hurts when we know that what we have will be gone one day.

    Thank you, Maria.

  4. @Tony - Thank you, Od, it's such a comfort getting nice words from you. I'm 'seeing' in my mind that it's there in heaven and still very playful as ever. It takes away some of the pain. Thank you again for being with me.

  5. Sorry to hear about your kitten's sudden passing away. I also have pets at home and they bring happiness after a stressful day. It is hard and painful to lose one. But I'm sure your kitten, Upa is happy where he is heaven.

  6. Hey Balqis, don't feel your heart weakened! Upa did all that it was to to make soft space in your heart, as soft as its fur. You can feel it there as long as you wish to. Upa left silently making you miss it a lot; and, perhaps, it left for the next duty to join in time. Wish the soul better place and greater success.

    Sooner or later each of us is destined to leave the place as the Almighty desires!

    It is the ULTIMATE CHARM of life!

  7. So sorry about your kitten, luv. I'm sure Upa is now in the Cats Heaven playing scratch with some of his new friends. :)

  8. @Elvierose - Pets' lovers will always know how it feels to lose one. Thanks, Elvie.

  9. @Suresh - Thanks a lot for your kind words.

  10. @liling - Thank you. It's nice to hear that.

  11. Was Upa sick? If only I can send you another kitten! I can't have kittens at home because of my asthma. I envy you for having such wonderful time so close with your pet.

  12. Nope, he wasn't. It was something else.

  13. I'm sorry to read about this! RIP :(

  14. Pets are part of the family. Thank you, Harish.