May 21, 2011

Happy Weekend!

The birds' tweets are my morning alarm,
The sounds intermingle with that of cockerel,
So harmonious it is and wakes me up,
Beautiful music of life I cannot resist.

The soft morning rays greet my eyes,
My first drink is the sweet fresh air,
That's so fulfilling and energising me,
A good sign to start off my day.

And weekend is here once again,
Like a tide, it comes and goes,
A day to let go of work's burden,
To refresh my mind and let it free.

Happy weekend, everyone!

With a smile,
Saturday, May 21st '11


  1. Happy Weekend too my friend:)

    The picture reminds me when I was still young.My papa has a garden full of roses and I would always wake up smelling and gathering those roses with morning dews dropping to my little hands.I would always look forward each morning because the sun's rays and morning dews always showed me the blessings that God has given.

    Now that I am a mother of two kids.Mornings are very important to me because it is a start of a new beginning and another day to move on.There is always a reason for me now, a greater will,a new me and a soulful inspiration to start each new day with hope - my kids and my quiet angel :)

  2. Thank you, Sie. You're an early bird! :)

    Thank you, too, for sharing what it used to be during your younger days. Reminiscing the good old days will bring smiles of affection. What we have gone through in life is always a lesson for us in bringing up our own families.

    Morning is also very important to me. For that's the initial point for me to be up and about for my bowl of rice. I can see you have many great reasons now - with the kids in mind and of course, your quiet angel! May God's blessings be with you and your loved ones! :)

  3. *yawn*

    good mowning!! i came here to make a poem too..

    when you wake up each mowning
    and you feel like calling
    i'll be there for you

    when the road seems uncertain
    and you can't stop the hurting
    i'll be there for youuu....

    when there's no one beside you
    i'll be there to guide you
    catch you each time you fall
    when the stars won't shine anymore..
    i'll be there....

    hehehehe..just kidding! *wiggling butt* it's a song! you like it? it says morning to, right?

    *morning hugs*

    where's my morning chocos btw? *blink blink*

  4. Happy Weekend to you too. Love the poem!

  5. @Beanie - That's not enough for me to give you chocos! But it's really nice! Loved the lyrics. Though it's not a poem you composed, I'm grateful for your sincerity in writing down the lovely lines. Thanks a lot, Beanie. :)

  6. @Maro - Thanks a lot. Wishing you a great weekend! :)

  7. Thanks, sis.. Reading your post, makes me smile a little.. Happy weekend to you too..

  8. You're welcome, Krislin! It's nice to know that you smile. Let's have a weekend full of smiles!

  9. Happy weekend!
    Nice message to send!

    Got your message.
    Thank you!
    Keep enjoying. :)

  10. Thanks a lot, Suresh. A greeting that should be for everyone! :)

  11. I am having a happy weekend BB! Thank you!!

    Riding the wave full of things to do but I had to wish you the same, so I stopped for some seconds to say...

    Happy weekend, BB!

    ...a little late, maybe! Time is a strange notion! :)

  12. Od, I'm happy to know of your weekend which is a happy one! You're welcome.

    I understand the tight schedule you have and I'm touched cos you care to stop and wish me the same. So nice of you, Od! :)

    It's not late for me. I'll keep it in the best part of my memory. Thank you so much, Od, for everything! :)

  13. I hope your weekend was a nice one Balqis :)
    Sorry for the late comments I have been neglecting online activities recently :(

    I love listening to the birds in the morning, when the sun just starts to rise and they start singing, I think its the most magical time of the day :D

  14. It was a nice one, Maria. I hope yours was just as nice. It's ok for commenting late.

    Yup, early morning is such a beautiful time of the day. That's the time, too, when everything gets busy for another new day.

    Thanks for your nice comments. :)