May 29, 2011

A Fresh New Day!

I had a sound sleep and waking up this morning, I feel blessed for it's raining outside after days of baking heat!  I guess, my long hours of sleep has recharged my mind which I really need or else, it will be another day without knowing anything to write for my blog update.
The sounds of rain pattering the roof soothe my mind. Its regular taps is like a rhythm that naturally goes into the inner part of the soul. I take a long breath of the cold morning air. It's really refreshing! This is indeed a beautiful morning or rather a beautiful Sunday. Yes, it's Sunday! I like every weekend. As I always say, a time to let my hair down and paint the town red!
On a day like this, I pamper myself. For 5 days in a week, it's hectic, having to rush for work and at work place going through paper works, making sure everything is done before deadlines.
Among the first things I did this morning was checking my blog and replying comments. I was smiling reading some comments from friends. It always makes me feel good! I also spent some time at my virtual library reading some imp's stories.  I am kinda addicted to this type of stories! Usually, people are scared of imps but this imp is an exception. It has long pointed ears but the face is so cute! It's so lovable! If imp could be kept as pets, I would definitely choose this one because it is  really a smart imp! Who could resist that!
Now, let me gulp down some goat's milk which is my favourite. It is high in protein and calcium, no sugar added and most importantly no goaty taste.  It tastes great!
What do I plan today? I am thinking of going to my favourite picnic spot, the Tanjung Batu beach. It's only about 5 minutes' drive from my place. I can even walk there if I want to. I used to do so when I was a kid. Going there with my family or sometimes having a group picnic with friends, accompanied by our teachers. It was so much fun! Though I couldn't swim, it didn't stop me from playing with ripples of  waves. I'm sharing with you all some of the photos I took at Tanjung Batu beach.

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday!



  1. Wow my friend..the place was so nice I was saying I want to go there and sit on those stones and let the water rush to my feet.Look and I am smiling looking at those pix.It was such a refreshing day for you!

    Here in our country it is rainy season and as I am here leaving a comment on your site at the same time I am watching cd with my kids while there is a heavy down pour of rain outside.

    I always love rain even when I was a child.It brings peace to my soul but not a storm of course hmp..hahaha..

    Nice one my friend..have a blessed weekend..mwah :)

  2. Thank you, Sie. It's my pleasure to share nice things with everyone.

    You do have a cool Sunday! It's best spent with the kids, a quality time together.

    I'm wishing you and the kids a blessed weekend, too!

    Thank you for your continous support! :)

  3. Happy Sunday my friend. :)Great photos!

    Beaches are what I am missing here in Manila. We have rainy week here in Manila but some provinces were visited by typhoon. Temperature is a bit cooler, too. I had been busy at home doing household stuff. I am glad I have time to update my blog and post comments to my blogger friends blog.

  4. A happy Sunday 2u2..

    To imagine one of my best friend in school when I was 12yrs old is a Sarawakian (Infact 3 classmates fm Swk!)and I have yet to step foot there (only at KCH airport on transit to BKI).

    Land of the Hornbils.. with all the mystics of the caves and the crocodiles.. and this beach.. so tranquil and untouched!

    A happy Sunday 2u2..


  5. @JP - Thanks a lot, Princess. I guess, a beach is always a great attraction, at least to me. I love its natural beauty, the sounds of the wind among casuarina leaves and the waves rolling onto the shore.

    I'm sure you'll be able to go to the beach once the weather permits and when you're less busy.

    Thank you for taking your time to be here. :)

  6. @Katrina - Thank you to you, too. Where were you studying? It's nice to know that you have Sarawakian friends. Yes, we're living in the Land of The Hornbills and ancient rainforests. In one of my older posts, I did mention about this.

    Thank you again. I appreciate your visit. :)

  7. Lovely pic n glad u shared. Yeah, itz true abt e hectic work life on weekdays.. I love reading comments too n yeah, jus like u, made me smile too. But my way of replying is visiting their blog n leave a msg. :) At times, I know there are ppl like me who doesn't have time to return to an old post. ;)

  8. Thank you, Krislin. I love visiting friends' blogs and sometimes re-visit many times, reading the post again and also the comments. :)

  9. The pictures are stunning. This is a reminder that the simple pleasures in life are the ones which bring the most happiness. Waking up on a Sunday morning without having to fuss over work commitments is definitely a luxury. Nice post!

  10. Thank you, Jojo. Yup, sometimes little things bring happiness. :)

  11. hi balqis. Good weekend for me too/ your photographs are so lovely. this beach sure looks clean and beautiful. Perfect for late evening strolls, while watching the gentle waves, the shifting sand and the sunset.

    Since your home is by the sea- should you come across a deep red sunset with very dark clouds, do take photos and publish ok. I imagine they look awesome..

  12. Thanks a lot, Wan. If I come across such sunset, I'll take a snap of it. :)